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It was a nice Saturday evening and Kagome was excited too because she just received something incredible. She just received 5 tickets to go on a cruise and knew exactly who she would invite. She jumped into the well and time traveled to the feudal era. When she came out of the well she was yelling so loudly that the birds left the trees and ran at full speed to Kaede's hut. There she found Sango, Miroku, and Shippo.
"Welcome back Lady Kagome how was your trip?" Miroku said
"Hey Kagome how ya doin? Sango asked and Shippo jumped into her arms.
"Oh my god you guys I have the best news in the world to tell you, but first where's Inuyasha?" she asked

"I'm right here," he said in his usual tone "What's the good news that you're so anxious to tell us."

"Oh well you all know how hard we've been fighting for the jewel shards and none of us really get a real bread, so I got these. She pulled out five tickets that said, "Welcome to Paradise."

Sango and Miroku started to dance and cheer in circles yelling "YAY WE GET A VACATION!!"

Shippo also started to dance and yell " I GET TO GO TO KAGOME'S TIME! YAY!

"Yeah that's right Shippo-chan and Kirara gets to come too but she's considered a pet." Kagome explained.

Kirara meowed

Everyone then turned to Inuyasha who just sat there and said "Feh."

Suddenly all the dancing stopped the cheering stopped and silence came along with all eyes on Inuyasha.

Sango said, "So Inuyasha you don't want a nice fun ROMANTIC trip with Kagome-chan?!?"

"SANGO" Kagome shouted, "Inuyasha come with us it'll be fun and relaxing for everyone," Kagome started to beg Inuyasha sweat dropped but didn't want to give in to her puppy eyes and said, "You guys go and have fun and take someone in replace of me I don't wanna go on a stupid trip!"

Kagome felt sad but she didn't show it

"Well if Lady Kagome can't persuade him to go lets take somebody else." Miroku said smiling evilly

"What're you smiling about you letch?" Inuyasha barked

"Oh nothing just thought we should invite.Kouga if you don't want to go.

So Kagome has someone to talk to since me and Sango will be all tied-up." Miroku said perverted

*WHACK* Sango just smacked Miroku and she was deep crimson
Inuyasha had a nerve popping out of his forehead anime style and said, "Feh, I'll go then."

"YAY! Really Inuyasha thank you so much." Then gave Inuyasha a big bear hug and left him blushing.

"Okay the trip is in 3 days but I thought we should get settled in my time and we all need to go shopping for clothes and bathing suits." Miroku was smiling and drooling in the same time

"Okay!" they all said excitedly but the Inu.

They bid farewell for now and they all jumped into the well traveling through time again.

*Kagome's Time*

When they got to Kagome's time it was already sunset and they all climbed out of the well. Everyone except Kagome and Inuyasha wowed for like 15 minutes. Then Kagome finally moved them over to the house and again everybody moved.

"Hi mom we're all here." Kagome yelled through the house

"Oh." Mrs. Higurashi said. "Well Welcome. Kagome said you guys are taking a vacation."

"Um, mom this is Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara."

"Oh hi" and she seemed that she forgot to do something and ran to Inuyasha and rubbed his ears.

"Okay lets make sleeping arrangements" Mrs. Higurashi stated. "Sango, Kirara, Shippo, and Miroku you guys can have the guest bedroom. I'll get the futon." They blushed.

Then Kagome said, "Um mom! Where are me and Inuyasha supposed to sleep?" she asked dumbly

Mrs. H. turned around surprised Kagome would ask such a question and said, "Well I assumed that you guys were going to sleep in your bed together. I mean it's not anything new." As she said this she walked to the kitchen and started making dinner.

Kagome and Inuyasha were in deep blush of crimson.

Sango and Miroku slid over to the two in anime style. "SO..." They both said.

Kagome interrupted them by yelling, "NOTHING HAPPENED!"

"They all backed away and finally she said, "Me, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara are sleeping in my room and you two sleep in the guest room."

Sango sighed in relief

Miroku said, "Dang it."

*WHACK* "Get your head out the gutter." They all yelled

"Haha!" he said with 3 very large bumps on his head.

By the time everything was settled it was already dinner and Mrs. Higurashi made Kagome's favorite oden along with meat, ramen, and both chocolate and strawberry shortcake.

Everybody was drooling at the scent and they all pigged in just as bad as Inuyasha. (Now that's bad.)

*In Kagome's room*

It was Kagome and Sango because Shippo and Kirara were playing downstairs with Kagome's little brother.

Sango turned to Kagome's desk and she noticed a picture frame of her, Kagome, Inuyasha, Miroku, Kirara, and Shippo and on top of the picture frame it said Best Friends Forever. Then next to that picture she noticed another picture of Kagome and Inuyasha.

"Oh my god!" Sango said, "I remember this day it was so fun."

"Yeah." Kagome said picking it up and she had a flashback


It was a nice day outside and for the first time she finally remembered to bring a camera.

She noticed a villager walking by and she asked him, "Could you be so kind to push this button when I count to three?"

"Yes anything for the young miko." "Thanks."

After that picture was taken Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara went for a walk leaving Kagome and Inuyasha to themselves. Kagome was taking pictures of Kaede and other villagers, but she had one more film left and knew exactly what she was going to take.

She asked another villager to take a picture on the count of three and she went behind Inuyasha who knew exactly what was going on even though he pretended not to. "Okay one.two." Inuyasha had jumped behind her and put his arms around his waist and catching her by surprise she was so shocked that by the time she said three she was still smiling. So it turned out to be a really good picture making them look like a couple.

End of Flashback

"Aww." Sango said

Now they were just talking about the usual girl gossip of Miroku and Inuyasha. Then Sango remembered something and said, "So when did you and Inuyasha share this one person bed?" she asked in a Miroku plan

"Well." Kagome blushed

"You have to tell me." Sango yelled excited

"Okay I'll tell you." Kagome said. "It was."

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