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To a foreigner, reading English is equal to a big trouble that looking up dictionaries all the time, not to speak of composing. But at last, I've made it.=)

Is my writing a poem or a prose, I can't figure it out. It's a translation of the Chinese edition. I used Chinese to write this classical Chinese poem first (The original is there: e seems can't post Chinese, so I post the translated edition here. I know my English may be terrible, so if you have any criticism (or advice, scolding, mocking... anything is okay!) please use Review to tell me, ok?

PS. Could someone please tell me how to post exotic language? I have failed for 8 times..._...

In the Embrace of Lullaby

by Linden Hikari

In the midnight sleepness threw me away. No one else could I see beside my leaned.
Only soundless shade of the dimming light, cast its coldness on my face.
The fiber of my gown has all been soaked. Sweat or tears, is hard to divide.
Memories of our springtime comes to me, incongruously at this deserted day. How could I sleep and put them away?

Both my beloved ones had been far away, smiling at me only in the fake dreamland.
That sadness cut into the depth of me, nothing but just like the sharpest knife.
Ah, how sad! My beloved darling son, I wonder if you slept peacefully this night?
How I wished I could catch the mere warmth of the shining moon, weaving it a quilt for you.

Around me are all droughty blocks. I cannot count how may a decade have I imprisoned in.
So much emotions in the past had all become half-cut sentences.
The vast is sky, could you highness please accept me a prayer? Showing your marvelous power, protect my son and his father.
As for my dying body, just let it rot into dust.

For so long a time haven't I put any makeup on, and my hair is unkempt as well.
Gaunt fingertips touched the chords, the sound is lonely and weak.
I silently prayed in my heart. You brave melody, please don't be afraid of any hardship on your way.
Wishing you would skim through all expanses, till to the ear side, of my dearest son...

(C)Linden Hikari 2003

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(C) Linden Hikari

In the Embrace of Lullaby
Akazukin Chacha
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