Losing Streak Chapter 2: Forgotten Love

Inuyasha took one of her pale hands in his own and squeezed it gently.

"I never wanted to hurt you Kagome. I never meant any harm....." Inuyasha's normally hard eyes were distant, yet loving at the same time. The look puzzled Kagome.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Kagome asked uncomfortably.

"I am looking at you like this, because I love you, Kagome." Inuyasha's gaze did not waver as he spoke the forbidden, poisonous words. Those three words that can make or break someone.

Kagome let out a little gasp, all the words she wanted to say stayed in her throat, building up into a knot that settled and stayed there. They were left to an eerie silence.

Finally, she untangled the knot and coughed out three words. The words seemed out of place, yet they were right. "I love you." Just as the words escaped her lips, Inuyasha's silver hair began to disappear and was replaced by deep black; his cute puppy ears grew into regular human ones. Lastly, his yellow eyes transformed into two violet orbs.

Silence. Inuyasha winced, doubling over in pain. His wounds had gotten the better of his human form.

"Inuyasha?! Daijobu?!" Kagome said frantically, rushing to his side.

"Hai..... Gomen." He coughed and collapsed limply against a tree. As if Kagome hadn't cried enough already, she shed some more tears onto his haori while she held him tightly.



Back at camp, Sango was starting to get worried about the pair's prolonged absence. Miroku seemed to have noticed too, as he sent a few worried glances in the direction they had both disappeared.

"Think we should go check on them?" Sango offered. Miroku turned to look at her thoughtfully.

"I suppose we should, we wouldn't want Inuyasha to do anything he regretted." Miroku grinned widely, earning him a talk with hiraikotsu.

"I'm serious Miroku, they might be hurt." Sango glared at him. "Well, I think we should go look for them, it's been a while since they left.

After waking up a very cranky kitsune and particularly miffed firecat, they were off on their search. The four traveled on Kirara for more efficient speed, hovering just above the tree tops for a good look at the forest floor. Sango caught a patch of red out of the corner of her eye and her head snapped back to search for the source. Sure enough, there laid Inuyasha, with Kagome- with Kagome- laying on top of him?!

'Perhaps the houshi wasn't as wrong as I might have thought!' She smiled to herself, turning Kirara to go towards the two.

Landing on the ground lightly, the group of three dismounted the firecat and slowly approached the slumbering forms. They all gasped as they saw Inuyasha in his human form and quickly looked up at the sky to see no moon. Sango noted tear stains on Kagome pale cheeks and blood all down the front of her 'school uniform' as she liked to call it.

'Inuyasha's wounds.....' Sango gasped at her realization, causing Miroku to shoot a questioning glance in her direction.

"Check to see if he's alive." Sango ordered, Miroku didn't think twice about his instructions, he knelt down and put a hand on Inuyasha's wrist to check for a pulse.

"Yup, he's alive, just out cold." Miroku stood back up as Sango reached down and shook Kagome awake.

"Inu..... Yasha.....?" She mumbled heavily, her eyes fluttering open. When her vision focused, she gasped. Blood. Inuyasha's blood.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome tried to shake him awake, but to no avail. She spun around to face Sango and Miroku. "He changed into his human form and then passed out! I didn't mean to go to sleep!"

Sango smiled. "It's ok, Kagome. He's still alive."

"Why isn't he moving..... It's all my fault! I shouldn't have fallen asleep!" Kagome was frantic, her normally easy breathing was heavy and offset. "It's all my fault."

Sango and Miroku didn't have time to worry about the frantic Kagome, they worked quickly lifting Inuyasha onto Kirara and climbing on themselves. Sango grabbed Kagome's hand and pulled her roughly on.


When they reached Kaede's Hut, they carried Inuyasha inside and laid him on the floor. Kaede didn't need an explanation, she got to work.

Kagome simply sat huddled in the corner sobbing uncontrollably. All she could think about were those three words Inuyasha said before he passed out. 'I love you.'

"Kagome-chan..... Daijobu?" Sango took a seat near Kagome's corner and looked at her worriedly.

No response.

"Kagome, everything's going to turn out ok." Sango soothed.

"No it won't." Kagome muttered through her tears. "I failed him. He lost so much blood Sango. I saw it on the ground. In his human form he can't heal."

"You didn't fail him Kagome." Sango held, oblivious to the confessions the two had made not long before.

"I did Sango. I failed him more then you'll ever know." At that, Kagome crawled over to the limp form of Inuyasha in the middle of the room and took his hand.

"Don't leave me." She whispered. "Don't leave me with this feeling, Inuyasha."

She laid down next to him and covered his cold body with her own, rubbing her face in his dark hair.

A week later, Kagome still clung to him like he clung onto life. Sango and Miroku had to feed her while she was sleeping to make her eat. Inuyasha's demon blood was still in low supply and his wounds were taking extra long to heal. He had woken up once.....

* "Inuyasha....." Kagome whispered as she saw his eyes flutter open.

"Where am I?" He rasped. "Is that you Kikyo?"

"No." Kagome said coldly, still refusing to let go of him. 'He's just hallucinating, he loves me.'

Inuyasha went back to sleep shortly after that. *

At that moment, 7 days after the incident when the sun was high and the birds were singing, Inuyasha woke up again.

Inuyasha coughed, and noted the warm weight that was on top of him. His eyes slowly cracked open to let the burning light in.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome squeaked, more than happy to hear her own name this time. "Aishiteru, Aishiteru, Aishiteru, Aishiteru, Aishiteru, Aishiteru......" Kagome sobbed into his red kimono over and over.

"Nani?" Inuyasha's voice was confused and lost. "You love me? Really....."

"Of course, don't you remember?" Kagome looked up with wet eyes to gaze at his confused face.

"Remember what?" Inuyasha tried to get up, but Kagome pushed him back down.

"You're not well. Go back to sleep. You'll remember if you get more sleep." Tears flowed freely down Kagome's face onto Inuyasha's neck.

"Remember what?" He repeated. "And did someone send a message to your hut or something? How did you know I was hurt?"

"My village? I was with you, you got your wounds from Naraku....."

"I thought I was attacked by a tiger demon....." Inuyasha pondered that for a moment before confirming it in his mind. It was a tiger demon. "I'm ok by the way, you can stop crying."

"Inuyasha..... Who am I?" Kagome looked straight into his eyes.

"I know who you are wench, I've known you since I was 3. You live in a hut just down the street. Your mother died a few years ago, about the same time mine did."

Kagome just gaped at him. This wasn't happening right? If she just pinched herself then she'd wake up. She pinched her leg. Nothing happened.

"So you love me eh?" Inuyasha was obviously insane in Kagome's mind. He would never speak of such things so freely.....

"You're not the Inuyasha I know and love." Kagome whispered before turning and passing through the door.

'What happened?' Kagome was in Inuyasha's forest crying into the breeze. 'He said he loves me..... and then he left me. It's all my fault too!'

"Kagome-chan..... Daijobu?" It was Sango. She had been sent by the others- with objections from the insane Inuyasha- to go and find her.

"What happened Sango-chan?" Kagome turned a teary face in the direction of the approaching figure.

"It's just some memory thing. It's ok, all we have to do is fill him in on how everything really is."

"Will he ever get his memory back?" Kagome asked.

"Most likely not....." Sango HAD to be truthful after all...

"No..... Stop it....." Kagome whispered into the fresh fall air, her tone of voice making the very trunks of the trees droop in sorrow.

"Is there something you want him to remember?" Sango-chan questioned suspiciously.

"He.... Told me..... that he loved me. And I said I love him too. He doesn't remember Sango! He doesn't remember anything! He thinks it's amusing that I'm in love with him." Kagome sobbed helplessly and hugged her legs.

"Kagome-chan....." Sango knelt down beside her and hugged the trembling form.

Nearby, Inuyasha listened with interest. 'Why is Kagome so sad?' And then the words of explanation escaped her lips. 'I told her that I loved her? But she's just a friend..... I thought she was kidding when she said she loved me....'




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