Hey! Basically, this is my first public fan fiction. I have another, but it needs major editing.

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Our team was on a "break" from missions for a week. I welcomed the time away from that noisy boy and clingy girl. Though I wouldn't be able to stand a week doing nothing, so I asked Kakshi-sensei to give me a task...he told me to go and camp out in the woods and train, and work on survival. So I did just that. It was quite peaceful, though I did worry a bit about Naruto, but it passed quickly remembering that Sakura would keep him company. The boy wouldn't be able to last a day with out talking to someone.

Not only that, Kakashi-sensei and Iruka were around, here and there...and surely at least one of them would watch over him.

But, during the week, Iruka was swamped with work, and Kakashi had a secret mission...

And Sakura...well, let's say she gave him the cold shoulder.

After I heard that no one's talked to him all week, I worried a bit. But, since when did I worry about anyone? Bah, it's his fault. He must have done something to make me care for people.

So, I decided to go say "Hi" or something. As I approached his apartment, I saw him walk out, with a solemn expression on his face...I hid in the shadows, and decided to follow him.

He went to the forest, with a notebook in hand. He walked for a bit, then sat down on a patch of grass and pulled out a pencil and began to write...as he wrote, I noticed his eyes begin to water up.

I looked around and saw a twig near my foot and stepped on it, to get his attention. He jumped and turned around. He was scared as hell. What happened during this week?

"Sa-Sasuke..." the blond boy mumbled and quickly wiped his eyes and stood up, dropping his notebook, and re-gained his composure.

"What...what's wrong?" I asked him.

"What? Oh...nothing! Nothing!" he smiled his usual foxy-grin then ran off, forgetting his notebook.

"Naruto!" I called "You forgot..." but he was gone...

That grin made me think. He was obviously upset, yet he hid it so well...I wondered...how often does he really hide his sorrow?

I reached down and picked up the notebook. Though I really should not've, I looked inside. It was a journal, it had little doodles, poems, songs, and just random babblings of his day.

I turned to the most recent day. What he was writing just now...it was really chicken scratched...

"Dear Journal,

I really don't have anyone to talk to right now. Iruka-sensei is busy, Kakashi-sensei is busy, Sakura is ignoring me, and Sasuke is gone for some reason (not that I'd want to talk to him). And I tried talking to Hokage, but, without any luck. Just too busy, I guess.

I really want to talk to someone about this, about those guys, and what they did. It makes me feels so dirty, and it's really stressing me out.

Not only that, I've been alone all week. I don't know, I should be used to this, I mean, I was alone for years and I still managed to carry on. Huh, maybe it has to do with them. The fact I have people that I care about. But I'm starting to question whether they care back. I mean, I like Sakura, but she ignores me. I...well, I don't like Sasuke, he's very mean to me. And Kakashi...well, yeah I care, but he's my sensei, he doesn't see me as anything more than a sub-ordinate.

I was listening to this song today. And I listened to it over, and over again. For several hours. *mental sigh* I really do hate this...

I wish I had someone...anyone...to be with. Anyone at all. I'll settle with people I hate! That I despise! ....I'd do anything...I am desperate...desperate...someone, please help me...

I'll even settle with SASUK"

This must have been where I stepped on the twig. What's wrong? What did he mean by "...about those guys, and what they did." Who are "those guys" and what did they do?

I turned around and ran back to Naruto's apartment...

He sounded so desperate for a friend, damnit, I hope he doesn't try anything....


Hey, reader. What do you think? It's in Sasuke's POV. And Naruto's journal entry? Uhm, it' actually closely based on one of my own diary entries. the end is directly quoted actually.