Tears of Amethyst

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This lovely fic is about two who were fated never to meet. One was destined never to see others, never to see anything. One was destined to die. What happens when everything depends on these two? Destiny and Fate lose grip on the most important things in the universe. The Past, Present, and Future. All it takes is one to change the course of time. Who knew that one would escape fated death?

What could come of it? I suppose you'll have to read it to find out. Thanks!


A dark whisper was heard. The darkness flowed from somewhere. A drop of water. And another. The whisper was heard again. What did it say? Again, it came. Like the waves of the ocean. Always changing, always coming and going.

Never to see others.

More drops of water. A soft whimper was heard. The whisper came again.

Never to see the sun, moon, or stars.

The whimper ceased. A thought had occured. Shining amethyst gems shone bright in the dark. Like stars themselves, the drops of water fell downward.

Never to be seen, never to be heard, never to be spoken to.

That whisper was the loudest of all. The tender touch of pale, smooth, delicate silk made no sound as it glided over the shiny surface of the wet stone underneathe. Whispers ceased. No sound was heard. All was silent.


Running. Wind running through tall grass. Running through the woods, away from danger. Gold, silver, and white flashed through the dark. Making barely any sound, running away from death himself. Howls, like that of wolves, could be heard. The moon was full and clear. The dark, cloudless sky glittered with the bright light of the stars.

Deep voices shout the words that those ears had heard so many times. Captured? Never. Claws slashed through the brush and bramble. The shouting continues, growing closer with each passing moment. The companion trips and falls, sliding down the moist hill. A cry was heard then more shouting. Tears blew with the wind as those feet continued running.


A young girl sat in a sealed off cave. Tears cascaded down her soft, pale skin. The drop of water echoed in the dark. The soft skin, like silk, brushed across the wet surface of the rock beneathe her. Her legend was whispered. Her power was sealed by fate. No living animal lived with her. She was alone. Her only company was that of the whisper.

Always alone.. Never seen.. Never to see anything but the darkness before her.. Amethyst gems produce crystal drops of water.. Constant darkness.. Soft delicate silk brushing along the wet stone.. Fate sealed her.. Legend passes every day.. Years pass and still the very darkness of the air has not shattered.. Never to be released.. Always alone..

A soft sigh was heard. Amethyst gems glittered then were lost.


A young demon ran through the forest as fast as he could. His companion was now dead. How could he escape sure death? Dodging in and out of shadows wouldn't work. He slid but something happened that wasn't expected. He swerved and hit the side of a cave. A blocked cave. What was it? He sensed something about it. There was a strange power inside. He quickly pushed himself inside a small crevice. The hunters went right past. He had a gash on the side of his head, near the temple. The warm blood was washed away when it started to rain. His wounds would not heal so easily. It was time to pause in his raiding.

"Thief!" He heard the cries echo far away. He blacked out, not expecting anything to happen for a while.


He awoke to the pains that he had from running so far. His head hurt so much that he could barely see straight. Blinking the glossiness of his eyes away, he tried to stand. He remembered his partner and long-time friend. He looked around to make sure no one was around to leap at him. He detected the slight scent of blood. He knew whos blood it was. Putting his hand on his stomach, where a sword had just missed important organs, he stumbled out of his hiding place.

He collapsed some distance from the cave. He didn't make it to his companion yet. His wounds were bleeding harder than they had before. His loss of blood affected his strength. In his weakened state, he wasn't able to make it any further. He had to go back to his hiding place until he was rested enough to walk and run normally.

"Damn.." He cursed his weakness and crawled over to a tree, which he used to pull himself into a standing position. His golden eyes glittered with pain and exhaustion. "I'm too weak to walk.." He needed support in order to stand. He had to get back to his safe hiding place. His gold eyes gazed around for a moment before he went from tree to tree in hopes to get there faster. He felt so weak and his head hurt. He had to get out of this somehow. "What can I do in this condition? I couldn't drag a feather two meters without passing out." He said lowly. His thoughts went back to that cave. Whatever was inside, he had to release it. It had some power in it and he wondered what it was.

How could he release it when something even more powerful must've sealed it there?


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