Chapter One

Just a little longer..

   She struggled against her own chest as she tried with all her power to inhale as much air as possible while she was still semi conscious. She could feel a cool sensation running down from her temple reaching all the way to her neck as the liquid gradually seeped into the collar of her white top. People from a fair distance were scrambling around her. She could feel it.

   Why didn't they come closer? Why were they remaining at the same distance all that time?

   The rain was getting heavier yet this did not bother her for it did not even register in her brain. Her neck. She could feel the immense pressure weighing upon her neck that even in her semi consciousness; she was unable to ignore it. More cool liquid were streaming down her face but it did not matter. Normally, she would have reacted to it, but being in this situation, she was in no place to choose her reactions.

   She wanted nothing more than to have the pressure and pain taken away from her. She would give anything to erase the agony. And without realization, her eyes were giving up on her. She was finally going to fall into the peaceful realm of slumber. Finally forgetting the pain.

   And just as she thought her consciousness was out of grasp, she felt a hand gripping onto hers. It was warm, much warmer than hers. It brought some kind of unknown comfort to her, and for that split second, she felt safe.  

   Before, she had tried to breath, but now, she was trying to open her eyes to meet the owner of the hand. Why is it so hard? Just open them. But no matter how hard she tried, it was to no avail. The hand was still clutching onto hers. She could feel the security it brought her. The hand gave her a somewhat reassuring squeeze and she was grateful she sensed it.

   She couldn't hold on much longer. She was simply too exhausted as her life energy was progressively draining from her. She couldn't even open her eyes. Once again, she was slipping back into unconsciousness. Her ears were starting to fail on her and so was her sense of feeling. The hand that once brought her comfort was no longer in her senses anymore.

   Just before she fell into the world of oblivion… she heard him…

   "Stay with me.."


   Each step of his was long and steady as he confidently strode out of his father's office. His stance was of one which gave off the impression 'Don't mess with me,' His cold blue eyes was a killer weapon if he wanted it to be, yet it was also one of his charms on women as he could melt the heart of the woman he desired. The hair. Unruly, untamable and sexy would be the must commonly used terms among his female acquaintances. Just like him.

   He heard his name being continuously cried out for by a very well respected man in Esthar, but he chose to ignore him, just like he always did. His footsteps echoed through the long wide halls as he was once again trying to escape his father's boring pointless lectures. But he knew better. Lecturing him was basically a mere attempt at starting a conversation with him, for lectures were the only ways to establish a 'proper' conversation with him.

   Choosing to ignore his cry outs, he kept walking until he was suddenly stopped by a smaller frame in front of him.

   "You shouldn't ignore him like that. He's your dad,"

   "I know he is, and he's also your dad, so what's your point," He knew what he said didn't really make much sense, but he enjoyed watching the exasperated look on his older sister's face.

   He knew her all too well. Ellone gave an annoyed sigh, putting her hands on her hips in a sisterly manner. But this only made him smirk. 

   "My point is, stop giving him a hard time and just try to not act like a complete stranger in front of him all the time." Ellone replied, sounding sincere.

   He simply sighed. It was a rhetorical question. He wanted to dismiss her then and there, but then again, this was Ellone. So he simply ran his hand through his unruly hair, a habit he inherited from Laguna every time they were uncertain on how to act or when they were frustrated.

   Deciding that changing the subject was his best option, he said, "I'm going out now… tell him that for me will ya?"

   "Squall," Ellone whined, "It's pouring outside, it'll be dangerous on the roads."

   She tried to make up excuses for him to not go out and stay at home, but even she knew that that attempt was not only lame but already used several times before.

   Squall simply shrugged, "Fine, I'll take a taxi then," he lied, and she knew.

   Giving him an annoyed and loud sigh, she said, "Fine, go and meet Seifer, or Irvine or Zell or whoever it is, but if it's a female, I'm begging you Squall, please do not tell me about it,"

   Smirking, Squall pecked Ellone on the cheek before making his way out into the coldness and into a random sports car of his.


   Ellone was right. It was literally pouring outside. The rain was so heavy, it almost seemed like each droplet was the size of a golf ball, making it appear as though they were leaving dents on his car every time they fell. The wind was unpredictable as it constantly changed its directions, like it was fighting an inner battle on which way to gust. He felt his car rock slightly from side to side as the wind kept blowing endlessly. Maybe taking a taxi wasn't so much of a bad idea after all.

   He was driving at such a slow speed that if it weren't for the weather, people would've beeped and swore at him like mad regardless of the fact that he is the president's son. He took a quick glance through his rear mirror and realized that he was incapable of seeing anything if they weren't right up close to his car. Now, not being able to identify anything far or even close by, the street lights seemed useless as well, but the fact that knowing it was there was somehow relieving.

   'Out of all days Seifer just had to choose today to meet up,'

   That got him thinking. Was Seifer there yet? Were any of them there yet? Or was he the only one caught up in this angry storm at the moment. He was 'The Squall Leonhart', never liked to be early or waiting, always enjoyed his grand entrances and being the waited. The attention was always on…

   But he was suddenly jerked out of his thoughts as he quickly slammed onto his brakes. Because he was unable to see anything clearly in front of him due to the raging rain, it was a last minute thing that he noticed a car a few inches in front of him. He was lucky his tyres were able to grip onto the wet ground in time or else he would've collided into the vehicle ahead of him. Still slightly shocked that he was so close to ending up in a car crash, he simply sat there relieved that he had an excuse for not moving his car along.

   But after a while, he realized something wasn't right, it couldn't possibly take that long for traffic to discontinue moving. He was about to beep the car in front of him but as a last second thought, he chose not to. The weather was enough; beeping people would only cause them further discomfort.

   Squall tried to make out what was going on outside with squinted eyes, and his attempt was not in vain. He saw, though far from clearly, people standing besides their car all looking at the same direction and with what looked like umbrellas in their hands. Both patience and curiosity getting the better of him, he reluctantly pushed opened his car door and stepped out into the intense rain and beckoning wind. As a natural reflex, he winced, but not for long.

   Why had the car in front of him stopped? Why were there people standing outside in this weather? Why had his cold blue eyes suddenly widened without realization?

   All these questions only lead to one answer, and the answer was right in front of his eyes. Car crash, roughly six to eight cars in total. His eyes darted around rapidly to see if anyone were helping or even doing something useful. But all he saw were people in a ghost like state. He couldn't stand there any longer, he couldn't waste anymore time analyzing the dumbfounded beings, so he sprinted past those people and towards the horrific scene. He realized as he was running the splashes he caused, and it brought a shiver running down his spine.

The once clear blue rain water was now contaminated with a crimson red substance.  

   He scanned the scene ahead of him and immediately knew that a few crashed cars were completely out of his hands. Panic swiftly washing over him; he hastily searched for someone, anyone he could help. Then it caught his eye. A dark blue or green or black or whatever car, had swerved off to the side. His guess was that this car was not part of the crash but also did not notice the pile up in front of it, therefore as a last minute reaction; the driver had turned abruptly to the side, crashing into the tree.

   Squall shook his head roughly.

   'There's no time to be making assumptions now,'

   He ran over to the vehicle that was crashed against the tree and was relieved that the side that had collided into the thick trunk was the passenger's side, not the driver's side. He looked at the driver's seat and saw a body figure in it. The head, shoulder and right arm were hanging out of the car door where it once had a window to it. Without further ado, he ran to the car door and somewhat hurriedly yet carefully opened the door.

   Just as the door opened slightly, big enough for his hand to fit in, he quickly held onto the right side of the driver's waist as to prevent them from falling out, and continued to open the door widely. He was highly inexperienced with this, but he wasn't completely clueless. He knew that if he weren't gentle with the person, he could very well kill them by breaking a special bone.

   As he very gently and slowly pulled the person by the waist out of their car, he got down to his knees and laid the person tentatively on his thighs. Suddenly a thought hit him. What if this person was already dead? He panicked for a split second but mentally slapped himself for being so stupid. The person in his lap had their eyes slightly closed, but he could still manage to hear their shallow breathing. Not knowing what to do next, he looked around frantically to see if any sign of help was coming, but to his greatest frustration and annoyance, the people were still just standing there, shocked.

   "What the hell are you all doing?! Call the goddamn ambulance!" the almighty Lion roared.

   The heavy rain was beating ferociously on his back and head as he winced from the throbbing pain. Already he could feel the headache's arrival, and to top it off, his patience with these people were running on a thread. Almost as if someone had suddenly switched their trance-like state to 'off', the large group of people either began taking their cell phones out and calling for help, or mirrored Squall's actions by running to search for survivors.

   Turning his attention back to the person in his lap, he finally noticed that it was a female that he had been cluelessly helping all this time. She had a long slim frame and her skin was a healthy pale white, although right now, it was stained with blood from the pieces of jagged glass faintly stabbed into her. Her jet black wet hair was sprawled messily across her face, covering most of her facial features.

   Like feeling her discomfort, he moved his gloved hand towards her face and delicately brushed her hair away. Once removed, it shocked him to see all the blood leaking from various cuts. He knew that the cuts weren't deep enough to leave scars but the amount of blood on her face still got him worrying.

   He could hear her breathing becoming shallower and strained as he saw her chest rising and falling more forcefully now. She moaned softly out of pain and her expressions proved similar. Squall's left arm was held behind her neck, steadying it so it would not cause her any harm while his right arm was simply rested on her outer thigh. Her eyes. He could see her eyes giving way now as he was somehow able to make out from her half closed eyes that her eyeballs were rolling backwards. As a pure reflex, he quickly grabbed onto her hand, hoping that it would keep her conscious and safe for a little longer until actual trained and professional Paramedics came.

   To his disappointment, her eyes remained closed allowing the heavy rain drops to beat upon her face without discomfort. At that moment, he saw the rise and fall of her chest take place again and knew that she had not completely fallen unconscious. Giving her more encouragement to hold on, he squeezed her hand softly and spoke soothingly yet determinedly, "Stay with me..just a little longer"

* * *

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