Day Care Mission

by Myka

chapter 1 "new part time job" (aka "teddy bear")

A/N: This is something that surfaced into my head after Mini made a comment while talking on MSN. This is my first official try at a sorta humor fic, with drama of course. Can't live without that angst; specially when it involves these two.


It was a fairly nice day. Clear skies, a nice breeze. Ask anyone on the street and they will tell you it was a very nice day indeed. Well...almost anyone.

Yohji Kudou didn't think it was such a nice day after all. Not after being briefed the night before of a special mission that apparently only he could do.

"I don't get it Manx; why do I have to be stuck with this. Ken or Omi, and for heaven's sake even Aya! Are certainly more fitted to do this mission."

"The center is looking for someone relatively older, with more experience..."

"...and usually female" Yohji interrupted.

"Kritiker already sent your resume to them. You start tomorrow."


Manx gave him a look and Yohji instantly shut his mouth. "That's enough Balinese. Only you fit the bill for this mission. This time you don't have a choice."

That had been the end of the discussion. So Yohji had dragged himself off his bed this morning to be where he had to be at six in the morning. The small, one floor building was very nice looking. It was painted in a combination of bright red along with green and yellow; very attractive colors. The sign on the front read in big, bold, blue letters: "Maki's Day Care Center"

The door opened swiftly and noiselessly. The soft touch of air conditioning could be felt instantly.

"Ohayo gozaimasu" Yohji exclaimed once inside.

"Ohayo!" a soft voice replied. The woman who the voice belonged to had short bluish hair that reached her shoulders. Yohji could hear her accent quite clear, since the woman wasn't japanese but clearly American.

"I'm Yohji Kudou. I'm the new child-minder. Are you the owner?"

"Yes. I'm Minako Lupi. Nice to meet you?"

"Minako?" he thought at the blatantly obvious non-American name. "Are you japanese?"

"Half actually. But I got almost all my genes from my father's side of the family." she said smiling. "Anyway, the kids will start to arrive in the next half hour. We give them a snack at nine, followed by lunch at noon, then nap time and after wards is playtime until their parents come to pick them up between two and five thirty. Your major was child education was it not?"

"Yes" Yohji replied without hesitation, remembering the mission files he had memorized the night before. "With a minor in communication" he added.

"Wonderful!" Minako replied with a smile. "You and the other guy will get along fine then, seeing as you both share the same major."

Yohji blinked. "Other guy?"

"Yes. I only need two child-minders to help me as we have only thirteen children enrolled; but the ladies that were helping me before quit at the same time. It's a little ironic how I replaced them with two men." she finished laughing a bit. "He's in the back preparing the play room for this afternoon, it was left a mess yesterday since I was alone. You can go and help him. I have something to finish here; I'll give a call once the kids start arriving."

Yohji nodded giving Minako a pleasant smile and leaving in the direction she had pointed, not giving much thought to her words.

This was his mission. Become a child-minder for a Day Care Center. "Maki's Day Care Center" to be exact. The child of one of Kritiker's main men attended the center. Said men and his family had been threatened by someone unknown. Kritiker had taken special precautions; but it was after a phone call specifying the child's name that Kritiker had decided to send Weiss to the Day Care. What better than an assassin to act as a bodyguard.

The cover was flawless. If someone decided to dig up Yohji's credentials they would find that everything on his resume was true; that he lived alone in a nice apartment on a nice neighborhood and his past employers would recognize him as one of the brightest minds in modern child care.

The perfect lie; the perfect cover-up.

Now he was destined to spend god knows how long stuck here babysitting brats. At least he wouldn't be completely alone with a bunch of kids; but besides both being male; Yohji was pretty certain that he and 'the other guy' had nothing in common. Poor bastard, he probably thinks he can talk with Yohji about all the new ways to better educate children. For Yohji that information would come in one ear and exit out the other.

The room he had been guided to was very cute; for lack of a better word. Small tables where positioned in order by the end of the large room, along with more than a dozen little chairs. The Nap area was by his left. Shelves filled with books and toys. All sorts of plush toys laid on the floor as well as crayons, storybooks and other things. There were three doors to the right of the room; each one had a sign above the doorframe: Bathroom, Outside and Storage Room. All the doors were closed except for the storage room.

Yohji could hear the noise someone was making from the room.

"Excuse me," he called in a calm tone.

The noise instantly stopped. A woman in her mid thirties came out of the storage room with a handbag in hand. She instantly smiled at Yohji.

"You must be the other one" she said softly. "Hi, I'm Kaede; I'm the one you came to replace."

"Oh" Yohji muttered in surprise.

"I just stopped by to pick up something I left here yesterday. Your co-worker seems like a very nice young man, I'm sure you'll both get along wonderfully. Well; it was nice meeting you. Sayonara."

"Sayonara." Yohji replied as Kaede left the room.

The door to the bathroom suddenly opened and Yohji plastered a slightly fake smile on his lips in order to greet who he was certain was his co-worker.

The smile vanished.

There was a gasp and Yohji's heart stopped for a brief second; his eyes going madly wide. He instantly started to feel the adrenalin taking over his emotions, everything.

The redhead from Schwarz stood by the now open door; his eyes very wide too as he held a teddy bear in his hands.

The image was surreal to say the least.

Yohji stood frozen for endless seconds and before either of them could react to the other's presence, someone patted Yohji's back.

"Oh, I see you two met each other." Minako announced in a cheerful voice. "Let me introduce you," she added as she walked forward pushing Yohji along with her. They stopped just two feet from Schuldig.

"Your name was...something with 'S' right?" she wondered.

Schuldig blinked, taking his eyes off Yohji for the first time since opening the door and coming out of it. "Schuldig," he answered her softly turning his gaze back to the Weiss assassin.

"Schuldig this is Yohji. Yohji this is Schuldig." She introduced them.

Slowly but surely, Schuldig extended a hand to Yohji. The blond grabbed his hand and shook it, accepting the greeting.

"Nice to meet you," the redhead spoke without any emotion.

"Likewise." Yohji replied.

Minako just smiled. "Great! It seems you too will get along just fine."