Lucius' Rule: A Prison Of Mind And Emotion

By Nina (aka Lostinthought 37)


The night was cold and dark as the wind slashed terribly at his arms and face. His progression was a slow one full of anger, bitter, and sadness. All hope had ended that day with the death of Dumbledore and Potter and if he did not make it to the house soon he would surely die himself. Running then walking. Walking then staggering. Staggering then falling. Falling into the darkness. All hope was lost.


He had known the minute, the second, the millisecond, he had come onto the grounds. He had been waiting for it, expecting it, everyday since the war had begun. He had told him so long ago and the man needed him now more then ever.

'It's only a matter of time till you come to me. We will not loose this war.'

'I can't it's too late for that now Lucius. I chose my side and I will live with the consequences of that choice.'

'I'll be seeing you soon then Severus.'

'God I hope not!'

He had refused him then like he always had but now he would have his way and he loved having his way. With a near smile he placed upon his face as his finger moved slowly over the little dot that showed Snape's position. He would have everything he wanted. Everything.

"Father." The voice startled him. He had not seen the beautiful young man enter the room or gaze upon his father in both confusion and fansination. He had not heard the boy move slowly across the room or felt him against the small of his back as he gazed down at the paper in his hands. Or even noticed that the young boy was smiling as well as he said the words.

"Yes Draco."

"Will Snape be staying with us then?"

"I believe so."

"I'll go and get the house elf."

"You do that."

Lucius smirked yet another pet to add to his collection.

"Draco," he called after his son who stopped obediently in his step.

"Yes father," he asked shakingly and his father came up to him placing his strong hand on the back of his neck.

"Remember who owns you son," he whispered biting lightly on the tips of his ear. Taking in the taste into his mouth.

"Yes, father," he said barely managing to holding back his physical response to the actions taken to one of the more sensitive areas of his body. "May I go now."

"Very well," he said leaning into a hard kiss moving his tongue only slightly into the mouth the boy, just enough for a taste. "I'll see you later this evening."

"Yes father."

And with that he walked off his body shaking very slightly with fear. Just the way Lucius liked him.