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Tomb Rader Day1

It was a sunny day at the Croft mansion Lara, Winston

Sitting down in the conservatory reminiscing about past

Adventures "Winston cup of coffee please if you will"

She said with her crisp British ascent "Certainly My lady"

Winston replied". "I heard that there is the Iris artefact is in Egypt "

"Really my lady I fear that Werner will be looking for the same artefact"

"Now now Winston lets not waste time chitchatting about Werner anyway he did offer our family a generous offer with the cheque he gave us "yes I know but I can't help but wonder if he only after the artefact for his own greed or for the fame he said in a concern tone of voice as he passed her the coffee she had asked for "There was a knock at the door. "That would be your limo for the airport "Thank you Winston" "certainly my lady I packed all your needs in to your pack" He handed her brown backpack in there laid the contents of two pistols five health packs (med-I kits) and some drinks" I hope that can last you miss Croft oh and one more thing" he handed her a shotgun for those scarabs and Scorpios e.t.c e.t.c oh and a swim suit has been packed in too your pack "She grabbed her pistols out got dresses quickly in her room while Winston answered the door she put her pistols  in her gun pockets ."Miss Croft as he knocked on the door miss croft your limo waiting"Thankyou Winston"

She left the mansion with Winston bye bye Lara so she left out her gate and hopped into the limo and waved good bye to Winston.

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