Title: Truths

Author: Orilon

Rating: R for bad language

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Spoilers: none

Distribution: If you want it, take it and let me know where.

Disclaimer: Every thing from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Summary: Sequel of sorts to These Boots. Xander regrets his actions. Xander POV

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Damn, it. What have I done? I kicked out the only person, err vampire, that really loved me. I was pissed when I saw him with Willow, so the anger was in control when I threw him into the sunlight and told him to stay out. And listened to Willow when she said that he "raped" her many times the night before. However, later on, I over heard Willow talking to Buffy and she said that she had done what Buffy had asked her and gotten me and Spike apart.

Seems that the damn slayer wasn't too happy about us being together and if she tried to do anything, we would see right through it as jealousy. She had been very vocal about not liking us together and Willow had been supportive of us being together. Or so I thought. The bitch had been playing along with Buffy the whole time. When Buffy had given her the word, Willow did a seduction spell on Spike to make him "rape" her and I walked in on it. And like I was supposed to, I kicked him out.

Completely disgusted with myself, I walk over to his crypt to try and talk to him.

"Spike?" I ask as I look around the dark, hoping he's here.

"Wha? Come to yell at me more?" I followed the voice to the bad looking vampire in the corner.

"No. Listen to me for a minute please." I say, hoping he'll listen.

"I'm sorry I kicked you out. I over heard Willow and Buffy talking and she put a spell on you to break us up because neither of them are too happy with us being together" I say.

"Don't mean it." He mumbles looking at the floor.

I walk over and left his chin with my finger. My heart hurts looking into the stormy blue eyes.

"I do mean it. I know that it wasn't your fault." I say looking him in the eyes.

I can't help it, I just have to kiss him. As I place a chaste kiss on his lips, I wonder why I kicked him out. Insecurities, I guess. I was insecure in my relationship with him and the girls were able to exploit those insecurities.

It's been slow going but we've been able to rebuild past the relationship we had before.