Hermione dropped down on her bed after a long day of study and classes.  Being a sixth year turned out to be just as complicated as the previous years, doubled.  After receiving seven O.W.L.s Hermione decided to pursue all the classes she'd achieved O.W.L.s in, with the hopes of getting N.E.W.T.s in her seventh year.

            After lying there for a few moments Hermione picked herself up and went to one of the three vanities in the room she shared with the other two female prefects.  She looked at herself in the mirror.  She looked tired, she felt tired.  Hermione pulled open the drawer to retrieve her brush to give her hair a good comb through before she went to bed.  It was only then, after having this same vanity for a year, that she realized there was a compartment in the drawer that she'd never noticed before…a secret compartment. 

            Hermione pushed on the back of the drawer and the entire bottom of the drawer flipped up to reveal a two inch area to hide things, and hide things it did.  There was a leather bound book covered in years of dust nestled in the hiding spot.

            Hermione pulled it out and brushed the cover clean.  There were no words across the cover.  As soon as she opened it a letter fell onto Hermione's lap.  Unfolding the brittle paper Hermione's eyes scanned the note.


Keep this for me please.  I don't want Narcissa to find it.  Thanks.

Your friend,


            "Lily?  Lily Potter maybe." Hermione questioned aloud, to herself.  Then she turned her attention back to the yellowed pages.  Across the front page was picture and, in smooth neat penmanship, under the picture were the words:  Bethany Spence, Hogwarts Slytherin.

            Hermione furrowed her brow, "A Slytherin."  She studied the picture of the Bethany.  She was casually looking around in the picture with a prim picture smile on her face.  Her eyes were clear and honest.  Her face was surrounded by a mane of pretty bouncy curls that looked dark in the black and white picture.

            Hermione got up and cross the room again, back to her bed.  There she got comfortable under the covers and began to read…

Monday September 13, 1976

Today was quite possibly the most trying of my life.  I met Narcissa Black and she decided to take me under her blackened wing.  A thought that makes me shutter, but you don't cross a Black or you might not have a head the next week.  Either way, that's here nor there.  Most would jump at the opportunity at being on Sissy's good side; but me, I think it's a bit late to be making friends.  Six years at Hogwarts and she brings me to her group now in her last year, something's going on…

            Hermione's mind began to wonder, and she could imagine the scene as Bethany described it in great detail…

            "Where have you been?" Narcissa looked up to Bethany who made to pass the group of seventh year Slytherin girls in the Great Hall for lunch.

            "Yeah Beth, we've got Transfiguration next.  What have you got?"  Bellatrix, a beautiful medium sized girl, batted her eyelashes at Bethany.

            Bethany, taking the cue, sat aside Narcissa, "I'm going to have Muggle Studies, then Potions."  Her eyes darted up to a dark, greasy seventh year sitting across from her named Severus Snape.  His eyes only left his book for a moment before he cleared his throat and went back to reading. 

            Narcissa eyed Severus disgusted for a moment and then nodded, "You're better off than us, though that awful woman who teaches Potions can be trying, at best."

            Bellatrix laughed, "Yeah, McGonagall's a trip, she hates us so I hate Potions."

            Bethany sighed, "I know.  Dumbledore's not so bad though.  I wouldn't mind having Transfiguration this afternoon."

            "Are you kidding?" Bellatrix snorted, "He's given me detention three times already and schools only been in for twelve days.  Headmaster or not, I hate him.  He shouldn't be teaching anyway, mother says so, he should be tending only to his duties as Headmaster."

            Bethany watched Bellatrix for a moment before she said, "But there'd be no one to teach Transfiguration."

            "He should get somebody to teach it."  Bellatrix sneered.

            "McGonagall wants to teach it, but Dumbledore can't find a Potions Master, so she has to stay teaching Potions until Dumbledore can get a qualified Potions teacher."  Narcissa explained matter-of-factly, then she smiled.  "So we're already planning our first Hogsmeade weekend."

            "Ewwww," Bellatrix cooed, "will you be meeting 'Luscious' Malfoy there?"

            "Stop," Narcissa waved a hand, and if Bethany didn't know better she'd say that Narcissa blushed. 

            Bellatrix did not stop she turned to Bethany, "Have you seen him?  Grrrr, tie me to a tree and-"

            Severus cleared his throat and slapped his book shut standing abruptly, "Excuse me."  With that he turned and darted off down the table.

            "He likes you," Narcissa said plainly then turned to Bethany.

            "What?" Bethany frowned.

            "It's true," Bellatrix smiled maliciously.  "He stares at you whenever he can.  He probably doesn't like to hear you taking part in all this guy talk.  Which brings us back to yummy Mr. Malfoy."

            "Stop," Narcissa barked and Bellatrix fell silent.  "He's my boyfriend and I don't have any desire to hear what you've got to say about tree tying and shagging my man."

            "Is your boyfriend a student here?" Bethany asked.

            "No," Narcissa shook her head, but raise her voice an octave pretending to sound important, "He was a student here.  Lucius graduated four years ago."

            "I see," Bethany smiled.

            "Well don't you like boys?" Bellatrix pushed, "With all this guy talk you've got to have one who's attracted your attention."

            Bethany shrugged, "Not really."  When she received several surprised stares she added, "Too many to choose from."

            "As long as it's not that creepy Snape guy," Bellatrix stuck out her tongue.

            Bethany smiled, "No, not that creepy Snape guy."

            "Come on ladies, lets take this discussion outside," Narcissa said.

Narcissa is the ringleader, whatever she says we do.

            "So Sissy," Bellatrix said, "will 'Luscious'…I mean…Lucius be there?"

            Narcissa sighed a happy sigh, swinging her pretty blonde hair over her shoulder.  Her blue eyes danced in the sunlight under the huge tree that over hung the lake.  "Yes."

            "So why are we planning anything?  Won't you want us to scram?" Bellatrix asked.

            "Well, yes…that's the plan," Narcissa smiled.

            "GET IT!"  Shouted a voice then three guys tumbled into the trio of females.  One knocked Narcissa to the ground and another tripped over Bellatrix.  The third missed Bethany by inches as she leapt out of the way.

            "Got it!" A dark haired, handsome seventh year Gryffindor pushed his glasses up on his nose. 

James Potter.  Lily's boyfriend.  I like Lily she's always been kind to me, she's the kind of friend I want.  I've always been a loner, a studier.  My friends graduated last year, and now I'm trying to find my way again…but I'm afraid I've found my way in the wrong direction.

            Narcissa leapt to her feet and gave the boy who tackled her a good hard slap across the face.  "How dare you!"

He was a handsome boy too.  Dark hair and daring eyes.  Charisma that screamed arched out from him in all directions.

            He smiled at Narcissa when she slapped him, "Thanks Narcissa."

            She gritted her teeth, "Sirius you try my patience."

            "I take that as a compliment."  He bowed to the angry girl at his toes.

            "Wait until I tell your mother what you've become."

            "Go ahead," Sirius leaned over close to Narcissa's face.  His own face lost some of its charm with his angry expression.  "Let's see if I can make this plain enough for you.  I. Don't. Care."

            Bethany went to the pudgy fallen boy at Bellatrix's feet and helped him up.  He was staring out of two beady eyes at Sirius and Narcissa.  James had also fallen back to watch, though occasionally he would ruffle his hair.

            "Sirius!" A fourth boy arrived aside Lily Evans.  He quickly grabbed Sirius arm and pulled him back a few inches.

One Remus Lupin was the fourth who arrived.  Not as handsome as James or Sirius but quite the looker otherwise.  He had a rugged look about him and a wisdom that seemed to exude from him beyond his seventeen, or so, years.

            "Narcissa," Remus said, "I'm sorry.  Sirius wasn't paying attention.  He was trying to catch the snitch."

            "You three chase the snitch…on your feet?" Bellatrix sneered as though this were the most ridiculous thing she'd ever heard.

            James held up the golden item, the wings of it beating fiercely trying to get free.  "I got it."

            "You always get it," the short, round boy said.

Peter Pettigrew, he's a tag-a-long.  It's obvious to any on looker but James, Sirius, and Remus are good people.  They help poor Peter.

            Remus glanced over at Bellatrix then to Bethany, "My apologize.  It won't happen again."

            Bethany nodded and opened her mouth to speak but Narcissa got there first, "It better not!"

            "Let me go Remus," Sirius said.

            "Don't let him go," James told Remus.

            "Let me go," Sirius said in regular intervals of breath.

            "Come on," Remus told Sirius.

            Narcissa gave Sirius, who hadn't taken his eyes off his cousin, a fleeting triumphant smile.

            Peter scooted nervously around behind Remus.  It was evident that he was afraid of the girls so he took refuge at the back of his group of friends.

            "Come on mate," James said.  "It's not worth it."

            "You mean she's not worth it!" Sirius spat at Narcissa.

            Narcissa just laughed mockingly, "You've got it backwards my dear Sirius."

            Sirius jerked free from Remus's grasp and stalked off in the other direction.

            Narcissa turned her attention to Remus.  Remus shook his head and turned to leave, followed by James, Lily, and Peter.  But as they left the three girls heard Peter say, "Slytherin girls are prettier than Gryffindor girls, present company excluded of course."  When he received no response he said, "Right?"

            "Yeah Pete, but looks can kill," Remus responded, and that was the last thing the girls heard.

            Hermione jumped as Ginny Weasley, the new fifth year prefect, walked in.

            "Hey Hermione," Ginny smiled.

            "Hello Ginny," Hermione said slipping the journal under her sheets.

            "What are you doing up here all alone?"

            "Trying to get some rest," Hermione smiled weakly.

            Ginny nodded, "I understand.  Will you be staying up here for the rest of the night then?"

            "Yes," Hermione nodded.

            Ginny nodded and turned to leave.  As soon as Hermione was alone again she pulled the leather notebook back out and turned the pages to where she was. 

This concludes my first entry.

Wednesday September 15, 1976

            Hermione was lulled back into the events in the journal.

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