On Mount Olympus, in the land of the gods, a most sensitive, yet invisible power struggle was taking place. The gods, whom had only recently overthrown the oppressive regime of their titan parents and Cronus, were in the process of discovering that it was easier to fight against with weapons against a defined enemy, than to fight against your previously allied friends.
Zeus, who had commandeered the rebellion, and his two brothers Hades and Poseidon drew straws as to who would get rulership of the various domains. Zeus drew the rulership of Olympus and the gods, while Hades drew command of the dead and Poseidon the oceans and seas of the world.

"Hades, what did I tell you about killing LIVE people"? , bellowed angry Zeus, "I told you that although you rule the dead, that your not the bringer of death! This is the fourth doctor you have killed this week!"
"They were trying to heal the dying, there is no point of being the god of the dead if nobody dies!"
"Hundreds of people die everyday, and if the population increases, which it will if Hera does her job correctly, then you will get even more! So don't go using that excuse that is not going to work for me. Maybe you can even bribe Mars to start a war or two for you.", he said wearily. Living in the land of the gods and being ruler over everything was not all it was cut out to be, especially with all these arguments he was having with his brother.
"But Zeus, you don't understand. I want a grand palace, human spirits aren't nearly as strong after they die, humans and their weak wills are usually only a fifth or less of their living strength. Therefore you would naturally need five times or more spirits to complete the same amount of work as a living person. Maybe if I had a god or two down there." Hades wandered off in mid-sentence as his greedy, supernatural brain raced with all the possibilities. "NO, NO, AND NO! Humans however frail and weak are just as sentient, living and thinking as we are. They have their families, and loved ones to tend to. Not to mention their own dreams and aspirations. They deserve good long lives, especially seeing as they are going to be spending eternity with you after they die!" , Roared Zeus, while experiencing regret for saving his brother from being eaten by their father.
"Fine then I'll have the best palace, better than all the gods.even YOU!" the little brother replied as he hurriedly tried to retreat from the lightning bolt he was expecting after provoking Zeus. Just because they were god didn't exclude them from competing and having pointless arguments.