Man, dueling does take it out of you…I thought to myself.  I put the legendary fisherman card that I had just won from Mai close to my heart as I walked back to the aquarium, thinking that maybe Mako was still there.  Surprisingly, he wasn't and I asked around and no one had seen him since his duel with Joey. 

                Then, I gasped.  "What if he…left?"  I felt wicked afraid and began thinking paranoid thoughts.  "Wait…he would definitely never leave without me…now that we are finally together."  I thought.  "I'll just have to get some help looking."  But I searched all over the city and couldn't find anyone!  No Yugi, Tèa, Bakura, Tristan, Joey, or even Kaiba around.  This was getting weird, where was everyone?

                Then, I felt a tap on the shoulder.  I turned around and saw that it was Rex Raptor.  Good, maybe he can help me look.  I thought, considering that I considered him as a friend.  But then I looked into his eyes and found that they were icy and cold looking. 

                "He wouldn't…"  I growled under my breath, and then realized that he most certainly would.  "I can't believe you made Rex Raptor your mind slave you big meanie!"  I shouted, pinching Rex by the cheeks and stretching his face out a bit.  The Millennium eye appeared on his forehead and glowed brightly, the sign of a mind slave.

                He took my hands in his and pried them off of his face.  "I have a couple of things that you want…"  He started, in the Malik/Rex voice.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out…Mako's shark tooth necklace that I had given him!  And he also had some…blonde hair?  Ouch, that must have hurt Joey…

                Then, I grew very angry.  "What the heck are you doing with Mako and Joey?!  Let them go right now!"  I snarled and took Rex by the shirt cuff and raised him a little above myself.

                "Ok, I'll let them go."  He said and shrugged.

                "Really?"  I asked incredulously.

                "Of course not!   No matter how many times the hero or heroine of the story says "Let my friends go!"  The villain never just does it!  That's just stupid!"

                "Guess it wouldn't be much of a story if you did just cooperate…"  I agreed.

                "You'll find them at an old warehouse, where we will have our shadow game…"  He told me.

                "YOU…!  I cried out in anger.  "I know who you are and I know what you look like Malik!  There's no hiding from me!  You better not have hurt either Mako or Joey!  Or I will so hunt you down and…not kill you, but use your Millennium rod against you and make you degrade yourself in front of the whole town of Domino!  By making you do the Macarena in a bikini or something…  Then maybe brutally maim you, but not kill you."

                Rex/Malik sneered and then promptly fainted.  I knew that Malik had released him and that Rex was no longer his mind slave.  I sighed, knowing that I couldn't just leave Rex there.  I sat down on the ground and placed Rex's head on my lap, supporting him and making him comfortable at least until he woke up..  I considered him a friend and would do the same for Joey or Tèa if they needed me.  But I was in a hurry too, and didn't have time to wait for him to wake up.  So I discreetly used my millennium key to open a door that conveniently had a bucket of ice cold water nearby.  I splashed it all over Rex's face and almost immediately Rex sputtered and opened his eyes.

                "Hey!  Whad yah do that for?!  I'm a King Rex not an elasmasaurus!"  He said, and then realized where he was and grinned.  "Oh, so you do see me in that way now huh hon?"  He said and closed his eyes and moved closer with a sheepish grin on his face. 

                "Don't get comfortable, I'm not your pillow."  I said and moved away.  He wasn't expecting it apparently and hit his head on the ground.

                "Awe come on that hurt!"  He cried out.  Apparently, he didn't remember ever being a mind slave so I began walking away. 

                "Catch yah later Rex, I gotta go save the world."  I called out.

                "Alright babe!  But if you ever get tired of Freaky fish guy over there you know what dinosaur to come to!"  He yelled out to me.

                I promptly threw my shoe at him.  "Er…can I have that back now?"  I asked.

                Rex looked the other way and handed it to me.

                "Still friends!"  I yelled as he grinned sheepishly and waved.

                "Man!  Still just friends!  When am I ever gonna get lucky!"  I heard Rex say.

                I began running toward the warehouse where I knew that Malik was keeping my friends.  "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you…"  I said and clutched the shark tooth necklace that I had taken from Rex in my hands.  "I'll save you, like you both saved me."  I whispered, remembering when Joey had saved me from Bandit Keith, and when Mako had saved me from the shark.  They both had been there for me.  Now, I was going to be there for them. 

                I gasped as I entered the warehouse.  There were Mako and Joey unconscious!  Tied to stakes and on the floor in front of them lots of twigs, logs and straw!  Malik was going to burn them both!"

                Then, he stepped in, out of the shadows.  "Malik!"  I sneered as he stepped forward.  Very blond almost white hair, muscular, but not over muscular to fit his body, lavender whitish tanktop with chains on it.  It was him alright, Malik Ishtar.  He had his Millennium Rod in hand glistening brightly.  My own Millennium key was glistening too. 

                "So Malik, what diabolical scheme have you got planned for our shadow game you fiend!  I said and pointed at him.  "Gotta say that again!  YOU FIEND!!  Love that word fiend, sorry, please continue."  I said and laughed, then looked at my bound friends and grew serious again.

                "If your done calling me a fiend, I will explain our shadow game."  Malik sneered.  "I'll give you a chance right now to save one of your loved ones.  And leave and not risk your soul in a shadow game.  Who do you really love the most?  Who will you save?"

                "So predictable!"  I screamed.  "Of course the bad guy gives me a sadistic choice that I can't possibly make because I love them both so much!"  I yelled and Malik's evil laughter rang throughout the warehouse.

                "Maybe I can, convince you otherwise…"  He began.  "Or rather, he'll do the convincing…"

                Out from the shadows stepped the most unlikely person I had ever thought to meet again…Bakura!  And he had taken over Ryou's body again!  I had once asked to differentiate between the two and Bakura, the good one, told me to call him Ryou and the evil one Bakura, so now that's what I did.  But how did Malik manage to bring him back?

                "I can't believe you brought Bakura back!  After I worked so hard to banish him for good!  How did you do it?"

                "That is of no importance to you.  What is important is that Malik and I have formed a pact, to defeat you and the pharaoh!  I'm surprised you're not happy to see me.  It's been quite a while."  Bakura sneered coldly.  "I've had a lot of time since you banished me to your world.  And now…to show you your ancient past as Malik instructed…"  Bakura's Millennium ring glowed brightly as he touched his hand to my forehead. 

                "Long ago in ancient times a sacred game was played in both spirit and mind…seven items hold the mystery until the eighth one was created and then the ninth…"  Bakura began in a mysterious spooky voice. 

                                                                                                Flashback sequence

                I saw it as if I were there myself.  It practically was me, dressed in an aqua colored Egyptian dancer outfit, with jewels in my hair.  I had long dark black hair and an Egyptian looking tan but basically, my looks were the same.  I was running through the market place, with an enormous smile on my face.  But why was I smiling?  Then I noticed him.  He looked an awful lot like Joey, but dressed in a light brown Egyptian shirt with tan pants.  He had the exact same haircut too…  The me in the dream ran into his arms and was embraced.

                "Oh Jono!"  I cried out and kissed him passionately.  It felt so right, sheltered in his arms.

                "My love…"  He said, running his fingers through my hair tenderly.  "I missed you so much, pharaoh Yami finally let you have a day off huh?"

                I nodded.  "I couldn't wait to see you…"  I said and kissed his cheek.  We held hands and walked through the market place.  "Hey Tèana!"  I grinned happily as I ran toward my friend

                "Jalisma!"  She cried out and hugged me.  The me looking at the dream gasped!  She looked exactly like Tèa but with brown eyes and an Egyptian color and robes.  "I talked to Pharaoh Yami!"  She said excitedly.  "He's going to let you quit being his dancer and marry Jono!  And what's more, he asked me to become his queen!"

                "That's so great Tèana now we can all be happy!"  Jono cried and twirled me around.  Then, the dream seemed to fade away… I was so confused.  So I was with Joey or "Jono" in my past life?  Did that mean that we were meant to be together?  Had I made the wrong choice?

                                                                                End sequence

                I gasped and fell to my knees, staring at Mako and Joey's bound forms.  I reached out both my hands to them.  I knew I couldn't just save one, I had to help them both.



                "There is an alternative to only choosing one, to play our shadow game."  Malik snickered.  That's when I noticed a woman behind him.  Dressed in the garb of a rare hunter. Yet underneath her robes, she was dressed normally.  With a dark blue pesant top, faded knee high jean skirt, white and blue platform heeled sandals, and she had dark blue eyes, and shoulder width brown and blonde hair.( For more info on her check out the story (Mirrors Reflection.).  She held two things that shocked me.  The Egyptian god card called the Winged Dragon of Ra and what appeared to be…a Millennium mirror…"  It had the Millennium eye on it and was a normal hand sized mirror with handle, decorated with hieroglyphics, gold and silver covered.  I wondered where that had come from…  But I couldn't think about that now.

                She handed the card to Malik.  Oh crap…I thought.  If he's going to duel me, I'm going to go down in flames!  I can't go up against a god card…let alone the strongest one out of the three…  Kaiba had obelisk, and Yami had Slyfer, but I had no Egyptian god card.

                Bakura grinned evilly.  "Do not forget our bargain Malik.  I have kept my end so far, but I have more to attend to now so I will take my leave."  He rolled his tongue across his lips and first looked at me and then at the woman.  As he walked past her, Bakura twirled her hair a bit and she slapped his hand away. 

"Stop it Bakura…"  She said angrily.  I could see Malik fuming from where he stood.  That woman must have been very important to him.

"As you wish Iris…"  Bakura said.

"You'd do well not to lay even a finger on my woman…"  Malik said in a dangerous tone.  Bakura just closed his eyes and smiled evilly, then looked at me.

"Don't even think about it.  I'll get Mako to beat you up…"  I snarled.

"Are you sure you shouldn't be getting Joey to do that?"  Bakura sneered, and then promptly left. 

After Bakura left I turned to Malik.  "Alright, let's get on with our duel then…"

                "Don't worry, I don't intend on dueling you… for your key…"  He started to say.  I knew he wouldn't honor his pact with Bakura…  "Our shadow game will take place in the shadow realm of course!  We shall take our duel monsters deck and make a castle out of them."
                "You've got to be kidding me…"  I commented.

                "I can assure you that I'm not!"  Malik thundered.  "The cards will stay up and form themselves according to the strength of the person's heart and soul.  Whoever is the strongest will win!"  With a wave of his hand, everything around us went black…

                I kept thinking about what Bakura showed me.  Was that really my ancient past or another mind trick?  I couldn't help but feel worried at the choice I had made.  Everything felt so right, and now it feels so wrong.  My mind was a jumble of thoughts as Malik continued to laugh coldly.  "Yes, the seed of doubt sprouts within you and flourishes, this I see clearly.  He reached into a pocket and pulled out his duel monster's deck.  He sat down on the floor and began constructing his "card palace"

                I dropped to my knees, got out my deck and began trying to create my own castle.  It had to be bigger and better than Maliks for me to win the game.  I knew that.  I just didn't know what crazy stunt I would need to pull to win.  I concentrated as hard as I could and began chanting, "For Mako, for Joey, for Mako, for Joey…"  And began holding the cards up and together.  In the real world, I hadn't really had that much luck with building card houses, let alone build something grand and splendid in the shadow realm. 

                I looked over at Malik's and saw that it was looking like a type of palace that you would see in Aladdin or something.  I thought maybe if I distracted him, he would lose his focus and it would give me more time.

                "So Malik, who was that woman you were with?  You have a girlfriend now?"

                "She is the one from my darkest dreams. The very one who will help me become this world's Pharaoh."  He answered.  "But that need not concern you.  Once I become pharaoh the world will be plunged in eternal darkness and your Millennium key will be mine!"

                "Accomplishing what exactly?!"  I thundered.  "I can never understand why bad guys always want to take over the world so that they can just destroy it!  You all need some serious therapy!"

                "Am I really crazy?  You're the one who can't even make up your mind on whom you love you tramp…"

                "What did you just call me?!  I'm not a tramp!"  I snarled, as I managed to make my horn of the unicorn card stand up next to my Hyozanryu.  That was my second favorite combo, besides either Cosmo Queen or Gyakutenno Megami with the sword of the deep seated.  I froze in my thoughts at what Malik said next.

                "That was what Mako called you.  And Joey said something even worse."  Malik sneered.  "I searched through their memories and found out how you cheated on both of them!

                "Liar!"  I snarled.  "And I didn't cheat on them!  If I had known Joey didn't want Mai in that way I would have never gone to Mako!  I was just emotional at the time!  And I know for a fact that both of them still love me and I still love them!  They wouldn't say things like that!" 

                "Oh…would you like to ask them?"  Malik chuckled adding two more cards to his ever present castle.  I gritted my teeth and looked at my pathetic pile of cards lying on the floor in almost no formation at all.

                A light shone through the darkness.  Mako and Joey were still bound together on their stakes, but their foreheads had the Millennium eye on them and their eyes glowed evilly. 

                "You're a loser Jade, I'm glad I chose Mai ova you!"  Joey sneered.

                "I don't know why I ever wanted you in the first place!"  Mako cried.

                "Stop it stop it leave them alone!"  I cried, tears streaming down my face as I put my hands to my ears.

                "You're such a snake, cheaten on me like that!  I was always there fa yah Jade, but yah two timed me with freaky fish guy over there!"  Joey said, his eyes glowing.

                "I never want to see your slimy shark skin ever again!"  Mako exclaimed.

                Then, through sobs, I opened my eyes and heard Malik groan.  "Fighting too much…"  He muttered. 

                "Don't listen ta him Jade!  He's just controlling our minds!"  Joey shouted, fighting for control of himself.  "Even though we're not togetha anymore I still love yah and your very special ta me aaaaaaaaaargh!"  Joey cried and was once again not himself.

                "Joey!"  I cried out, reaching my hand to him, but his form faded in the darkness. 

                I turned to Mako who had his head held down low.  "Mako…"  I whispered. 

                "I've loved you from the first moment I saw you…"  Mako said and struggled to regain control of himself.  "To question my devotion to you would be madness." 

                "I don't Mako, I love you too."  I said.  "I want to be with you Mako.  You're the one I choose to be with. Don't ever stop inspiring me."  I continued.  He forced a smile upon his face and said his last words before disappearing.

                "I can't wait until this nightmare is over and I can hold you in my arms once again." 

                I heard Malik growl to himself and clutch the Millennium rod tighter in his hand.  "Nice trick Malik."  I commented.  "You got the way they talked and their accents just right and I almost couldn't tell the difference.  But you can't fake heart.  And Joey and Mako have hearts of gold and they fought you and got through to me.  Now I'm going to turn this shadow game around.

                I smiled and closed my eyes; inspired by the two people I loved most in the world.  A new surge of confidence rose within me and I felt my Millennium key glowing and surrounding my body with a pure white light.  My hair was flying behind me as the surge of energy flowed throughout my entire body.  I raised my hand and from my pile of cards appeared my Cosmo Queen.  It floated into my hand and I pressed to my heart, and then pointed my Millennium key at the card and a keyhole appeared.  I put the key in the keyhole and felt my whole body tingle with the change.   I adorned my cosmo queens red and black robe with long puffy sleeves and also her golden spiraled huge crown fitted itself on my head.  I noticed I kept my own body and hair style.

                "I turned myself into the card…"  I whispered.  I looked over at Malik who had a scowl on his face. 

                "By Ra…So, you've managed to unlock the true power of the sacred games within your Millennium key…No matter, I'm almost done and your not even close to halfway, your key will be mine and my plan will continue."

                "I disagree Malik, I'm not going to let you hurt my friends and loved ones."  I said.  My eyes began glowing and I raised my hands.  The cards started floating of their own accord, flying in circles intertwining and building themselves.  They started forming into a middle ages castle with a drawbridge and everything.  "CHARGE!  BREAK DOWN HIS FORTRESS!"  I cried in a powerful voice laced in confidence.  I knew that I had won even before my own monsters came out of their cards and were running at full speed out of the castle.

                The drawbridge was lowered and out charged Gaia the fierce knight on his horse, with Dark Magician, Celtic Gaurdian, Summoned Skull, Swordstalker, Judgeman and my Neo the magic swordsman at his heels!  From out of the highest tower rose all my dragons and fairies and winged monsters!  Hyozanyru in the lead and he was equipped with the horn of the unicorn!  Making his front nose horn look wicked long and spiraly, awesomeness!  After  him was my Red Eyes Black Dragon, Gyakutenno Megami, holding the sword of the deep seated, Dancing Fairy, Wing Weaver, Soul of Purity and light, Fairy Gaurdian, Fairies Gift and Winged Dragon Guardian of the Fortress!  Most of the spell castors and aqua monsters stayed on the castle roof, firing whatever they could and using whatever spell they could.  I caught a glimpse of my red archery girl firing her arrows!

                Malik was just about to put Ra at the very top of his castle until all my monsters began demolishing it!  I grinned as I saw the (holy crap!) look on Maliks face as his castle was being destroyed!

                "No!  My castle!  What have you done?!"  Malik cried out as his castle fell to ruins. 

                "I believe I just won."  I said calmly.  "I drew upon the power of my friends and loved ones and you should never mess with the most sacred game of all.

                "And what pray you tell me is that?"  Malik sneered.

                "Love."  I said simply and waved my hand.  All of my monsters returned to their cards and the cards flew in the air once more, mixing and shuffling themselves.  They made a deck once more and floated into my hand with one card overturned at the top.  It said "Cosmo Queen" over the top.  I was still wearing my Millennium key and I closed my eyes and concentrated, making it float into the air as I held up the blank card.  I turned the key against the card and found myself back to normal, holding Cosmo Queen in my hand.  "Think I have a new favorite card…"  I muttered, and then realized that Malik was gone!

                "Dirty rotten, knew he wouldn't keep his end of the challenge!"  I cried and quickly got out my Millennium key, concentrated on being back at the warehouse.  When I got there choking smoke was filling it up quickly!  Malik must have lit the fires at the end of Joey and Mako's stake!  I crawled down on the ground so the smoke couldn't hit me at full force and found that only Mako was left with fire eating away at the kindling before him, not quite touching him but growing closer!  He was still unconscious, and without even thinking, I took off my Millennium key and threw it around his neck, so that he would be protected as I desperately went behind him and tried to undo the ropes.  A piece of wood cracked and shot up, hitting me on the inside of my right elbow.  I winced and cried out in pain but otherwise did nothing.

                "Here, you might need this."  I heard the woman who had been with Malik before say.  Iris was it?  She handed me a fire extinguisher. 

                "Thank you!"  I grunted and began spraying out the flames.  "Aren't you going to get in trouble with Malik for helping me?"  I asked her as most of the flames were put out.  That's when I noticed that close up, she looked pregnant…was she carrying Malik's child?  "Where's Joey and who are you really?"  I asked her as the last of the flames were put out.

                "Malik took Joey, as his mind slave, Tèa is also with them."  She answered.  "My real names is Amanda, I am like you.  I came from the human world through a whirlpool."  She continued.  "I received my Millenium mirror soon after and I have been by Malik's side ever since.

                My mouth hung open and threatened to stay there.  She was like me!  From my world!  "I have about a million more questions to ask you but I know they can't all be answered at once."  I said.

                "Then just ask one."  She told me.

                "Why are you with Malik?  He's trying to take over the world and doesn't care who he kills to get to become pharaoh!"  I asked her.

                "Because I love him."  Amanda replied simply.  "You'd do the same if he were trying to take over the world."  She said, gesturing at Mako.

                I had finally gotten the ropes untied and now I wrapped Mako's arm around my shoulder to support him.  "Your right, I would, I'd do anything for Mako."  I said.

                "Then you have your answer, and I must go before Malik finds out I was helping you."  She said and began walking away.

                "One more question before you go!"  I shouted to her retreating form. 

                Amanda looked at me expectantly. 

                "What does your mirror do and are you pregnant with Malik's child?

                "Do you realize that's two questions?"  She laughed.

                "Yeah, was kinda hoping I'd get away with it."  I said.

                "The Mirror's powers are simple, you can ask it to show you what you wish to see, It can see into the minds of the one that you wish to know, but.  There are some dark powers too…  And yes, I am pregnant and Malik is the father."  I saw as she was walking to the door, another figure appeared in the light and glared at her.  I could tell it was Rishid, or Odion as he's called in the anime.

                "Wait!  Where is Joey, tell me where your master has hidden him!"  I called out, half dragging Mako with me.

                "You have already done your part.  He is with the master and the pharaoh must play his role now.  This is no longer your fight, but with master Malik and Yami."  Rishid answered me, he was still glaring at Amanda.

                "I am well aware of what I've done Rishid."  She said.  "Malik does not need to know."

                "But how can I just stand here and not do anything while Malik makes Joey and Tèa his mind slaves?!"  I shouted.  "I can't I have to go help them!"

                "They are going to settle their dispute in a duel; you cannot possibly take on master Malik without an Egyptian God card.  The pharaoh will fall; Slypher is no match for Ra."  Rishid put simply.  "Instead of fighting this you should see about your friend and yourself."  He said and pointed to my burnt arm.

                I hadn't felt the pain as I had been so worried about Mako, Joey and the rest of my friends that I had ignored the burn.  Now the pain was mind boggling and it was like lightening was shooting up and down my arm where a scar had already begun to form itself.

                I heard the sound of a helicopter approach and I saw a fused KC on it and new it was from Kaiba.  Yami was riding in it too and I waved with my good arm and called for help!

"Whats wrong Jade?!"  Yami called out rushing to me with Kaiba at his heels.

"Who did this to you?!"  Kaiba hissed angrily.

"Malik did it, he's waiting for you Yami, show him how 5 thousand year old pharaohs kick butt!"

Yami nodded.  "He has Joey and Tèa trapped somewhere I have to face him to get them back!"

"I'll take Jade and Tsunami to the hospital while you go save your little cronies.  But just be ready for when I come back…for our duel Yugi."

"Yami…or do you still not believe…?"  Yami answered and shook his head.

"Big brother we should go now!"  Mokuba called from the inside of the chopper. 

"He and I were involved in a shadow game Yami, and he didn't keep his end of the bargain, I managed to save Mako…but Joey…Yami…I'm sorry…"

"You did your best and helped out a lot, rest now and leave the rest up to me."  Yami said as Kaiba helped me get Mako onto the chopper.

I winced in pain, now searing in waves up and down my arm.  Kaiba got out a first aid kit and took my arm gently in his hands.  "Let me see that."  He told me and began lightly spreading cream on it.  It felt a little cooler and a little better but the pain was still shooting up and down my arm in spasms.  Kaiba held out his hand.  "Here."  He said.  "Grip my hand as tight as you want to keep your mind off the pain.  Don't worry, you won't hurt me."

"Thanks Kaiba, that's so uncharacteristically nice of you."  I said gratefully and gripped his hand hard.  Kaiba smiled, sort of creepy because I wasn't used to him doing it without it being evilly or something. 

                "No prob, that's some grip you have there."  He said.  "Just try to relax, we're almost at the hospital."

                "So tell me…just what did Isis and you do on your date Kaiba?"

                "First, I gave her the dress which she changed into.  She looked so stunning in it.  Then I took her out for dinner at an Italian restaurant.  After that I walked her home and she…"

                "Come on this is getting interesting please continue."  I teased.

                Kaiba turned beat red and looked away.

                "She kissed you didn't' she?"  I grinned.

                He nodded.

                "Way to go Seto!!"  I said and my arm immediately starting hurting again and I winced and cried out!

                "Careful! You shouldn't strain yourself like that!"  Kaiba growled.  The pain began becoming so unbearable, my arm felt like it was on fire itself as I looked to my Millennium key still around Mako's neck and it filled my eyes with a bright white glow until I couldn't see anything anymore.  Then I closed my eyes and slipped into unconsciousness. 

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