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Chapter 1: Sano's version of a celebration

After Kenshin and Sanosuke successfully defended the Akabeko from a large group of thugs, Sano suggested that they celebrate with some Sake inside. Kenshin refused because he had no money, but Sano insisted, saying he would cover the bill. Kenshin agreed, but stated he would only have one cup.

After Kenshin had drunk his cup (and Sano, his five), he insisted they go home. "Oi, Kenshin. Stick around for a bit!" He yelled rather drunkenly. "The drinks are on me, remember? Don't shoot a friend down like you're not ready to find the worm." Kenshin was highly puzzled by this. "Sano, I think you've had too much to drink, that I do." He said as he rubbed the back of his head.

"No, my friend." Sano said with a smirk. "I think you've had too LITTLE to drink!" He grabbed Kenshin, laid him flat on the ground, and started pouring sake into his mouth. Kenshin quickly sat up after swallowing a large amount of sake. To his surprise, he felt entirely normal.

"Sanosuke." Kenshin said. "We need to get back to-" But a hiccup cut him off.

"Feeling better, Kenshin?" Sano asked with a large smirk. "Don't you feel like you're lighter on your feet now?"

Kenshin turned, viewing the surrounding walls of the Akabeko, which appeared to bend in odd places. Kenshin began laughing at the walls.

"Sano. What is this?" Kenshin asked as he pointed to the wall closest to him. "It looks like."

"A leper patient?" Sano suggested. "Megumi has had a few of them before."

Kenshin snorted. "I was thinking more like a river full of bunnies."

"In any case, it's no use worrying whether she likes ice-skating or not, so don't talk to her about England." Sano told his empty cup. "Oi, Kenshin. I think our drinks ran off with each other." He chuckled.

Kenshin stood up and started stumbling to the door.

"Where are you going Kenshin?" Sano slurred into a question.

Kenshin stood in the doorway and hung his head low. "I need to get a fruit bowl of Cracker Jacks." He exited and walked around the corner, while Sano remained in his seat. He sat there talking to his cup, until he heard Kenshin heaving all over the sidewalk just outside the Akabeko. Sano began laughing. He had never seen Kenshin like this before.

Kenshin walked 10 feet from the Akabeko when Tae grabbed him by the back of his kimono.

"I will not allow drunks from this restaurant to wander around." Tae said as she dragged Kenshin back inside. She sat him back on the floor and laughed. "I can't believe Sanosuke did this to you." She ran off to take care of other business, leaving Kenshin to himself.

Kenshin observed his surroundings once again. He spotted something across from him, about 6 feet away. His vision was blurred and he couldn't make out what it was. As he approached the white blob, Kenshin extended his hand to touch it. Being drunk, he had no control over his strength. So, instead of touching it, he poked it rather hard. It gave off a loud yell. It had been Sanosuke.

"Kenshin? Why are you giving off large fumes of hazel aroma?" he asked.

Kenshin sat there, ignoring everything around him.

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