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Jack regarded the ship through his spyglass. "She'll be no trouble at all - compared to us she's practically unarmed..."

"Good." Ana Maria came to stand by his side, and leaned out over the ocean. "Let's board her, then. We need fresh food and we can take whatever they're-"

"We're a long way from England, love," Jack reminded her, still squinting through his glass. "Likely as not they've got nothing much left by now. Although we may as well board and see, right?" He put away the spyglass and grinned. "Run up that British flag we got the other day."

"Why bother?" As usual, Ana Maria failed to see the potential for fun. "They'll recognize the ship anyway. We might as well just hoist the jolly roger and fire on them."

Jack gave in with a theatrical sigh, and at the sight of the skull and crossbones, the other ship panicked and sent up a white flag of truce.

Ana Maria was disgusted. "That was too easy. They call themselves men?" She spat on the deck, but Jack wasn't paying attention.

He was smiling a private little smile as they approached their prey. Ana Maria wondered what the devil he was up to, but contained her curiosity, since it was a well-known fact that the fastest way to find out the captain's plan was not to ask.

He allowed a few of the enemy's officers to come aboard the Pearl and negotiate. "Oh, goodness!" Jack exclaimed, eyes widening in badly-mimicked surprise. He put his hand over his heart as though to stave off an attack of shock. "If it isn't my old friend Commodore Norrington. What a treat...."
To Be Continued (later today).

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