Captive Entanglements 45/?

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In no way related to "Past Reflections." Takes place in Season One.

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Waking Up to a New Old Life

Harper woke up snuggled against Tyr's front, his legs intertwined with the Nietzschean's and his groin snug against Tyr's muscled thigh.

"Mmmm." Harper murmured, licking the closest part of Tyr's skin he could reach. This happened to be his earlobe. For once Harper felt relaxed and comfortable in Tyr's arms, maybe it was finally telling Tyr about what happened or just realizing that Tyr seemed to care about him without even having his memories, but either way Harper felt too good at the moment to worry about such things as fear and uncertainty. "'S nice."

"May I hope to wake up to your tongue in my ear every morning?" Tyr asked as he tightened his grip on Harper's back and moved his still-pinned thigh enticingly. "Or is this a mere fit of fancy?"

"Umm…" Harper was momentarily stumped. "Not to ruin the mood, but why are you taking this so well? I mean if the old you was in this position I'm thinking there would be broken bones and blood involved."

Tyr was silent, thoughtful, for a long moment. He continued to stoke the spiky blonde hair under his fingers, but otherwise remained in silent contemplation.

"Much can be learned when watching others in battle. For the last days I have been … wary of my welcome aboard this ship. The relationships forged seemed too intimate for my liking. I am not a man prone to overly emotional displays, so when I was welcomed so whole-heartedly by all of you, I thought you were less sincere then you seemed."

"Well, besides Dylan, who is exactly as sincere as he seems, the rest of us have our own agendas. Don't romanticize us too much, Big Guy." Harper felt forced to interject, lest Tyr get the wrong impression.

"As it should be, but you miss my point. Up until I lost my memories, everyone known to me was solely concerned with themselves. If their goals should coincide with my own that was all well then, but they would never put my welfare above their own. This crew however seemed unaware of their own trusting and giving nature, and even when faced with your own demons made flesh, you were always a step behind me watching my flank."

"Well I wouldn't want you to die at this late date." Harper mumbled into Tyr's shoulder, hiding his overheated face. "I'm just beginning to grow fond of you."

"As am I."

"I don't need your pity." Harper snarled moving to get up, not expecting Tyr to haul him bodily back across the bed so that the engineer lay underneath six feet six inches of imposing Nietzschean, who was currently glaring furiously. Now normally Harper would be frightened, but the heat of Tyr's gaze traveled straight to 'Little Seamus' and bypassed his brain altogether. "You've only known me for days, so do not try to tell me that you love me, because I won't believe you. I wasn't born yesterday, Big Guy."

"You are right, I don't love you." Tyr answered back matter-of-factly, ignoring it as Harper's face fell in disappointment carefully hidden. "However, I believe I could grow to over time. There is a fire in you that I find myself helpless to resist."

"Tyr, I'm already yours, there is no need for the sweet talk."

"It is the truth." Tyr asserted, closing the space between them. "And as for that foolish comment about pity…does this feel like pity to you, Seamus?"

Tyr's breath blew across Harper's open lips causing him to shiver at the maddening sensation. Before he could answer Tyr's lips fit over his and his mouth was forced open by a very persistent tongue doing it's best to explore every centimeter of his own. Tyr made hot passionate love to his mouth, copying his thrusts with his body so that their lower halves were aligned perfectly through silk pajamas and cotton trousers. Tyr tore his lips from Harper gasping as if he had just played a full game of Go with Dylan. Looking down into dazed eyes, Tyr smiled triumphantly.

"Holy hell." Harper murmured looking thoroughly gob smacked as he blinked up at Tyr, who looked far too smug for Harper's piece of mind. "About that ear licking… Perhaps we can negotiate a compromise."

Tyr seemed curious so Harper gathered his courage with both hands and continued.

"If you promise to kiss me like that as often as possible, I think I can promise to wake you up in new and creative ways in the mornings."

Harper spoke in one long breath, his words running together in he nervousness.

"If you are sure?" Tyr asked cautiously, yet hopefully, as this was the first outright invitation he had been given. Harper nodded slightly and had to catch his breath as Tyr smiled joyously in response. "Well then, I am sure that can be arranged."

Before anything too intimate began, Andromeda engaged the privacy lock on their quarters and informed Dylan that Harper and Tyr would be a few hours late for their shift. They arrived three hours later looking ruffled and generally well-shagged, and although no comments were made, money was seen exchanging hands at odd intervals.