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Chapter 3: Relevations

Two hours later:

Ron stood nervously in front of the entry of Dumbledores office. The headmaster had sent him notice that his parents would arrive anytime. Harry had tried to sooth his friend, but he himself was absolutely terrified about what they just had witnessed and what might now be happening to the girl he had come to consider his little sister. He couldn't help but think of his second year when Lucius Malfoy had dropped Tom Riddles bewitched diary in the cauldron with Ginnys books. And he also remembered what she had looked like, pale, dying, at the verge of death.

The boy-who-lived hated Lucius Malfoy almost with the same passion as he hated Voldemort himself and the man who had betrayed his parents and destroyed his family - Wormtail.

Harry couldn't help but wonder about the fact that Dumbledore had let Lucius Malfoy, commonly known as someone who hated the Weasleys, Ginny taken with him.

Ron had asked his best friend to accompany him, but Harry knew that he would have insisted on it even if Ron hadn't asked him to.

He really loved Ginny as if she were his own little sister - a fact that had caused problems in the past, because of her crush on him. She had asked him for a date and he had tried to explain, as gentle as possible, that he would feel like screwing a sibling if he dated her.

She had began to cry and felt deeply embarrassed. It had taken a really long time until she got over her shame and began to see him as a great friend.

Suddenly voices could be heard - Arthur and Molly Weasley had arrived. Harry guessed that they had apparated to Hogsmeade, due to the fact that you couldn't apparate in Hogwarts.

Molly pulled her youngest son in a loving embrace, while his father immediately asked: "What's happened? Dumbledore didn't tell us anything!"

Ron and Harry exchanged worried glances - Arthur Weasley was not known for violent behaviour, but he could get very, very angry. And remembering the confrontation he had had with Lucius Malfoy in Diagon Alley a few years ago, they didn't want to be the ones to tell Arthur Weasley that this guy that had just kidnapped his only daughter.

Fortunately they were interrupted by the headmaster who greeted them politely and let them into his office where they all sat down.

Arthur Weasley waited only until Dumbledore was seated and then asked:"Please excuse my impatience, Headmaster, but you said it was an urgent matter."

Dumbledore looked from the trembling Ron to Harry and then to Mr and Mrs Weasley: "Yes, I am sorry, but... Arthur, do you remember the pureblood-bonding law?"

Mr Weasleys eyes narrowed questioningly: "Yes,... a law from the early 14th century."

Dumbledore nodded: "Yes, ... it consist of rules regarding the requirements of bondings between aristocrathic pureblood families to ensure a pure bloodline."

Arthur Weasley frowned: "Headmaster, what is this all about? I don't understand why you should call us here that urgently and then talk about medieval laws that are no longer in use?"

His wife looked at her husband angrily, not really happy about the way he spoke to the Headmaster.

Dumbledore saw it and smiled: "It's quite alright, Molly - I just don't know how to tell you..." He sighed "Arthur, the law may be out of use - but its still valid law and the rules are binding."

Suddenly Arthur Weasley looked horrified: "It ... cannot... It, no... it is impossible."

Molly looked questioningly at first her husband and than at the headmaster, who looked so old... He showed each of his 153 years. It was a terrible sight.

"I think it is time to tell them , Ardegeon." Dumbledore said with a meaningful glance at Ron and Molly. Arthur Weasley flinched and went pale, he whispered: "You can't be honest, Albus.... This cannot be happening..."

Molly narrowed her eyes: "Arthur, what's that all about?"

After a murderous look at Dumbledore, Rons father began: "Molly, Ron - do you know what this law includes exactly?"

They both shook their heads.

"It is a law, that was made in times of witchhunting - and burning. It was made to protect the wizarding aristocrathy from connections to none-wizard who could have endangered them. The basic rule of it was: Keep to your own kind so that no one knows about us. And..." Mr. Weasley hesitated and continued after and encouraging nod from Dumbledore: "And my ancestors believed very much in the worth of the purity of blood."

Harry had noticed something: "I'm sorry... Mr Weasley, but ... it was a rule for the aristocrathy?"

Ron's father gulped and closed his eyes for a moment before answering: "Yes, Harry, that's right. But... my name has not been Arthur Weasley from birth on. My name...My birthname has been Lord Ardegeon of Grindelwald."

Molly Weasley almost fainted, while Ron asked totally confused: "Dad?! Father... what's this all about??? You are *not* Arthur Weasley? And this name - 'Grindelwald' wasn't that the one Dumbledore defeated, the Dark Lord before You-Know-How?"

Arthur/Ardegeon looked at his son with sad eyes: "I am so sorry. I didn't want to tell you... because it is not a nice story to hear. And... it would have overshadowed your whole life - our whole life. My name is - *was* - Ardegeon of Grindelwald - because I'm son of this Dark Lord."


Molly Weasley trembled, almost ghostly pale, Ron stared at his father with a not-so-intelligent expression on his face and Harry was shocked - to say the least.

From all he had learned about Grindelwald, he must have been an equally evil wizard as Lord Voldemort. And now - Arthur Weasley - the kindest man he new besides Dumbledore and maybe Hagrid - was son of such a devil?

Because none of the Weasley family seemed to be able to say anything, Harry asked what came into his mind first: "Why?" Not a very intelligent question, but it was the only thing he could think of.

Arthur/Ardegeon smiled weakly at his sons best friend: "Do you want to ask me why I am telling you all this right now - or why I didn't tell my own family before?

Harry stated flatly: "Both - and more."

"First of all, I'm Arthur Weasley now and I have left my past behind since my fathers death.. You have to understand that I spent my first 25 years as an heir to darkness. I wasn't even at school, my father himself taught me all he thought I should know. So I became a master of the dark arts and learned to loath and hate everything regarding - like my father called it - lower wizarding families and Mudbloods. Not even to speak of Muggles. Ant at first I became what my father wanted me to be - merciless, powerful, feared… I never doubted that nothing mattered more than the purity of blood and power. I became a killer in my fathers name."

Harry heard Molly gasping, but Arthur/Ardegeon continued as if needing to tell it, as if he *had* to tell someone (As shocked as Harry was by the thought of Mr Weasley as a dark wizard, he realized that the man must have been carrying around a lot of guilt and that it must have been a terrible secret to hide such a past)

"It went on for nearly 10 years. Then I met... My father had slaves and one day he brought home a Mugglegirl - Celina." Rons father gulped again. "I had learned to use everyones weaknesses for my own pleasure.And it was the same with this girl. I forced myself upon her like I had done with many before - a cruel and brutal rapist.

She never complained, she never begged. She was beaten and abused, not only by me, but by my fathers - and my - followers as well - and she never complained. She never cried in front of us. That was the first special thing about her that I noticed - that this Muggle - a weak girl - who I had learned from my early childhood on to loath for being weak and worthless - that she never gave up a kind of pride, of dignity.

I couldn't loath someone who was that strong. No matter how often I used the Cruciatus on her or how often I violated her - she always remained calm and tried not to show her fear, although she flinched away from my touches. After a while I stopped beating her. I had never had doubts before - but now I simply didn't see the point to hurt her. I never had real friends, and I began to see her as one. And she... she was a miracle, because after I had only talked to her for months, she had already forgiven everything.

She argued, she tried to convince me of the wrongness of my prejudices. I had never found it necessary - or even adequate - to speak with a Muggle, an inferior creature, only created to serve the wizarding community. But she surprised me with her cleverness, and her instinctive understanding. She had never been in contact with the wizarding community before her enslavement - let alone an aristocrathic wizarding family - but she understood why I was the way I was..

It was really a miracle, but she understood everything. And this way, she changed my view of life. She asked me when she didn't understand something, and often I had to answer "I don't know" It was then that I began to doubt the believes my father had taught me. I would lie if I told you that I stopped feeling superior, but she made me think about things I had learned and never doubted.

Never had I had a real friend, only companions who feared and sometimes hated me - mostly lower rank aristorcraths who admired my father and wanted to be noticed by him as my *best friends*. Celina became my confident, my only real friend and even my lover. She even forgave me that I had been her torturer once.

When I was with her, I could forget that I was the son of my father, that I was a dark wizard, an heir to darkness. When we were alone, we could almost forget that I was Master and she slave - I a pureblood that had the reputation of killing every Muggle who had the misfortune to cross my path and she a Muggle who should have hated me for all I had done and what I represented.

It went on for one year.

Then my father found out. I never learned how - but he did and I guess it was one of my *friends* who was happy to have a medium to gain my fathers attention. He punished me, called her a filthy Mugglewhore and that he was disgusted. And than he killed her in front of me."

A pained expression stood on Mr Weasleys face and he seemed unable to speak any more.

Molly Weasley looked at her husband with desbelieve and horror, she opened her mouth and closed it again, not bringing out a word. Ron coughed and stared at his father with blank eyes, he also remained silent - a sign how shocked he was - because that was not a very common behaviour for Ron. Dumbledore looked at Harry, not saying a word. It was again Harry, who said something: "Your... Your own father murdered the girl you loved?"

Arthur/Ardegeon nodded and then added in a very low voice: " He killed her because he saw her as a threat. He saw that I treated her inadequately well - I mean, I didn't treat her like an equal, but I didn't hurt her anymore and I trusted and respected her. It was still a far way from my former behaviour to the way I am now - I still thought of her as a Muggle-slave, property without own rights - but I had began to understand that she was a human being - and that she was not the stupid - nearly-animal-like creatures my father had made me believe Muggles were.

And after she was killed, I ... I sort of broke down. I think that I only then really understood what she'd been to me. Suddenly I saw - saw for the first time really - that my father had to be wrong about Muggles, pure blood and the superiority of wizards."

Here he stopped and closed his eyes. Molly Weasley, although in shock, hugged him and comforted him while Ron and Harry stared at them helplessly.

Dumbledore, who had only listened until know, began to speak: "I guess, I should continue, I am sure Arthur won't mind."

Mr Weasley shook his head slightly and Dumbledore began: " I was still a transfiguration teacher at this time and one day I found a person in my office who I had never thought that he would come to me. The son of my worst enemy stood in front of me and begged me to help him, to change his life. I was suspicious, to say the least, and I only believed him after he agreed to prove his honesty under Veritaserum.

Of course, "Dumbledore smiled gently at Mr Weasley, "He was honest, and he offered me his help. he would help me with any information he held, if I only would grant him the opportunity of a new beginning. He assured me that he would do all he could to help me destroying his father - if only I helped him to find a new life - without dark arts, without tortures, rape and hate." Dumbledore paused again "And shortly said, I agreed, and due to information his own son had given me, I was able to defeat Lord Artemis of Grindelwald."

Here Arthur Weasley cut in again: "Afterwards I asked Albus to keep his part of the deal. I let him change my appearance, let him cast a complex memory charm which wiped away my knowledge of the dark arts and he arranged a new identity and found a job for me." He hesitated: "I wanted to be anything but what I was before - nothing what my father had wanted me to be. I had a very different appearance then, dark hair and pitch-black eyes - and in my new life I wanted to change everything, even that.

But the most important thing for me was that I wanted not to be part of the aristocrathy any more. My father hated Muggles and so did I - before Celina. I decided that you should only hate people you know - not because you don't know them. So I began to learn about the Muggle world. I tried to leave behind everything my father had represented.

One year I spent hidden at Hogwarts, trying to learn everyhing about Light Magic, something I hadn't been trained in too well. Albus made a suggestion for which I will be grateful for all eternity. He said that I should not only leave my dark past behind but also my time. So that I'd be able to begin again, without the risk of being identified by one of my fathers former followers. Of course, I don't think anyone would have recogneized Arthur Weasley, the Mugglelover for Ardegeon de Grindelwald, Prince of Darkness.

But Albus saw a clear as he does always, that I would have to leave not only my former believes and surroundings, but also the time I lived in, if I wanted ever to gain a bit of peace. After I agreed, Albus sent me forth in time - 50 years. I began to work at the ministry and met Molly. I tried hard to forget all about my past. I never told her anything."

He looked at his wife apolegetically: "I wanted to forget the shadows of my past. I wanted my wife to remain innocent and my children free of the darkness that overshadowed my soul since I could think. I wanted a futur - a Light future - for you, Molly, and our children." He again paused: "But now - someone must have found out that I am an aristocrath - by seeing our family name in the registry I think - if I understand Albus correctly." Dumbledore nodded with a sad expression: "Yes, I am afraid this is the case."

Arthur breathed deeply, clearly hesitant to ask what he had to: "Albus..., what has happened exactly? Who... who is it? Who has claimed his rights on my daughter?"

Molly let out a startled scream, but he ignored her completely and looked at Dumbledore, who answered admirably calm:" It is Lord Malfoy, Arthur. Malfoy has claimed your daughter as his wife."

This was too much for Mrs Weasley. She sank down and Ron and Harry caught her just in time to prevent her from falling. Harry looked at the man he had known as 'Arthur Weasley' for years.

The man had a look in his eyes that terrified him - the usual warmth had vanished, giving place for coldness, anger and sheer *power*.

Harry shuddered.

He recogneiced this expression. he had seen it in blood red eyes.

And never would he have thought to see it one day in Arthur Weasleys eyes.