Epilogue: This is the End

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Slowly, carefully, Kenshin tests his strength. 'Today's the day!' He thinks, standing on wobbly legs. Kaoru was outside doing the laundry, and Kenshin didn't appreciate that at all. 'That's my chore. No one gets between me and my laundry. NO one.' He grins. Ever since the day he'd proposed to Kaoru, his life has taken a turn for the best.

It seemed nothing could make it better. They'd gotten a priest to come to the dojo to have them married; the small reception was only their close friends. Sano and Megumi are getting more and more serious. Well as serious as those two can be anyhow. Even the audacious Misao/Aoshi couple had managed to be there. Kenshin had remained to weak to stand for very long, so the priest had shortened the marriage quite a bit.

Kenshin had considered going back for a more ostentatious wedding once he got better, even going so far as to mention it to Kaoru, who laughed and said, "Kenshin no baka, do you not think getting married to me once is enough?"

He decided against the idea after some debate.

But now, now he is better, and he's going to show them all. Being bed- ridden for 2 months is a hard thing! Kenshin had despised it, even though he HAD had Kaoru as his nurse. He smiles. 'Ah those were the days.' Now it was back to the normal grind and gruel.

Still smiling and lost in his thoughts, Kenshin strolls confidently out into the dojo yard. Oblivious at first to the balloons and banners, streamers, cake and other food, the others have the entertainment of watching the rurouni notice them. "ORO!?" he cries, stumbling to a stop.

"What's all this?" he asks politely.

"This, Kenshin dearest, is your party." Kaoru replies sweetly.


Kaoru, Megumi, Sano, Yahiko, Hiko, Misao, Okina, and even Aoshi smack their foreheads. "Kenshin..." Kaoru rubs her hand down the side of her face, a small sweatdrop appearing on the side of her head. "Don't tell me you forgot what today is?"

Kenshin rubs the back of his head, conjuring a sheepish smile. "Ahhaha...maybe sessha forgot a little bit?"

Aoshi rolls his eyes.

Misao clenches her teeth and attempts to keep from strangling the wanderer.

Kaoru sighs patiently.

Yahiko fidgets IMpatiently.

Okina plays with the bow in his beard.

Megumi giggles.

Sano stares open-mouthed at Kenshin.

After a while, this begins to rub on the patient rurouni's nerves. "Are you going to tell sessha what today is?" he asks, straining to keep his calm exterior. "Maybe...if you're really nice to me." Megumi teases. "How 'bout a birthday spankin'?"

"ORO!" Kenshin falls to the ground.

"MEGUMI!" Kaoru growls.

"Oh hoho! Maybe our Kenshin is trying to show us something!" Megumi declares.




Kenshin finally loses all composure and screams out loud. "Well geez, all you had to do was ask! You don't have to yell!" Kaoru says.


"BAKA! Today is your birthday silly rurouni! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" Kaoru giggles as Kenshin sweatdrops.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" the entire oniwabaan jumps from the bushes beside the dojo.


"Oh, and Kenshin...I have a special Birthday present for you..." Kaoru says shyly. "Oh ho! Everyone turn away!" Megumi calls from the background. "IF all flirty foxes would KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT, I will tell him what it is." Kaoru growls. Everyone quiets down, anxious to hear what Kaoru has to say.

"Kenshin...I'm pregnant!"


Kenshin hits the ground.

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