You only know what you've been taught. You'll never stop til' you get caught. You control the future and it's looking bleak. Seems like we're headed for another losing streak.


Kagome Higurashi tilted her head back to gaze at the ever-darkening sky. A few bright stars twinkled in anticipation of the night ahead. Inuyasha was leaning on a nearby tree sporting a scowl, most likely due to the new set of wounds he had received. Sango was poking absentmindedly at the fire, Miroku was sitting nearby gazing at her dreamily and Shippo was sleeping on a now full-sized Kirara.


And the fire's burning bright And still we act like everything's all right "I guess if we ignore it, it'll probably go away." If you believe that bullshit please see exhibit a.


Sighing, Kagome lowered her head once again glancing at the nearby hanyou. She could tell he was hurting. The last fight they had was not an easy one, and it took a toll on everyone in the group.

The effect wasn't only physical but also mental. Naraku had crossed paths with them once again, and this time the future wasn't looking too bright. Charging into the fight as usual, Inuyasha was soon struck down by one of Naraku's tentacles. The tentacle had nearly gone right through his heart, which would have meant the end for him.

Everyone was uncharacteristically silent, especially Inuyasha. Kagome had reason to think that he was with Kikyo last night, despite his injuries. The look in his eyes confirmed it as she took yet another peek at him.


Forget about friendship, hey! Let's destroy the enemy. Well if there's one thing that I've learned My enemies are just as close to me.


Suddenly, Kagome couldn't help but get angry at everything...... Angry at Kikyo for wanting to take Inuyasha to hell with her.... Angry at Inuyasha for being thickheaded enough to love a dead woman..... Angry at school, which she was failing because she was absent so often..... and finally angry at Naraku for causing most of it. Inuyasha shifted uncomfortably, wincing at the pain from his chest.


You keep your problems deep inside. You always play that game of run and hide. Even though they told you to see is to believe, It didn't take you long to know that looks they can deceive.


Knowing that things probably weren't going to change, Kagome's heart was filled with a deep dread. It was a fear, a fear that they wouldn't collect the shards in time, a fear that Naraku would kill them all. She shuddered, trying to shake the feeling off. Kagome got up silently and walked away from camp.

"Oi... wench, where do you think you're going." Inuyasha called from behind her.

"I don't know." She said and kept walking. It was true, she had no idea where she was going.

Suddenly remembering the last verse of a song she once heard, she sang it quietly into the surrounding night.

Don't give up fighting 'til nothing else stands in your way. Don't give up talking until there's nothing left to say But no matter what you do. Don't ever compromise what you believe.

Everything was in her way, but there wasn't anything left to say. The song confirmed her fear.

"Oi," Inuyasha had caught up with Kagome.

"Go back to camp, you shouldn't be up with those wounds." She said angrily.

"Urusei. (shut up) You shouldn't be out here either, come back to camp." Inuyasha urged.

"What does it matter?" Kagome laughed bitterly. "I'm going to die sometime soon anyway, why not make it sooner?"

"Baka, we have to complete the jewel first." Inuyasha snapped.

"Yeah? What if we don't? Never considered that before huh." Kagome was near tears. "And anyway, why should you care when you go running of with Kikyo every night. You'd think by now you'd have her finding shards for you."

Inuyasha found himself speechless. How did Kagome know about his meeting with Kikyo?

"You didn't hide your absence very well. And I can tell by the loving look in your eyes that you have seen her recently." Kagome spat, her tears were getting harder and harder to fight.

"A- Ano...." Inuyasha stuttered stupidly.

"No explanation necessary. Why should I care anyway, right?" Kagome paused to look at Inuyasha, but she was really questioning herself. "Right? I shouldn't care, I DON'T care!" Tears were now forming rivers over her beautiful face.

"Kagome....." Inuyasha whispered.

"Chikuso..... Doshite? Doshite no?" (Damn... Why? What's happening?) She cried. Suddenly, she couldn't control her emotions at all. "I don't..... I don't care....." She whispered.

"Kagome, snap out of it!" Inuyasha slapped her.

She gasped and clutched her face where his hand had made contact. 'Why did I hit her?'

Kagome just sighed deeply. "Just leave me alone." Her tears had ceased and she just sat, clutching her knees tightly. Her eyes were blank and her voice was quite and monotonous.

"Daijoubu ka?" Inuyasha knelt down in front of her. Her eyes did not move, they kept staring off into who knows where. It looked to Inuyasha as if she did not acknowledge his presence at all.

~Inside Kagome's Mind~

I don't care right? I don't....

Yes, I do. Who am I kidding? Of course I care if he goes running off with that.... that... woman. I admitted it to myself that day with Ayumi, Yuka and Eri in Wacdonalds... that I love him. Chikuso..... why does my heart have to be so stupid! Baka yaro....


Kagome just got up from the ground and walked silently away. She couldn't stop the lonely tear that glistened as it slowly made it's way down her pale cheek.

"Chotto!" Inuyasha choked after her. He was still attempting to get caught up on what was happening and was quite confused at the moment. "Kagome.... She..... she just wanted to take me to hell, and I said I didn't want to!"

"Baka itte'n na yo!" (Don't talk shit!) Kagome spat. "Why are you sittin' here teasing me when you could spend some quality time with some clay pot?"

"Baka yamerou yo!" (Don't be such an idiot!) Inuyasha was starting to understand why Kagome was so upset. "I don't...."

"Gomen ne..... for being an idiot, for being such a lousy partner, for breaking the jewel, and finally, I am sorry for getting in the way of you and Kikyo." Kagome's voice got progressively quieter, but Inuyasha's demon hearing caught it all.

"Kagome! I was just about to say that I don't love Kikyo! It's just hard for me to get over her just like that you know?" Inuyasha snapped his fingers as he said 'like that' "For me, the time from when she fastened me to a tree to when you awakened me was like nothing. In my mind, it was a few moments between each of those events. The betrayal was still fresh in my heart, even if it was false love, it take time to get over something like that!"

Silence. "Inu.....yasha?" Kagome whispered. "Gomen..... I didn't know....."


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