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            "I call out Curse of Dragon!"  I exclaimed, throwing down the card.  "In attack mode!"

            Yugi nodded, "Well, I counter your Curse of Dragon with my Dark Magician, in attack mode!"  Yugi said.  I groaned as Yugi wiped out the remainder of my lifepoints, the dark magician being 2500, while my curse of dragon being only 2000.

            "Man Yugi, that's like the third game in a row you've beaten me at, am I ever going to get better?"  I said, beginning to reshuffle my deck.  It was late afternoon and I had finished all of the chores in the house, so Yugi and I decided to play Duel Monsters for a while.

            "I'm sure you will Jade, you just need practice."  Yugi told me.

            "If Kaiba hadn't burned my Blue Eyes, maybe I would have beaten you…"  I murmured.

"You need more than just super powerful cards to win though.  It takes strategy and heart to make it through."  Yugi told me.

"Your probably right Yugi, you would have just pulled that multiplying Kuriboh stunt of yours."  I giggled.

            "Yup!"  Yugi exclaimed, he held up the rest of his hand.  Mammoth Graveyard, the living arrow card, Kuriboh, Multiply, and Celtic Gardian!"

            "Just my luck." I commented, as Yugi began reshuffling his deck.

            "Speaking of Kaiba though, I think he just had your limo dropped off."  Yugi said, pointing out the window as a tow truck was pulling away from my limo which was in the driveway.

            "Cool its here its here!"  I cried.  It had been a week since it had been totaled, and a week since Mako had gone.  I ran outside with Yugi right behind me.  "Wow, it looks better than before!"  I cried, looking it over from the outside.  It had been repainted and I saw as I opened the door and went inside that Kaiba had installed some new equipment, probably from his company.  I saw a note on the windshield and opened it and read it.

Just because I've done my part of the deal, doesn't make us friends.


            I began laughing.  "For not being my friend, Kaiba sure went to a lot of trouble to make sure my limo was much better than before."  I laughed.  "Now that its fixed, I'm going to go find Joey and see if he wants to go out tonight, need a lift anywhere Yugi?"  I asked him.

            "Well, I could use a ride to Tèa's house; we are supposed to study for an exam together."

            I winked at him.  "Sure Yugi, I'll bet Tèa will be very happy to see you."  Yugi blushed and got in the limo.

            "So have you and Tèa kissed yet Yugi?" I asked him.

            Yugi turned beat red and shook his head.

            I laughed as I let him out at Tea's house.  "Don't keep her waiting too long Yug."  I teased.  Yugi nodded and turned even redder.

            I drove away smiling as I saw Tèa come out of her house and hug Yugi.  I drove around for a while and looked for Joey.  Until finally, I found him.  He was running down the sidewalk, dressed in his white and blue tee shirt and jeans and he looked like he was running for his life. I pulled the limo over to the side a little ways ahead of him and opened the door.  "Joey, what's the matter, what are you running from?  A deranged maniac?"  I asked fearfully.

            "No!  much much worse!"  Joey cried hopping into the backseat.  As I pondered what could be much worse, I found out.

            "Duke's crazed cheerleadas!"  Joey cried out.

            "BAD DOG BAD!"  The group of girl cheerleaders from the dungeons and dice monsters episode cried running up to the limo and hitting it with their pom poms.  I growled and went out of the car… No one messes with Joey around me… and gets away with it.  I smirked with glee, when I saw those mean cheerleaders picking on Joey in my world, I had wished I could go and kick the crap out of them.  Now, I would get my wish.

            "HEY!! KNOCK IT OFF!"  I screamed at them, taking out my anime paper fan and proceeding to hit them all over the heads with it.  "GET AWAY FROM JOEY AND MY LIMO!!!

            "GET HER!"  They shouted, turning from the limo and coming after me with sore bumps on their heads from where I hit them.  I grabbed a nearby hose and began spraying all of them with icy cold water as Joey peeked through the slightly down window on the limo.

            The cheerleaders screamed and began running away.  I returned the hose, ran into the store it was near, threw some money on the counter, and grabbed a bag of tomatoes.  I ran after the cheerleaders and began throwing the tomatoes at them!

            The screams grew even louder as I stopped running and yelled at them.  "And don't ever let me catch you harassing Joey again!"

            "Dat's right yah buncha rabid turkeys!"  Joey cried sneering at them through the window.  "Unless yah still hungry!"

            "This stain will never come out!"  One yelled.

            "I'm freezing!" another cried.

            I smirked as I used up the last of the tomatoes and threw the bag away.  "When cheerleaders, randomly attack."  I mused to myself.   "Hit them with fans and tomatoes."

            I went back into the limo and sighed.  Crisis averted.  I climbed into the back seat and sat next to Joey.  "You ok? They didn't hurt you or anything?"  I asked him, leaning my head against his shoulder.

            "Nah, yah came just in time, I was just minden my own business when Duke's cheerleadas came at me.  Yah know I'd neva hit a girl, so I had ta run!"  Joey exclaimed, then he looked around.  "Hey!  Yah limo's outta the shop!" 

            I laughed.  "Yes Joey, when did you notice?"  I asked him.

            He blushed and twiddled his thumbs.  "Err…just now."  He answered sheepishly.

 I kissed him on the cheek.  "It just got out today, I was looking for you.  Want to go see a movie?"  I asked him.

"You bet!"  Joey answered, giving me the thumbs up sign. 

Then, we softly gazed into each other's eyes and smiled.  Joey wrapped his arm around me, drawing me closer.  I sighed with pleasure, feeling warm and comfortable with him here with me.  "I love you Joey."  I said to him.

"I love yah too Jade."  Joey answered. 

We then began driving to the movie theater.  When we got there, it was packed!  There were so many people there that we had to park far away and run to the building.  "It must be opening night for a movie or something."  I commented.

"No kidden."  Joey answered as we waited and waited in line.  "What should we see?"  He asked.

I looked up at the sign with the choices.  "Well, we'd get a free large popcorn and soda if we see "Mutant space Monkey's from planet Banana."  I said.  That's why there must be a big line, for all the free soda and popcorn.

"Whoa!  Free popcorn and soda!  Lets see that, lets see that!"  Joey begged. 

I laughed.  It was probably going to be a cheesy flick with no plot but if it made Joey happy, I'd go.  "Two for Mutant space Monkey's please."  I asked the clerk.  Joey and I paid, got our free soda and popcorn and entered the theater.  We searched up and down the isles for two seats but we couldn't find any!  The theater was so packed with people that there were only single seats scattered around.  We finally decided on an isle seat that we were just going to have to share.  We both tried to squirm into the seat and attempt to share it that way, but it wasn't going to work. 

"Here, lets try this."  Joey said and sat down, gently drawing me onto his lap.  I smiled.  "Joey, you're a genius, that was so simple."  I said.

Joey hadn't heard a word, as he was too busy stuffing popcorn into his mouth and guzzling soda as fast as he could.  I laughed and rolled my eyes.  "Oh Joey."  I sighed.

"Imph sowwy, didyah fffwant swome?(I'm sorry did you want some?) Joey asked with his mouth full.  Bits of popcorn flew everywhere out of his mouth, making me lose whatever appetite I had for it. 

"Er… no thanks Joey, you can have mine."  I told him.  Joey grinned widely and proceeded to eat my popcorn too.  I couldn't help but laugh, Joey was so cute.  I leaned my head against his and as soon as he was done with the popcorn, about two seconds, he leaned his head against mine in turn.  We smiled at each other and leaned in for a long passionate kiss.  Our lips met and everything around us became dreamlike.  We weren't paying attention to the chattering monkeys waving bananas on the screen.  Our focus, was on each other.  Our tongues intertwined and danced as we moved to our own rhythm.  When we pulled apart, no words were said.  No words were needed, our love was expressed without their use.

I sighed and leaned against Joey once more, and he leaned back.  The theater was so crowded, it was made warm by all the bodies in there.  Nestled against Joey, I gently fell off to sleep, as he stroked my back.

When I awoke, everything was dark and no one was in the theater.  Joey was snoring peacefully.  I blinked several times to wake myself up and peer around me, remember where I was.  "Oh no!  We slept through the movie and now it's probably really really late!" I cried.  I began trying to wake Joey up.  Then I thought of how peaceful he looked and decided not to.  I took out my Millennium Key and imagined Joey's room.  I kind of lifted Joey up, and guided him as he sleep walked through the door.  I laid him down in his bed and pulled the blankets around him.  I smiled and tenderly brushed a stray hair away from his face.  I kissed his forehead and stroked his cheek before using my Millennium to go back to where I had parked the limo.  I began driving back to the Moto apartment.  I had just pulled in the driveway when I saw Tristan pull up beside me on his motorcycle.

"Hey Tristan, what brings you here this time of night?"  I asked him.  Tristan took off his helmet and grinned sheepishly, looking down at the ground.

"I was wondering… if you would lend me ten bucks for gas."  He asked me.

"Of course Tristan…if you promise to give me a ride on your motorcycle someday."  I said and grinned.

"Sure thing Jade."  Tristan agreed.

I fished around in my pockets till I found a ten dollar bill.  "All those trips to see Serenity must be expensive huh."  I commented.  Tristan blushed and nodded, taking the bill from my hand.  I smiled as I remember the time that Tristan brought his keyboard to the hospital and played it for Serenity.  I knew that Joey didn't approve of them being together, but I also knew that was partly because he's a big brother and he watches out for her.  Tristan cared so much about her.

Still, they made such a cute couple, although if Serenity wanted to kiss Tristan, she'd have to have him kneel down or to go get a stool or something to stand on… he's so darn tall..

Tristan started his motorcycle again and I gave him a hug goodbye.  "Cyke! I would have given yah a ride anyway!"  Tristan teased, riding away.

"That's ok Tristan, maybe I'll tell your good buddy Joey about all the time you've been visiting Serenity Tristan!"  I teased right back.  We both laughed and I sighed, getting the mail.  Everyone had a kind of family relationship with me.  Joey was my boyfriend, Tèa was likea sister to me, Bakura was my best friend, Tristan acted like an older brother to me, Yugi like a younger brother and everything seemed to fit perfectly. 

I noticed a small package in the mail box, addressed to me.  From Mako!  This was the first letter or package I'd ever gotten from him since he left.  I quickly ran into the house and dropped off the rest of the mail on the kitchen table.  I tore open the package and there inside was an envelope and a C.d.  The C.d. was a single from the singer Lonestar.  "I'm Already There."  I opened the letter and read it.

Dear Jade, my mermaid of the sea

How are you?  I'm fine, the fishing has been excellent this year.  Yet, a part of me still feels that something is missing.  The void in my heart grows ever deeper as I drift further and further away from you.  I miss you terribly, like the sea fan misses the sun in the darkness of the night.  I wish you were with me, but I respect your decision.  I picked up this c.d. for you as well as one for myself, because it made me think of you.  Please listen to it before reading the rest of the letter.

I felt sad reading the letter as I opened the cd case and a note fell out.  I put the cd in and pressed play, looking at the note.  It had the lyrics to the song on it and some fraises were underlined.

He called her on the road
From a lonely cold hotel room
Just to hear her say I love you one more time
But when he heard the sound
Of the kids laughing in the background
He had to wipe away a tear from his eye
A little voice came on the phone
Said "Daddy when you coming home"
He said the first thing that came to his mind

I'm already there
Take a look around
I'm the sunshine in your hair
I'm the shadow on the ground
I'm the whisper in the wind
I'm your imaginary friend
And I know I'm in your prayers
Oh I'm already there

She got back on the phone
Said I really miss you darling
Don't worry about the kids they'll be alright
Wish I was in your arms
Lying right there beside you
But I know that I'll be in your dreams tonight
And I'll gently kiss your lips
Touch you with my fingertips
So turn out the light and close your eyes

I'm already there
Don't make a sound
I'm the beat in your heart
I'm the moonlight shining down
I'm the whisper in the wind
And I'll be there until the end
Can you feel the love that we share
Oh I'm already there

We may be a thousand miles apart
But I'll be with you wherever you are

I'm already there
Take a look around
I'm the sunshine in your hair
I'm the shadow on the ground
I'm the whisper in the wind
And I'll be there until the end
Can you feel the love that we share

Oh I'm already there
Oh I'm already

I was crying by the time the song had ended.  It was really beautiful and it made me think of how lonely Mako must be on the sea by himself at night.  How he was still thinking of me, even though I had turned him down.  I wiped my eyes as I began reading the rest of the letter.

I'll be back in Japan in about a month.  I hope to see you again, in fact I can't wait to.  Hope you liked the song as much as I do.  Remember, I'll always wait for you. 

Love  Mako.

I placed the letter on my nightstand and shut off the lights.  I glanced over at the tiara Mako had given me before climbing into my Hammock and closing my eyes.  "I can't wait to see you again either Mako…"  I whispered before sleep claimed me.

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