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The Flirt and the Rogue

by, Caliente

Chapter 1 – The New Guy

"I heard that he's French or something."

"Well, I, like, heard that he knows Storm and that she's why he's here."

"Honestly, ya two should be ashamed o' yo'self," a sassy Southern voice interrupted the two girls. Jubilation Lee or Jubilee and Katherine Pryde or Kitty looked up with guilty expressions. In front of them stood 17-year-old Rogue with her hands on her hips with an accusing look on her face. In the past year, she had grown a few inches and filled out nicely. Her naturally curly two-toned hair was in her face but it didn't hide her angry "death glare". "Talkin' 'bout the poor boy lahke he ain't even a person."

"T'anks fo' de suppor' chere (dear)," a new voice came from behind the Southerner. She whipped around with surprise and gasped as she caught a glimpse of red on black eyes. She immediately checked herself and casually studied the new boy. He had spiky longish auburn hair and angular features. He was tall and slender with clearly defined muscles. He noticed her studying him slightly and chuckled. "See somet'ing y' like petite (little one)?"

Normally Rogue might have blushed or stammered but something about this boy rubbed her the wrong way. The way he had been able to sneak up behind her so easily, the way his eyes seemed to hold laughter in them, the way he called her 'dear'. He was cocky and flirtatious and too confident. And she didn't like the way that Kitty and Jubilee were gaping at him. "Didn't ya momma eva teach ya not ta sneak up ladies? It ain't polite," she told him off sassily. Her glare was now directed at him.

The young man raised his hands up in a defeated motion. "Ey, no reason t' get angry mon cher (my dear)." He extended his hand out towards Rogue. "De name's Remy, Remy LeBeau."

Rogue rolled her eyes and reluctantly took his hand. "Ah'm Rogue." She gestured towards Jubilee and Kitty whose jaws were still hanging open. "An' the fly catchin' twins ova there are Jubilee an' Kitty. Nice ta meet ya Cajun."

Remy raised Rogue's hand to his lips and kissed her gloved hand. "Enchanté. (Enchanted.)"

Rogue once again rolled her eyes at him. "Whateva ya say Swamp Rat," Rogue responded pulling her hand away from the Cajun.

"Swamp Rat?" Remy inquired with a small smirk. "Y' already came up wit' a pet name fo' ol' Remy? Guess he betta be t'inkin' o' one fo' y' too. Remy t'inks chere will do fo' now."

Before Rogue could respond, Jubilee found her voice. "So, Remy is it? What's you're power?"

Remy turned toward the younger girl and smiled. "Remy blows stuff up petite. Technically he takes de potential energy o' an object an' converts it into kinetic energy."

"That's so cool!" Jubilee burst out. Then she covered her mouth and blushed slightly.

"Ya'll have ta excuse her," Rogue came to the rescue. "Sometimes her mouth works without her brain." Jubilee glared at Rogue but Rogue just smiled sweetly at the Asian girl.

A tall muscular boy with dark hair and a shorter boy with sandy brown hair entered the room. The shorter boy came up to Rogue and wrapped his arm protectively around her waist. Rogue pushed his arm off and gave him a look. He smiled at Remy but his smile definitely didn't reach his sharp blue eyes. The other boy sat next to Kitty on the couch that she and Jubilee were sharing. A slight blush tinged Kitty's cheeks and she smiled at the boy.

Rogue brought Remy's attention back to her. "That's Peter Rasputin and this is Bobby Drake-"

"Her…" Rogue gave him a sharp look. "…friend, and please, call me Iceman," Bobby interrupted shaking Remy's hand and freezing it slightly. (A/N: Like Bobby did to Logan in X2, gotta love the jealousy factor!)

"Well mon nom est (my name is) Remy LeBeau, but y' can call me Gambit." Remy smirked at Bobby.

"Come on Bobby," Rogue said dragging the still glaring boy away from Remy. "We have ta go ta the hanger for our pilotin' lessons. 'Member?"

"Right," Bobby said turning away from Gambit and following Rogue out of the room.

"So Remy, how old are you?" Jubilee asked hopefully.

"Too old fo' y', sorry petite," Remy responded with slight laughter. "Remy be almos' twenty."

"Nuts," Jubilee muttered. "Well, I guess we're all jailbait at the institute then. I mean, Rogue's just turned 17, me, Rhane, and Monet are 14, Amara and Tabitha or Tabby are 15, Meggan, Kitty, and Wanda are 16, Betsy's 17 though that doesn't stop 22 year old Warren from pursuing her," Jubilee spoke at a quick pace that and Remy watched her with curious interest.

"Jubes!" Kitty cried. "Like, getting a bit off topic, aren't we?"

"and the rest are even younger than me. Anybody who would be your age is in college," Jubilee concluded hastily. "They would be Emma Frost, Lorna, Danielle or Dani, Sarah, and Alison. But they're hardly ever around. Guess that kinda sucks for you."

Peter laughed while shaking his head. "Jubilee, must you say everyzing zat enters your mind?" Remy noticed that he spoke with a slight Russian accent.

"Um, yeah," she replied with a sheepish grin.

"So, are de Icicle and de Rogue an item?" Remy inquired with innocent eyes.

"Not anymore," Jubilee said quickly. "See, Bobby and Rogue were dating, but when Tabitha came to the institute, well…" Kitty glared at Jubilee silently begging her to stop talking. "…one day Rogue walked in on them making out."

"Why would he cheat on such a tres belle fille (very beautiful girl)?" Remy asked curiously.

"It, like, has to do with her powers," Kitty responded slowly. "She can't touch and, like, after he cheated on her, she told him that they could, like, totally, be friends but she wasn't going to date him anymore. Actually that she, like, wasn't going to date anymore, period."

"Dat's tres triste (very sad) and de Popsicle is un imbécile (a fool)." Remy glanced at his watch. "Oops. Gotta go meet wit' Professor Xavier mon amis (my friends)," Remy said grinning widely. "Remy be seein' y' later okay?" With a casual wave and a jovial grin he exited the room.

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