He screamed more; the disturbing and assiduous sounds of pain echoeing slightly through the expanse of the small apartment. However, he was too weak to even fight back, which he had never even dared and had stubbornly refused by thinking about the outcoming consequences of punishment he would get as much worse than ever before. Blood was shown painted across the white walls, not so noticeably in appearance by the usual bright ruby color of the substance, but instead faintly.

He was finally shoved harshly into the wall again for the last time, or as if hopefully the last, as his head hit the wall behind him lifelessly. His whole body ached terribly and awfully, more blood flowing out from his injured wounds, new bruises shown upon his arms and face. A small line of blood trailed slowly down his pale neck that had been trailed from the side of his face. He coughed violently, blood shooting out from his own mouth. He couldn't take it anymore--he had gone through it almost seemingly all day, and he had already desperately wished that it would finally come to an end. Yes, he was getting beaten up by the malicious yami; his own darkness, or as if you could also call it his other 'darker' half. It seemed to him that Bakura actually enjoyed doing these things to him---he knew Bakura didn't really care about him.

Bakura just watched the smaller boy with a wicked amusement as the youth still struggled against the pain. He breathed heavily and deeply from lack of air while trying to get back up onto his feet again, but he really didn't manage to and failed miserably. He fell back down immediately. More blood flew out his mouth as he coughed trying to get rid of the red liquid from his bloody mouth.

"Get up hikari..I'm not done with you yet. And stop coughing blood. It's getting annoying." Bakura had a really threatening tone in his voice which even scared him sometimes. He didn't know why Bakura did this to him.

Suddenly, Bakura picked him carelessly up by the soft white hair of his mane and once again violently shoved him against the wall yet again, causing some objects to fall off the shelves.

"S-Stop..p-please.." Ryou begged while studdering and shaking violently. Bakura approached him maliciously and harshly grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, meeting the boy's pale face with his dangerous glare, expressing somewhat that he wasn't really impressed by the boy's pathetic behavior towards him.

"Noone tells me when to stop, I'll stop whenever i feel like it!" with that Bakura strongly punched Ryou in the stomach with a free fist. The boy's reaction was to quickly open his mouth and breath from being thoroughly winded. Both of his hands went to automatically hold his stomach in pain, whimpering and coughing. Bakura just smirked evilly as he picked the boy carelessly up again and cornered him against the wall behind him.

Ryou didn't even dare to look at his yami in the eyes---he knew what the consequences would obviously be if he did so he just gazed down at the floor beneath him, afraid what the other would possibly do next. In these small things he wasn't allowed to do anything, unless asking for the permission from Bakura.

Bakura chuckled after seeing the look of fright in the teen's innocent chocolate eyes filled with tears and sorrow.

"Poor hikari...do you fear me?" Bakura taunted while brushing some strands of hair away that had been in the boy's face with his blood stained hand. Ryou didn't know what to say; he remained completely silent the whole entire time, whimpering softly, and begging silently to himself that it would soon all end.

"Now, now dear hikari . . you arn't afraid of your own yami are you . . hmm?" The darker boy asked again as he soon took a small piece of strand from the boy's snowy hair and twirled it between his fingers idly. He flinched cautiously and whimpered more desperately, innocent eyes pleading strong emotion.

Bakura then smirked maliciously as he reached out for the boy's exposed throat with one of his hands. He instantly choked on his yami's tight grip, struggling to pull away. He began tugging and scratching Bakura's arm hoping maybe if that would make him to let go of him. Bakura only tightened his grasp onto the boy's thin throat, making him more frightened from what could possibly happen to him.

He struggled and managed to get some oxygen through his closed lungs, but he couldn't really get much. Small tears began to persistently run down his cheeks as one of them landed on Bakura's wrapped hand below.

"Hmm...should I just suffocate you to death now or just let you live, so I can enjoy torturing you for the rest of your pathetic life...?" Bakura grinned wildly into the boy's face; ecstatic of pure cruelty growing more inside of him as he enjoyed the pleasure of hurting the other. Bakura only made Ryou cry more; the fact that it was terrifying the poor boy more already.

"Your such a weakling, crying all the time...tsk, tsk."

Ryou managed to at least say something from his mouth, but it was almost clear enough for Bakura to understand.

"A-Aishiteru..." Ryou winced and flinched. The spirit's smirk that had been played viciously upon his smiling lips instantly faded as soon as he heard the boy say that. Ryou only let out a very weak smile. Bakura thought that the boy had gone to the point to being crazy or stupid. How could his hikari be saying that even at the very moment especially when he's getting abused badly by him? There wasn't any other explanation except probably by the possible thought that maybe all this distress he was giving to the boy must of screwed his brain up or something worse.

"What are you talking about? Don't say such foolish stuff!"

Bakura finally released his hand from the youth's sore neck, making him literally gasping for air immediately right after, but even before Ryou got the chance to help himself, Bakura instantly punched him the face, hoping maybe if that would make some sense into the 'stupid' boy.

More blood flew out his mouth landing down on the soft white carpet, staining that once beautiful fabric as the redness of the thick fluid ruined it beneath him. Bakura just laughed at the helpless boy. Ryou's hair were covered with red streaks and his clothes were all terribly torn up, painted with his own blood and leaving odd patterns in his stripped shirt. Bakura brought his hand up to his own lips and licked the blood off from his fingers ravenously, moaning softly, and making sure to leave no any remaining on the skin; this made Ryou almost go crazy from the sight. One of the facts that he knew was that Bakura was literally obsessed over it, seemingly thirsty for it at the most time. His own blood captivated the darker boy greatly, and Ryou soon realized that he would never get enough of it. He knew Bakura knew this made him sick to his own stomach so it was obvious that he did this purposely to torture him. But the truth that Ryou had already known was that Bakura would never kill him. He still needed his body for his evil flaws, but never wondered about the thought what would happen to him if Bakura ever got his own body then. Of coarse, he wouldn't be needing him for any purpose anymore. Ryou wanted to die rather than living through with his abusive ways.

"You need a wash..." Bakura muttered.

Bakura dragged him by the shirt to the restroom nearby. Bakura went to the tub and filled it with cold water from the facet until it was full. Ryou didn't really know what was going on---he thought at first Bakura was going to take him a bath, but that didn't really sound something nice that the tomb-robber would ever do for his light.

Without warning Bakura grabbed him by the hair and dunked his head into the cold water. Ryou could feel water going into his lungs and he choked, at first he thought Bakura was trying to drown him to death. After awhile Bakura finally lifted Ryou's head from the bathtub, revealing the youth's very sick looking face. Bakura then dragged him back to the living room, and threw him back down on the hard floor. Ryou was still coughing violently from all the water he gagged on from previously, and he was soaking wet.

"Have you had enough today hikari?" Bakura smirked.

Ryou didn't reply back but only stood silent once more.

"Why don't you answer my question?" Bakura still glared at the "stupid" boy. Ryou still didn't say anything; this was making Bakura literally pissed off.

"Baka..." Bakura mumbled. "I guess if you don't say anything that means you wouldn't mind if I still continued...eh?" Bakura grinned again. Fear filled the boy's eyes again. Bakura liked it whenever Ryou got scared of him, that would be the exact thing that Bakura wanted Ryou to do actually....

Bakura kicked Ryou hard in the stomach which caused the boy to instinctively roll up into a ball and cry. This made Bakura to laugh out loud again at the youth's pathetic weakness that he couldn't even desperately handle through even if he tried as hard as he could.

Then the ancient spirit took out a small knife from his pocket and held it up to the boy's throat. Ryou wished that someone would of helped him by now..he was getting really terrified.

"I-I had e-enough." Ryou finally said shielding himself thinking that Bakura would hit him again.

Bakura smirked evilly. "So you finally said something hikari . ." Bakura grinned again. "Just wait until tomorrow . . ." Bakura put the knife back into his pocket and kicked Ryou hard in the ribs for the last time before returning back into the millennium ring.

Ryou was relieved that Bakura was finally gone. He continued to stay laying down on the floor. After awhile he finally decided to get up. After making sure for the last time that Bakura was completely gone he slowly got up, extreme pain shot through his entire body as it was too much for him to handle again. The boy almost fell back down to his knees, but he managed to get back up again. As he finally got back up he slowly strode himself up to his own room. The only thing now he could do was go to sleep and get ready for school tomorrow. Ryou thought he would never make it to school while in the condition he was in right now. The bruises he had really hurt and not to mention his face had a whole bunch of them.

The white haired youth took the millennium ring off his neck and placed it on the table near the bed. Another tear ran down his face as Ryou slowly climbed into his bed and covered himself with the blanket. "What did I do...? Why does he do this to me...?"

Soon his chocolate-colored eyes finally began to slightly close and he fell fast asleep.