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Rose: Hiei

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::Jack and Rose's First 'Date'::

Walking along the deck on a brightly lit morning, Kurama and Hiei talked mostly of Kurama's past. Hiei was intrigued, but Kurama wanted to know more about him.

"Well, Hiei, we walked about a mile around this boat, chewing over how great the weather's been, how I grew up, but I reckon that's not why you came to talk to me, is it?" He eyed Hiei with sharp jade eyes, as Hiei spat out words.

"Ku....What's your name again?"


"....Kurama, I want to thank you for what you did, though it was stupid. I am thanking you not only just for pulling me back, but for your discretion." Looking through him, Hiei turned to face the man who had saved his life the previous night. He looked rather awkward, the crimson haired one named Kurama. He wore slacks, a dark auburn color, and a white button down shirt with two buttons sloppily undone. Suspenders and unpolished boots finished off his attire. He looked ridiculous in Hiei's eyes, such a street rat. He was foolishly kind, and that's what he found amusing.

"You're welcome." Kurama replied with a boyish grin.

Hiei stopped, looking over the railing and into the ocean that almost swallowed him the night before. "I know you what you must be thinking." He paused, looked up at Kurama. "Poor little, rich demon, but what does he know about misery..."

Shaking his head, Kurama smiled a bit. "No. No, that's not what I was thinking. What I was thinking is what could have happened to his demon boy to make him think he had no way out." These words stunned Hiei as he thought quickly to respond.

" was everything. It was my whole world, and the people in it, and the people in it...such morons..." Taking off a white headband placed on his forehead, he revealed a third eye, a third eye that intrigued Kurama.

"Interesting..." Was all he could get out as he looked upon it. The eye glowed with an eerie glow the danced in Kurama's eyes.

"500 invitations have been sent out. All of Makai's society will be there and all the while, I'm giving hints that I don't want to marry her, and no one hears me..."

"Do you love her?"


"Do you love her?"

"You're being very rude!"

"It's a simple question. Do you love her or not?"

"It's none of your damn business!!"

"What can't you just answer the question?"
'This is bullshit! You don't know me and I don't know you, and it's none of your business! You're annoying, a nutcase!" Forcefully sticking out his hand, Kurama shook it, almost grinning. "Kuruma, Kurumi, whatever. Goodbye! I did my thanking and..."

"And, you insulted me."

"You deserved it."



They still shook hands, Kurama's grin widening. "I thought you were leaving..." His boyish accent consuming his voice.

"I am!" He snarled. "You are so annoying." A self realization popped into the youkai's head. "Wait...this is my part of the ship! You leave!"

Laughing a short and hearty laugh, the red head smirked. "Well, well, now who's being rude?"

Hiei looked to Kurama, seeing he held something under his left arm. Grabbing it fiercely, Hiei took what looked like a sketch pad, flipping through the first couple pages. "What is this stupid thing you carry around? So, what are you, an artist or something?" Each drawing was delicately sketched in a dull, dark pencil, each curve defined with mystique, smooth lines. Hiei's eyes widened at the sly beauty. "So, what are you, an artist or something?" He flipped through the pages, his crimson eyes tracing over every delicate line. "These are pretty good....pretty damn good."

The redhead chuckled. "They didn't think that much in the Spirit World."

"Spirit World?" The ebony hair man questioned, a baffled and perplexed look on his face. "You do get around for a hum-" He paused, the word remained unfinished.

"Go on, a human, you can say it."

"And, these are from real life experiences?" He looked over the drawings again, noticing a common theme. Each elegant picture was of a man in nothing more then a rose. He cocked an eyebrow, looking over at Kurama, who nodded happily.

"That's the good thing about the Spirit World, lots of people willing to take their clothes off."

Hiei pointed out a man with long, shimmering black hair that carelessly slung over his slender shoulders. The man wore a silver mask, covering his facial area. He looked very fragile, a porcelain doll of a man with a beauty unmatched. "You like this guy." He stated, pointing to the man in the picture with nothing more then a rose covering his assets. "You used him several times."

"He had nice, long hair." Kurama simply said, a smile on his face.

Hiei snickered, a grin swept across him. "I think you like him..." He enjoyed that fact that Kurama was slightly blushing.

"No, no, no." He said quickly, grinning about forgotten memories. "Just with his hair. He had a thing with bombs...wouldn't get near him."

Hiei flipped through a few more pages, coming upon a beautiful sketch of a woman, her hand tightly wrapped around chalice, filled to the rim with alcohol of some sort. She had very delicate skin from how the shading showed, and her hair seemed very airy, yet flat. Hiei curiously pointed to the picture, Kurama lighting a cigarette. He smiled, blowing out smoke.

"See that? That's my mother. After my dad died, she would go to the bar every night wearing every piece of jewelry she owned." He took a long drag, the wind carrying the smoke off into the clean air. "Love that woman to death..."

"You have a talent...You see people for what they are..." The demon grinned, closing the book softly and handing it back to him. The ningen smiled softly, speaking in a soft whisper.

"I see you."

His eyes lit up. "And...?"

Kurama seemed to giggle, taking one last drag on his smoke, grinning sheepishly. "You wouldn't have jumped." The sun remained high in the sky, basking the two in glorious light, light untouched by hatred, but filled with love.