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Recap: Sasuke fights Akashi, and kills him. But, what will happen to Sasuke now that Akashi is dead?


-Naruto, 3rd person-

Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi continued to watch over Sasuke. Naruto and Sakura gasped when they saw a cut form on Sasuke's cheek.

Naruto pulled up his shirt and began to wipe the blood off of Sasuke's cheek. "Sasuke, you can do it." Naruto said quietly, and the others nodded.

After a while, they heard a pained grunt behind them. They all turned their heads and gaped at what they saw.

Akashi stood there with a gaping hole in his chest. There was blood everywhere. It was obvious he was dead.

Naruto shuddered, *Even though he's dead, he continues to stand.*

"How gruesome." Sakura mumbled.

Naruto clutched Sasuke's hand even harder, "Ne, Kakashi-sensei?"

"Hm?" Kakashi grunted.
"Sasuke should wake up soon, ne? Ne?!" Naruto said in a worried, yet impatient voice.

Kakashi looked up and scratched his head, "Ah, he should."

Naruto nodded, "What should we do till then?"

Kakashi thought, "Hm, set up camp, tend to Sasuke's wounds. Also, ANBU squads should be here soon."

Sakura blinked, "ANBU? How would they know to come here?"

Kakashi smiled under his mask, "They have their ways."

Naruto looked clueless. "ANBU?"

Kakashi had an urge to punch Naruto, but held back. *How did he pass the academy?*

Sakura did what Kakashi wanted to do, and punched Naruto, "How can you NOT know?!" She fumed, "ANBU is a group of elite ninjas. They are usually stronger than usual ninjas and take on special missions like assassination or protection!"

Naruto nodded cluelessly, "I see." It was obvious he didn't understand.

Kakashi sighed, "In other words, they are talented ninja that have dangerous missions."

Naruto grinned, "Dangerous?! SUGOI! I want to be on ANBU!"

Sakura grumbled, "With your intelligence, you shouldn't even be a gennin."

Naruto looked hurt, "Sakura-chan."

Kakashi chuckled, "Alright, enough discussion, lets set up camp!"


About half an hour later, while they were setting up camp, some ANBU members showed up. They were mildly surprised to see that the Mist ninja's were already taken care of.

They were more surprised when they heard the story of how Naruto took out most of them.

They quickly checked Sasuke's condition, and then gave Kakashi some medical supplies to treat his wounds... Then they went to check the mist ninjas. They identified the two dead ones then disposed of the bodies. After that, they dug out the unconscious ninjas and carried them as they headed back to Konoha to question them.

Kakashi knelt beside Sasuke and told Sakura to get some water. He opened the medical kit the ANBU gave him and pulled out some cloth and disinfectant. He handed some to Naruto, "Here, work on his face, I'll work on his arms and legs."

Naruto nodded and poured some of the disinfectant on the cloth. He knelt on the other side of Sasuke and pressed the cloth gently against the large cut on his cheek.

"I'll have to ask him how he got that one." Naruto mumbled softly.

Kakashi grunted in agreement while he treated the scratches on Sasuke's arms.

After Naruto cleaned the scratches on his face, he grabbed some gauze and taped it to the wound on his cheek.

Kakashi couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable at Narutos quietness and patience, *He is never this quiet.*

Sakura showed up with some water. "Here's the water" She said flatly, "How's Sasuke?"

Naruto smiled, "I think he'll be fine, I think he's just sleeping."

Kakashi nodded and observed the slow, even breathing from the unconscious boy. Then he got up and stretched, "Hey, I'm gonna go and get some wood to start a fire. You two stay and watch over Sasuke."

Naruto and Sakura nodded as Kakashi wandered off into the woods.


After eating some fish that Kakashi caught, the three laid out their sleeping bags and got ready to go to sleep for the night.

Naruto laid his beside Sasuke and sat on it, so he could watch Sasuke some more.

Sakura fell asleep within half an hour. Kakashi watched the fire, and made small talk with Naruto.

Kakashi looked over and saw Naruto's eyes begin to close. *He's tired.* Kakashi watched as Naruto slumped forward and laid his head on Sasuke's stomach.

Kakashi smiled under his mask. *I should rest too* so he lay down and closed his eyes.


Sasuke woke up to the sound of morning birds chirping. *Morning?* Sasuke opened his eyes and looked around. Suddenly the beautiful song that the birds were chirping was interrupted by some half-asleep muttering and sleepy groans.

He sat up, and felt a weight on his stomach fall into his lap, "WAH!" He yelled when he saw Naruto there.

Naruto opened his eyes, and was greeted by an interesting sight. "Nani?" then he realized what he was looking at and jumped away about three feet.

The two boys looked at each other as if the other had some terrible disease. "J-j-just an accident." Sasuke stammered.

Naruto nodded then forgot about it and smiled. "You're ok." Then he threw his arms around Sasuke, "You're ok!"

Sasuke grumbled then pushed Naruto off of him. "Don't hug me, please."

Kakashi was laughing. "You two are fun to watch."

"Kakashi-sensei? When did you wake up?" Naruto questioned.

Kakashi looked up in thought, "When Sasuke yelped when he saw you, I was fully awake then." Kakashi grinned under his mask, "Anyways, you doing better Sasuke?"

Sasuke stood, using Naruto's head as leverage. Naruto's eyebrow twitched with annoyance, "Oh, I'm fine." His stomach suddenly growled. ".Kinda hungry, I guess."

He felt movement under his hand and looked down. Naruto was opening up a package that had some more fish in it. "Kakashi-sensei packed it well so it would keep over night."

Sasuke then sat down beside the blonde, and watched as he set up some fish for him. *Why is he making my fish?*

Kakashi turned his head to Sakura when she sat up and yawned, "Ohayou Sakura."

Sakura jumped slightly, and then moaned, "Ohayou.." She looked over and saw Sasuke sitting there, "Sasuke.Sasuke kun!" She immediately fixed up her hair.
Sasuke smirked, "Yes, I'm alright, thank you for asking."

Sakura realized she should've maybe asked him that instead of fixing her hair, and then blushed, "A-Ah.I'm glad."

Sasuke chuckled to himself then turned back to the now small fire, and was greeted with a fish right up to his face, "AH!"

Naruto laughed and pulled the cooked fish away, "Sorry sorry!" he said, "I couldn't help it." He held out the fish, offering it to Sasuke, "Here you go!"

Sasuke accepted it, "Heh, thanks." And he began eating it.

Sakura gathered a few things and left to clean her self up. "I'll be back in a bit!" She called in a cheery voice.

Kakashi waved and decided to make his own fish, while watching the boys chat away and joke around. *Are they getting along? When did Hell freeze over?*

Then he remembered his conversation with Sasuke in the park.

... Flashback ......

Kakashi chuckled. "Is that what you're upset about? You being worried? It's normal to worry."

Sasuke frowned and looked away."It's not just that."

Kakashi sighed, "I know."

Sasuke brought his knees up onto the bench and rested his head on them, "I care."

Kakashi looked over at him. *You problem with that.*

Sasuke chuckled, "That might mean nothing to you, but to me, it's different." He looked over at Kakashi, "Everyone I cared about got killed.and in fear of it happening again, I stopped caring for others."

Kakashi remembered the incident with Sasukes family. How the entire Uchiha clan was killed by Itachi. And now Sasuke was the only one left. "Why do you care about him?"

Sasuke looked up to the sky, "I really don't know. I mean, even before this incident, he was starting to get to me. And then he dropped his journal once and.well, I was kinda worried about him, so I read some of it."

Kakashi saw a sad look on Sasuke's face, he put an arm around the young boy, this time Sasuke didn't push him away.

"He.he's lived a very sad life.I can relate to some of it.and.and this isn't the only time that..that." Sasuke hugged his knees tighter and forced the tears back.

Kakashi rubbed his shoulder in a comforting manner, " don't have to say anymore."

Sasuke took in a shaky breath. "What should I do?"

Kakashi thought for a moment, "Well. We all know that Naruto is actually very lonely, so maybe all he needs is someone his age that he can be with. A friend."

Sasuke thought for a bit too, "I.I can do that.I already told him I consider him a friend."

Kakashi gave Sasuke's shoulder a slight squeeze, "Then all you need to do is be friendlier with him."

Sasuke nodded.

......... End flashback ..........

*You both look more happier.* Kakashi thought and smiled.

Sakura came back and made her fish as well.

After they were all done eating and cleaning up their camp site, they were all ready to go.

"Ok, everyone! Let's go!" Kakashi called and the rest followed.

Both Sasuke and Naruto shouted "Yoshi!"

Sakura looked at them both oddly, and then all four of them laughed and continued their journey.



Preview to After Innocence:

-Set three years after "After the break" Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura all managed to become chuunin's. And, even though they aren't working on missions together like they used to, they still hang out and are friends.-

Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura were out at "Ichiraku (the ramen shop)" when they were called over to the Hokage's office. An important mission has come up.

A new enemy has appeared, and has some relation to Naruto's dark past. When Naruto hears about him, he is reminded of the past, and is haunted by it.

The three are asked to work together again to hunt the enemy down, but will Naruto be able to handle his feelings? Or will he need some help?


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Preview to "Life is a dream":

Sasuke opens his eyes and finds himself in the hospital. He was in a coma for several years and realizes his life as a ninja was something his mind made up. That all his friends aren't real. How will he cope?


Baka: It's based on that dream he had with Akashi, but, what if it wasn't a dream? What if it was real? IB: Should we write it, fans? It'll be written along side "After Innocence"

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