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That night as Kagome cried on Sango, they thought of a good idea why not go all out and have a nice and fun sleepover but coed right. Sango got two pillows and got a sobbing Kagome up, she looked up and got a wicked smile on her face. They opened the door to the next room and watched the two boys sit there and talk about their love life.

"So you think Sango likes it better if I don't act so perverted?" Miroku asked dumbfounded

"Miroku do you really want me to answer that?"

Miroku was thinking about this. "Miroku do you even like Sango or what, do you just pretend because you want to."

"Do what you and Kagome were about to you know I heard."

"Shut up this is serious."

"Okay look I do like Sango, but I can't be serious because right now with all this Naraku stuff going on, and I don't know if I can be true to her. Out of all the girls I only really like Sango, and she's the one I want to bear my children."

Inuyasha had nothing to say just sat there and said, "HAHAHA!!"

"What's so funny?"

"Just that I never knew you had such a sensitive side."

"Well I am a monk."

"HAHAHAHA." They both laughed at that one.

At the door the girls whispered "One.Two.Three.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH."

They went into the room Kagome attacked Inuyasha and Sango attacked Miroku the bopped them on their heads over and over even Inuyasha eventually fell to the ground. Miroku was thinking the whole time 'why is she beating me'

Inuyasha got up and attacked Kagome (not literally) he was cracking up and jumped on her and tackled her to the bed. He was on top of her while she was sprawled.

"So what do you call this game?" he asked

"It's called a pillow fight"

"OH" he said

He then got up and took a pillow, now Miroku was trying to dodge Sango's attacks but he was no match for a demon slayer. He grabbed a pillow and they had an all out battle for who knows how long. Eventually someone came knocking on their door asking what all the noise was about.

They felt embarrassed like little kids arguing and acting dumb.

Inuyasha grabbed Kagome bridal style and thought to ask her now to join her for dinner. He said "So Kagome how about you and me dinner together by ourselves."

She blinked and said, "What"

"Me and you a little nice dinner in here. What do you think tomorrow at 8:00? I know the perfect place."

"Okay, long as the bathroom incident doesn't happen again."

"HAHA! Yea okay."

Miroku and Sango heard this and looked at each other rubbing their hands together.

The next day Inuyasha and Miroku went to the store he didn't know what really to do, but the only person he could turn to was Miroku ((). Miroku told him that he should get her a little present but not something all that big and great. He said maybe he should get her a necklace that was a locket with a heart that would be very cute and romantic, but not off the charts. He bought her a necklace that had a heart on it and it opened up and said "Together Forever"

It was beautiful.

That night Inuyasha knocked on Kagome's door. When she opened it Inuyasha was in awe he didn't know what to say she was so pretty. She had on a pink sundress that went above her knees and it was backless and she had on a matching purse with flip- flops.

Inuyasha was just looking sexy. (He could be wearing w/e you want him to be. Even nothing. Lol)

He had one arm behind his back and revealed to Kagome a dozen white roses. Kagome blushed then she said thank you. Inuyasha put one arm around Kagome's waist and another on top of her eyes as he walked her outside showing her where they were going to eat.

It was the most magnificent sight ever. Inuyasha picked the most magnificent spot of all. You could see all the stars and the full moon. It was a table set for two a table with candles and the napkins folded all so pretty.

He took his hands off of her eyes, she was in shock she couldn't believe that he did this all for her. (Oh yea don't ask how he got the money. He could've robbed somebody or found it or just think of your own reason.) He pulled back the chair for her as Miroku taught him to. They sat down looking into one another's eyes for a long time.

Kagome finally said, "Inuyasha what made you think of doing this today?"

That was caught by surprise. He said, "Because I want to show you exactly how I feel for you. Me and Miroku heard you guys talking of how you liked me but you didn't think I felt the same way for you, I thought that this would be a perfect way to show you how I feel."

Kagome blushed she was thinking ' I wonder what else he heard'

"Well this was very nice of you Inuyasha." She said.

"Oh that's not all either, of course I had to be a gentleman and buy you something." He pulled out the necklace from his pocket and got up out of his seat and put it on her neck for her. It was perfect it looked wonderful. She looked at it and saw it said "Together Forever".

She started to cry and said, "This is so beautiful thank you Inuyasha I don't know how I'll ever repay you."

"You don't have to."

They had a beautiful dinner. Well the table wasn't exactly what you call clean after Inuyasha got through with all of his food. Inuyasha and Kagome talked about old times and had so much fun. At the end of the night before he took Kagome out they sat at the top of the ship thanks to Inuyasha's jumping and Inuyasha had another surprise for her he had a little picnic spot just for them. With a blanket they laid together, and stared at the stars. She laid on his chest which stuck out.

She said, "Inuyasha after the jewel is complete what do you think will happen? Do you still want to be a full fledged demon?"

"Hmm.in the past couple of months that I've been with you and Sango and the gang the more I realized I have friends that care for me no matter what form I'm in. Also if I eat the jewel and become a demon than you would think of a bunch of excuses to stay in your time since we're not looking for it. So I think I'll stay a half demon I mean I'm as strong as 2 really strong demons."

"Hmm. That's a good answer."

"Oh yea Kagome another reason why I don't want to be a demon is because I like myself how I am especially when I'm with you. You don't care if I was a purple demon or what. So wherever you are is where I want to be."

"Inuyasha.I don't know about you being a purple demon but the rest is so sweet." She laughed

They were talking about when they first met and how Inuyasha wanted to kill her at first and how he used to only think of her as a jewel detector.

"Hey Inuyasha don't you think you and I have gotten a lot more closer than when we first met?"

"Oh yea a lot more. Because now you're more than a jewel detector or a double now you're someone I think as special."

With that Kagome kissed Inuyasha and they kissed under the moonlight night forever.

What the two didn't know was that Sango and Miroku were learning how to use a camcorder and they were video taping the whole thing.

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