Forced Darkness


Mogli the Witch


This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

This story is an AU, because I invent a lot of 'facts' about certain main characters.

AN: I know that this story is not great, not very well written and that there are many mistakes. But please, only constructive criticism, ok? I cannot take flamers seriously.


Some students stood in the Entrance Hall when the known dark wizard stormed into it and went on to the Great Hall with firm steps. Their frightened gasps accompanied the imposant figure of the wizard most students only knew out of horror stories their parents told them about the Death Eaters.

Only few had seen him in person when he collected his son, who was currently in his seventh year, at the end of the semester.

A first year student had the bad luck to stand directly in front of the door to the Great Hall, and she was impatiently pushed away.

It was Dinnertime and everyone was present. The normally deathening noise from over 700 students and their teachers disappeared in an instant when the First of Voldmorts men entered the room with billowing robes.

Most of the students wore shocked and frightened expressions, with the sole exception of Draco Malfoy who remained calm and looked with proud arrogance at the intimidating wizard who happened to be his father.

Many of the teachers and older students had reached for there wands, ready for fighting, in case this was some scheme made up by Voldemort and his followers.

Lucius Malfoy ignored them and went on to the staff table were he greeted Dumbledore with a curt nod.

The old headmaster smiled pleasantly at the man in front of him and asked: "Which circumstances do I have to thank for your surprise visit, Lord Lucius?" Dumbledores voice was polite but people who knew him couldn't help but realize that it held nothing of its usual cheerfulness or warmth.

Malfoy sneered: "Headmaster, I trust you already know the reason for my 'surprise visit'. I am here to claim what is mine by law."

Dumbledore never lost his expression of polite interest when he answered very slowly: "Indeed, I think that I know. But I would ask you to step back from your right."

The answer came immediately and was accompanied by an amused smile that did not quite reach the eyes: "A Malfoy never does that, as you very well know, Dumbledore. I would ask you to call the girl now." The last part held a warning undertone, and the dark wizards voice was cold and insistent.

Dumbledore sighed and then nodded sadly before calling: "Miss Weasley, please be so kind and come here!"

On the Gryffindor table the youngest Weasley exchanged a questioning look with her brother and his friends, but they all seemed as surprised as she was.

So she simply got up and awkwardly went to the staff table, where she stilled beside the man she had grown up to fear and to hate mostly beside Voldemort himself. She made sure of being as far away from Lucius Malfoys intimidating presence as possible.

She felt his glare heavy on her and dared looking back at him hate- and fearful. His famous white blond hair was bend back in a ponytail and he was dressed all in black. For one moment their eyes met - warm brown eyes met cold, silvery-grey ones - until she broke the contact and turned to look at Albus Dumbledore: "Sir, you wanted to see me?" Her voice trembled slightly and she spoke in a very low voice, like always when she was afraid.

The old headmaster looked at her with a sad expression she had never seen before on his face: "Miss Weasley, I think you know Lord Malfoy?"

She nodded, an unexplicable feeling of dread began to built inside her stomach: "Yes, we... met." And an inner voice added 'And he almost got me killed with that damned diary of his master'.

Dumbledore smiled soothingly and continued: "You know that you are one of the few pureblood witches without any Muggles in their bloodline?"

She nodded again - it was nothing she was proud of, but she had read her family name once in a book told her that much.

"Miss Weasley, have your parents told you, by chance, that there is a registry of pureblood witches?"

She frowned and shook her head, confused - what was this all about?

Dumbledore sighed again heavily and continued: "Miss Weasley... it may be a terrible shock to you - but - due to an ancient, but unfortunately still valid, wizarding law, a pureblood wizard can claim to marry you. In fact, an unmarried pureblood witch has the legal duty to marry any pureblood wizard who demands it."

She heard him speaking as if from far away. Inside her, a small voice cried: "No!", over and over again - and so she barely heart Dumbledore saying: "Miss Weasley, Lord Lucius's wife died last month, and he is here to take you with him as his new wife."