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Chapter 1: It starts.

'You can brush my hair, undress me anywhere, made of plastic, it's fantastic.I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world... come on Barbie lets go party'

"Ahahah yeah!" Kenshin shouts in a high-pitched girly voice as he awakes. What the HECK had he been dreaming about? And what the heck was this? "Oh well.time to get up!" Kenshin stretches languorously and rises, accommodating his step to the tightness of the kimono.

"Such a beautif-WAIT A MINUTE!!!!" Kenshin takes too big a step in his efforts to examine his-er, the clothing he was wearing. Balance is the key. He doesn't have it. "OROROROROOOOO!" Kenshin cries as he tumbles forward and crashes in a heap on top of his unruly futon. 'Oh no, what if someone heard me?!' In a panic Kenshin tears at the obi, desperate to free himself from the not-so-masculine clothing.

'How the heck did I tie this?! WAAAH I CAN'T UNTIE IT! MISS KAORU'S GOING TO CATCH ME WEARING HER FAVORITE KIMONO!!!!!!' Kenshin's thoughts scream. Frenziedly ripping at the obi he somehow manages to untie it. Not that he remembers how it happened. "Kenshin?" he hears from across the dojo. 'Oh no! Miss Kaoru!' he thinks, freezing in his efforts to rid himself of the evidence. The pretty pink obi flutters softly to the floor as he struggles in vain with the rest of the kimono.

'Oh I pity the female of this wretched species!' Kenshin thinks frantically. Managing finally to shed the outer layer of the kimono, he realizes that to his horror he is also wearing Kaoru's under garments. 'Hopefully they were the spares.' Kenshin thinks, horrifying and yet not so horrifying images of- "Kenshin! Are you ok?!" Kaoru's worried voice calls out, much closer to Kenshin's door now. He doesn't even have time now to ponder why she is up earlier than him. Or to ponder the most interesting images that were flooding his mind.

"Kenshin!!" Kaoru cries, her voice heavy with dread and anguish. From the sound of her voice she's standing outside his door. Any second now she'll open the door to find him most disgraceful. Kenshin opens his mouth to tell her he's ok, but somehow the words don't find themselves in the right place. "Ok! I'm Miss Kaoru!" Kenshin shouts.

'Now, she'll go away and I won't have to explain what I CAN'T explain!' Kenshin thinks smugly. 'Wait a minute!' "Kenshin?" Kaoru worries from outside his door. "If you don't say something coherent RIGHT now I'm coming in!" she declares. 'Oh no.' Kenshin mouths, looking at his relative state of dress. "I'm ok Miss Kaoru!" he attempts to correct, but all that issues from his mouth is a series of small squeaky noises.

"That's it Kenshin! Whether you like it or not I'm coming in!" Kaoru states, her tone firm and immovable. 'AHHAHAHAHAHAH!' Kenshin silently screams, shrugging off the last of Kaoru's clothing. 'Now, safe.' Kenshin sighs. Then it hits him. Kaoru is going to wonder WHY her clothes are in his room. 'AHHH!' his mind once again screams. 'NONONONONONO!' He rushes about in a frenzy as his door begins to slide open inches at a time.

Stuffing all Kaoru's garments under his futon, he turns to face his now open door. "Yes Miss Kaoru?" he asks as innocently as possible, hoping she doesn't notice the telltale lump in his futon. Notice the futon she does not. Notice Kenshin SHE DOES. "HENTAI!!!!" Kaoru screams running from Kenshin's room. "Oro?" Kenshin blurts in confusion.

"Hentai! Where?!" he cries, running from his room, in the meantime reaching for his sakabatou. "Oro?!" escapes him when he doesn't find it at his side. Looking down Kenshin finds out just who the hentai is. "Hentai!" he gasps, attempting to jump back from himself. 'Wait a minute! HEY THAT'S ME!!!' his mind finally registers. "I'M NOT WEARING ANY CLOTHES!!!"


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