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Chibi Zayla speaking. I was sitting in my room thinking about school since it is around the corner. As I'm thinking I realize that..well, school sucks. And so I'm thinking and thinking about how much it sucks-then I think "Wow, fingers don't fing." Okay, that didn't have anything to do with anything, but I'm bored...and this boredom is what leads to my new fic. Wouldn't it be great to go to school with your favorite anime characters? Well, here's your chance. That's right, now you can go to school with the Yu Yu Hakusho gang. The scenario is as follows:

Yuske sat at his bed with his hands behind his head. Next to him, on his desk mahogany desk chair, sat Kurama. He held his hands in his lap and glanced around the spirit detective's room. It was a small room, plain andsimple, though giving off a nice, pleasant look. There was the bed Yusuke sat at, draped with white covers, a desk with a lamp and chair, the same one Kurama was occupying, the wooden floor, which Kuwabara used as a seat, and the window. On the window ledge sat Hiei, a frown plastered on his small frame. He was growing annoyed with the meetings held at the ningen-kai. Kuwabara tinkered around with a pen he found on the floor. He was bored, to say the least. And Yusuke? Yusuke was mad.

"Where the hell is Botan? She waks me up so early in the morning claiming that we have meeting and then when I finally get dressed you guys get here late and Botan dissapears!"

"Shut up, Urmeshi. She did the same to me."

"Could it be a new mission? Do you think?" asked Kurama.

"I wouldn't put it past 'em. Meetings always lead to new missions." responded Yusuke. He had his eyes closed when he spoke so it was a surprise to him when the book Kuwabara threw smacked him in the face. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!"

"We just finished our last mission a day ago! Can't they give us a break? As leader you should to tell them that!" Yusuke rolled his eyes while proceeding to throw the book at Kuwabara. He in turn caught it, grinning from ear to ear. Yusuke snorted.

"You know that ain't my decision, baka. And besides," he threw his pillow at Kuwabara, which hit its target, "if we get a new mission we have to take it. Whether we wanna or not."

"Baka ningen. They should learn to deal with their own problems themselves. I'm tired of protecting them." The voice was flat, with no feeling whatsoever. Kurama sighed at Hiei's response.

"Hiei, if we didn't solve the cases then ningen-kai would suffer greatly. Demons would roam about, terrorizing and harming the innocent. Would you like that?"

"Do you really need me to answer that?" Kurama sweat dropped. Just then a blue haired girl riding on an oar appeared behind the window. She waved at Hiei to let her in, but Hiei stayed motionless.

"Hey, isn't that Botan?" asked Kuwabara. Yusuke nodded.

"Will you let her in already, Hiei?!" He grumbled before complying. Botan climbed in. There was a huffing and growling somewhere by Botan. There was a POP and soon smoke. It cleared out and from within it appeared Koenma, sporting his teen form. He greeted the others with a "Yo".

"Wow, so the great Koenma decideds to grace us with his presence. So what's up, toddler?"

"Watch it, Yusuke," said Koenma. He clapped his hands together. "There is a new mission for you. Well, actually, it's not a new mission...persay. I thought it best if I could keep an eye on you so, as the new school year starts, you will all be classmates. He received wide eyed stares.

"WHAT?!" they all yelled.


And that is how it starts. So, if you wanna participate just follow these simple rules:

1) Send me your info in E-MAIL, not review. The E-MAIL adress is: Shinigami . Don't send it to the hotmail one, please.

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Anything else of importance:

Oh, and one more thing: NO You Cannot Have Hiei...because....because...-_-;;; Ah, the classmates so far are:





Yoko Kurama...later







Kuwabara's friends..I know they're names..I think

And others.

Because these people will be there I'm thinking of making it in the Ma-kai..but why would the Rekai Tantei go to school there? Anyone got anh ideas? And if it does get to the Makai then you can all be demons if you so wish...but that's until I fugure it out...Ja ne!