AN: This is just a bit extra cause Bosco and Faith wouldn't leave me alone.

Bosco wanted to go home. He wanted to shower but instead he sat on the hood of his car and waited for the brass. His partner appeared besides him.

" Good work Bosco."

Good work. Funny, he'd left the army for several reasons one of them being he was beginning to think that there were better jobs out there. Better work days then creeping up behind young men and slitting their throats. Then shooting women only trying to protect their fallen loved ones.

" What?" Defensive now, like he always is with her. Scared that she'll work out what he is and have nothing to do with him. For her to leave was too scary a though to contemplate. When he didn't think that there was sanity in him left, she would say something and bring him back. If she left, if she was gone then so was he.

" You saved a lot of people today Bos. You focus on that. You saved a lot of people."

He killed a man. It wasn't the first. It wouldn't be the last.

" I covered his mouth so he couldn't scream." A whisper, a statement to Faith? A statement made for himself?

" Habit." Answered by himself. He looked up at her, her eyes sought his.

" It was like riding a fucking bike." He spat out. Suddenly angry at how easy his task had been.

" You were well trained." He wasn't trained, he was made. And by the best.

" I've got blood on my hands." He did and not just from this night.

" You want some water?"

He shook his head,

" There isn't enough in the world. "