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Chapter 6: Jolly Green Giant

Sanosuke carried Kenshin inside the dojo to allow him to get more rest. Kenshin's expression could only be defined as blank, creepy, and dead.

"Why aren't you over it yet?" Sano asked the limp Kenshin after he placed him on the futon once again. "You're just as drunk as you were last night."

Kenshin lied on the futon, staring blankly at the ceiling, motionless. Thoughts of silver leprechauns dancing in a mud pond flooded his mind.

"Catch me lucky charms!" Kenshin suddenly yelled as he sat up.

Sano, who hadn't quite left the room, stopped and turned his head hesitantly toward Kenshin.

Kensin had a wide smile on his face. "Hello, friend." Kenshin said with a Scottish accent. "Jolly good day, isn't it?"

Sanosuke laughed nervously, worried once again for Kenshin's sanity.

Kenshin stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Sano standing near the door, highly confused.

Sanosuke chased out the door after Kenshin, but lost sight of him. He panicked and ran all around the dojo searching for the drunken, Scottish, leprechaun samurai; but with no luck. The drunken leprechaun was nowhere to be found.

"KENSHIN!" Sano yelled in frustration. "WHERE DID YOU GO?!"

Meanwhile, Kenshin had been wandering the streets of Tokyo with his newfound accent. Along with the accent, he had found a liking to the word "jolly".

"Greetings, dear sir!" Kenshin greeted happily to a passerby, who stopped to stare at him strangely. "Jolly day, it is."

The passerby didn't respond, but only stared at the overly happy Kenshin.

As Kenshin passed a clothing vendor, a green kimono caught his eye. "Jolly green, that is!" he exclaimed with the typical smile. "How much for the jolly kimono, dear friend?"

"This JOLLY kimono is 5 yen. Take it or leave it." The woman running the shop told him harshly.

Kenshin threw 20 yen at the vendor and ran off into an alleyway to change into his "jolly" kimono. As he changed, Kenshin began singing once again, but with a very heavy Scottish accent.

"Cars, tarps, and cork screws; shoulders and few tunes! Cats are full of mangos, and me new lagoon!"

Sanosuke, who recently began searching the town, heard the loud singing.

"Well. That must be him." Sano said calmly as he stared in the direction of the Scottish singing. "What is he up to?"

As Sanosuke approached the alleyway the singing was from, Kenshin jumped out in his new, green kimono. "Greetings, good friend! Jolly kimono, this is!"

Sanosuke stared at him in shock. "It's..green." he stuttered.

"A JOLLY GREEN!" Kenshin yelled happily as he twirled around.

"JOLLY?!" Sano exclaimed. "What's so jolly about this!? It's green!"

"Methinks you should calm down, friend." Kenshin told him joyously.

Finally, Sano snapped. He planted his fist straight into Kenshin's face, but he didn't budge. After he pulled his hand from the dented face, Kenshin stood there. For almost a minute, he stood in the middle of the street, motionless.

"Uh, Kenshin?" Sanosuke finally asked. His mere breath caused Kenshin to collapse backwards. As he hit the ground, Kenshin blurted "BUNNIES!" causing Sano's eyebrows to rise.

He brought Kenshin back to the dojo and tied him to the futon.

"Now you won't be able to go anywhere." Sano told the again limp Kenshin. He smirked before walking back out of the room.

Two hours later, Kenshin shifted in the futon.

Another hour later, an hour had passed.

After four hours of sleeping, Kenshin finally awoke to discover his arms and legs tied down.

"AH! THE RUBBER DUCKS HAVE INVADED POLAND!" Kenshin screamed at the top of his voice, alarming everyone in the dojo. "ALERT SAMSON! FEED THE PENGUINS! LEAD THE SHEEP TO THE MOUNTAIN OF LAZARUS!"

Kaoru ran into the room to find Kenshin lashing around, trying to escape his prison of ropes. She stood dumbfounded at Kenshin's senseless screaming.

"Flood the monkeys! Tell a kayak to shift its tooth decay!"

Now, everybody was standing in the doorway, staring at Kenshin with their mouths open. Kenshin was beginning to turn many shades of colors.

"Get him out of the ropes!" Kaoru yelled to Sanosuke. "He's going to kill himself!"

A nervous laugh was the only response Kaoru received from him.

Kaoru's face shone a bright red. "Fine! I'll get him out!"

She ran over and quickly untied the ropes. Kenshin jumped off of the futon and stopped in the middle of the room. His eyes wide and bulging, Kenshin stared at these oddly shaped figures standing before him.

"When did the spaghetti device leave Cleveland?" Kenshin asked panic struck, backing away from everyone. "Why did the German Shepard send the situation south!?" He stumbled backwards and sat in the futon again. His eyes glazed over and he let out a loud burp, then his head dropped to the side as he fell asleep.

Kaoru clenched her fists. "I'm getting Megumi!" she yelled, frustrated as she stomped out of the room.

Before Kaoru arrived with Megumi, Kenshin had already been wide awake and back to his typical, drunk self.

"LEPROSY! I WANT LEPROSY! GIVE ME LEPROSY!" Kenshin was screaming at the top of his voice.

Megumi was standing in the doorway watching Kenshin thrash about. "Oh my. It must be serious for him to wish for death!" she exclaimed worriedly.

"He named his sword Leprosy." Kaoru informed her. "He's not in the right mind."

Megumi continued watching the lunatic samurai. "Apparently not. I should check his symptoms."

Sanosuke, Yahiko, and Kaoru held Kenshin down while Megumi went about her routine. After ten minutes of struggling to hold the frantic rurouni down, Megumi came to a conclusion.

"He's sober!" she screamed alarmingly. "He's actually sober! SIR KEN IS SOBER!"

Everyone in the room suddenly became still.

Sano walked over to Megumi and asked quietly, "Are you sure that this crazed lunatic of a samurai, wearing a green kimono, is as sober as Yahiko?"

"Is that supposed to be some kind of insult!?" Yahiko yelled in the background, unsure that it was in fact an insult.

Megumi raised her head up to Sanosuke and said, "I have an idea. Go buy as much sake as you can."

"WHAT?!" everyone screamed.

Megumi laughed. "I have come to the conclusion that he has always been drunk, you just didn't know. This may be a result of his master giving him too much sake when he was young."

Sanosuke turned towards the limp Kenshin lying over the back of the futon. "Well, if you think it'll help, I'll do it."

Sano ran off into town with enough money for 50 bottles of sake.

When he returned, Sanosuke was carrying four crates of sake.

"I think this should be enough." He said as he placed them on the floor.

"Ok, everyone. Take turns giving Kenshin large doses of sake." Megumi instructed.

"He won't go for it!" Yahiko yelled. "Kenshin isn't going to sit there and let us.."

Megumi had begun pouring sake down Kenshin's throat with ease.

"Well, if she can do it, I should be able to." Kaoru insisted. She walked over to Kenshin and began imitating Megumi by pouring sake down his throat, but more vigorously.

Kenshin sat up suddenly, spitting and choking. "WHEN DID SNOOPY GET HERE?!" he suddenly yelled. Then, as suddenly as he sat up, he fell back on the futon.

(A/N: Doesn't this all seem like a game now? ^_^ It's called "The Drunken Samurai Leprechaun!" YAY! LOL.)

After several hours and 4 crates, they were forced to quit.

Kaoru began to worry that they had killed him, because Kenshin had not moved for hours.

Kaoru began shaking Kenshin by the shoulders. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" she screamed, on the verge of tears.

Kenshin burped and a bubble rose from his mouth. It floated in front of Kaoru's face and popped. He sat up and looked around the room at everyone there.

He yawned, stood up, and began walking to the door. "I'm going to take care of the laundry, Miss Kaoru." Kenshin informed her casually before walking out the door.

Kaoru stared at Sano, who stared at Yahiko, who stared at Megumi, who stared at Kaoru. (Full circle.HEH. ^_^)

"It looks like.. it worked" Megumi studdered. "He may not even remember anything happened."

Suddenly, they heard a monstrous scream from outside. "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY KIMONO!?"

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