Captive Entanglements

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Authors Notes: Rated R due to possible slash content and violence. I have been having some formatting problems, so if this comes out crazy bear with me.

In no way related to "Past Reflections." Takes place in Season One.

The Better of Two Options

"Are you out of your mind?"

"Don't be so dramatic, Mister Harper. You have two choices. Pick one." Dylan sighed in exasperation at his engineer's childish antics.

"Dramatic? Dramatic? You have not seen me be dramatic yet. You want me to either voluntarily attack a swarm of Magog headed in our direction aboard the Andromeda, or along with Tyr Anastazi, try to convince a bunch of Sabra-Jaguar to join your Commonwealth. I will ask you again. Are you out of your flipping mind?"

"You are well aware of the logistics involved. We have a scheduled rendezvous with the Nietzscheans. A representative from the Andromeda must be there. How can we hope to convince them of our strength when no one shows up to meet them?"

"How about… no." Harper sneered pacing the machine shop restlessly. "I've got a better idea, how about we let the Magog at them and solve half of the universes problem in one fell swoop."

"Mister Harper!" Dylan exclaimed, shocked at Harper's blasé attitude towards killing so many people. "That will be quite enough. I understand that you do not particularly like Nietzscheism as a whole, but you will have to eventually put your differences aside once they join the charter."

"If they join the charter." Harper pointed out stubbornly.

"That is why this meeting is so very important." Dylan acknowledged, ignoring Harper's eye roll with difficulty. He had a hard enough time keeping himself from barking at the annoying engineer in the best of circumstances. This conversation was taking all of his considerable patience to get through. "I figured since Tyr and yourself are familiar with the Nietzschean's of this time you two would be the best suited for this particular mission."

"I thought you said I had a choice." Harper grumbled discontentedly.

"Would you rather handle the Magog?" Dylan asked innocently. "If that is the case I would be more than happy to accompany Tyr and leave you on the Andromeda."

Harper thought quickly, calculating the probability and outcomes of various possible scenarios, while carefully keeping his face expressionless. Although Harper often proclaimed his genius egotistically whenever he single-handedly got the crew out of a jam, the truth was not far off. Harper possessed a keen intellect often overlooked due to his small physical stature. His loud, often obnoxious personality often camouflaged his cunning and keen wit.

The two choices before him currently were his worst fears come to life. On Earth he was constantly under the tyrannical thumb of Nietzsche an oppressors, as well as terrorized by Magog raids. The first two decades of his existence were one constant fight to survive against uphill odds, constantly vigilant for hidden dangers.

His mother was killed brutally by a Nietzschean search party that raided their small home as Harper watched from his hiding place in a small cupboard across the room. Soon thereafter his uncle and two cousins were infested by Magog, leaving Harper to kill them and burn their bodies before the Magog infested inside of them could hatch. From there, along with his cousin Brendan, Harper was responsible for multiple attacks on Nietzschean run compounds and hunting parties.

Needless to say he had no love-loss for either Nietzscheans or Magog as a whole. Although he was currently a friend with a reformed Wayist monk who happened to be a Magog, as well as a crewmate of a Nietzschean, Harper had not let his guard down much in front of the former, nor totally trusted the latter.

When it came to a decision between Nietzscheans and Magog, Harper needed to carefully consider his options before making any decision. He finally decided that he could control and escape more easily from the Nietzscheans than the Magog. After all, the Magog were little more than ravaging beasts and Harper had little hope of talking his way out from under their claws. He had dealt with Nietzscheans all his life however, and was no stranger to their convoluted thinking patterns. If it came down to it Harper trusted his own ingenuity to get him out of trouble, rather than the Kodiak that would be accompanying him.

"Very well. When do Tyr and I leave?" Harper asked in a subdued manner, not able to shake the premonition of failure that haunted him suddenly.