Ride Of Your Life

Summary: Rogue gets paired up with Pietro for a class project about marriage. Living under one roof with someone you don't like isn't easy. Little did they know, something really interesting might happen, especially when you really don't hate them.

Couplings: Mainly Rietro. Maybe a bit of Lancitty

Author's Notes: I just thought this up at 10pm. Forgive me if it kinda sucks. And the title is John Gregory's song, "Ride Of Your Life". It's really a good song. This story's title should originally be "Sweetest Sin" based on Jessica Simpson's song. But I changed it to this.

Chapter One – The Project

Rogue's POV

            "Rogue and Pietro" the teacher read out of the two papers in his hands

            "WHAT!?" they both yelled in unison

            "I can't be paired up with her" Pietro said, glaring towards my way

            "Shut it Maximoff" I glared back

            "Settle down. This is a class project about marriage. The two of you will be living inside a cabin in the mountains with a bed, a kitchen and whatever is inside. You will go by your "husband's" surname" he said, pointing out to the girls, "And you, guys…must know how to treat a lady with respect. A list of rules will be announced soon in your designated area"

            "Do we have to cuddle or something?" a girl asked, "I mean, it is snowing and we probably need that guy's comfort"

            "If you want to, fine"

            "Okay" the girl and her friends giggled together

            "The bus will leave tomorrow at 8am. So everybody should be here by 7:30. Is that clear?"

            Everyone nodded and the bell soon rang. Everyone filed out of the classroom and went home. Kitty caught up with me.

            "Man Rogue. I can't believe you like, got paired up with Pietro" she said

            "Yeah. At least you got someone you can cooperate with" I said glancing at Lance who was talking to Pietro

            "It's not like, that bad Rogue. Maybe you two can like, be friends"

            "Meh? Ah can never be friends with Maximoff" I said

            "Oops. Lance's calling me. He's driving me home. Wanna come?"

            "Nah. I'm going with Scott"

            "Alright. Meet you back at the Institute!" Kitty called out and waved at me

            I found Scott at the parking lot and sat at the back seat. Jean, obviously was at the passenger seat and beside me was Kurt and Evan. Jean buckled her seatbelt and Scott took off, driving back to the Institute. We saw Lance's jeep just outside the gate, dropping Kitty off.

            "Bye Lance. See you tomorrow" Kitty said, smiling at him

            "Bye Pretty Kitty" he said and drove off

            The gates opened but Kitty just phased through it just before we got there. I jumped out of the car immediately when Scott parked it inside the garage. I ran inside with Kitty to pack my stuff for tomorrow. I threw a bunch of clothes in my duffel bag, my pajamas, underwear of course, winter wear and two jackets.

            I packed my shoes and placed them in a separate bag along with other stuff like my Discman and a bunch of CD's. Kitty was happily packing her stuff. I could tell she was really excited about this project.

            "Does the professor know about this?" I asked Kitty

            "He like, knows everything" Kitty answered me without looking up from the packing she's doing. Just then, the Professor sent a message to us in our head.

            [Have fun in your trip tomorrow. And be careful]

            "See?" Kitty said after the telepathist's message

            I finished packing and so was Kitty. It was already dinnertime and the both of us went downstairs to the dining room. I sat beside Kurt and Kitty.

            "Are you two ready for your trip tomorrow?" Storm asked us

            "Like, totally!" Kitty cheered

            "She probably got Lance" Bobby whispered

            "Rogue?" Storm motioned for me to answer

            "Ah don't know what's the point for this project. And Ah don't like who Ah got paired up with" I said

            "Who?" the whole table asked, except for the Professor

            "Pietro Maximoff"

            "WHAT!?" the whole table jumped in the air, except for some of the new recruits

            "Rogue! You're coming home immediately if he hurts you!" Scott said

            "Scott's right." Jean said, agreeing to Scott's statement

            "Don't like, worry about Rogue, Jean. She's got Pietro wrapped in her little finger" Kitty said, winking at my direction. I didn't know what she was talking about. But, I would probably top Speedy. If I don't, then…oh well. I'll just have to find out tomorrow.

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