Ride Of Your Life

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Chapter Sixteen – With All My Heart

            Magneto was at his hiding place with his henchmen standing in a line in front of him. He looked at each one of them unsurely. He looked down at the paper in his hands. Written on the paper were the names of the Acolytes. Sabretooth's and Mastermind's name were crossed out on his list with a red marker. Magneto looked at St. John Allerdyce with doubt. He shook his head; took his red marker and crossed him out of the list. Now, all he has left was Colossus and the lady-killer, Remy LeBeau or Gambit. Magneto once again looked down at his paper and crossed out Colossus' name.

            "Alright," he crumpled the paper and threw it inside the trashcan beside him, "Remy, I want you to watch over Pietro and Rogue even though I've disowned him"

            "De' Cajun won't let y' down" he grinned

Pietro's POV

            I carried Rogue in my arms while I ran back to the Institute; passing through the gates. I stepped in front of the door and knocked. The door was opened by Kitty.

            "Thank God. Everyone was like, worried about her" she said, "Is she unconscious!?"

            "Yeah. It must be from the rain. She's been out there too long. And she has a cold coming"

            "You've been there out longer than her. Why weren't you unconscious?" Scott said gruffly, standing beside Kitty at the doorway

            "It's not my fault I ate Vitamin C" I smirked

            "Scott, this is not the right time to fight with Pietro. Let the guy in" Jean said from inside.

            Scott frowned and stepped aside. Kitty opened the door wider for me to get inside. The place was in perfect shape except for some stuff like the roof and the floor. Then, the professor wheeled himself in.

            "Nice to have you back Pietro with Rogue safe…er…in your arms"

            "Yeah. So, where's her room? She's still soaking wet"

            "Kitty will take you there"

            "C'mon. It's this way" Kitty said

            Kitty headed for the stairs and I followed her. An array of brown doors was on each side when Kitty suddenly phased through a door near at the end of the hall. I coughed and soon the door opened.

            "Oops. My bad. I forgot you were there" Kitty said, closing the door behind her, "Her bed's by the window. I'm gonna get some hot chocolate. Be right back"

            I watched Kitty phase through the floor. I shrugged and walked towards Rogue's bed and placed her gently on it. I took the blanket and covered her with it. Kitty came back, phasing through the door again. She handed one mug to me and the other mug for Rogue, on the bedside table.

            "You really love her don't you?" Kitty said, crouching beside me

            "With all my heart" I answered

            Hours passed and soon, nightfall came. Kitty was fast asleep and I still stayed beside Rogue. I'm not leaving until she wakes up. The whole Institute was asleep, considering it was already 11pm. Unknowingly, Logan, Hank and the Professor were still awake and passing by the room.

            "Shouldn't we transfer Rogue to the med lab?" Hank suggested

            "The real question is, is Speedy gonna leave?" Logan asked gruffly in a whisper

            "Yes Hank, we should transfer to the med lab. And Logan, I don't think Pietro will leave until Rogue wakes up" Charles said, wheeling himself inside the room

            I turned around and saw the adults inside.

            "Good evening Pietro" Charles greeted

            I nodded my head at them.

            "We were thinking that Rogue should be transferred to the med lab. You can stay there and you may stay here as long as you want"

            I smiled and thanked him. I could see that Logan wanted to protest but he just left it there. I turned to Rogue and lifted her off the bed. I looked down at her sleeping face while walking downstairs. I leaned and kissed her on the forehead. I was hoping she'd wake up, but still…no progress. I placed her on the white bed and sat down on the chair Hank gave me. I stayed beside her throughout the night, holding her hand.

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