Summary: What if Harry Potter and Ron Weasley had ended up in Slytherin? And the Golden Trio was Potter, Weasley and Draco Malfoy? And Hermione is their favourite victim of name-calling and other horrible thing. A totally different kind of story. Pairing: DM/HG, HP, RW?

Chapter 1 – Give me back my wand

Hermione looked over at the Slytherin table. There was the Golden Trio, as many preferred to call them. They were all quidditch stars of the Slytherin team. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy. Oh how she hated those boys. Ever since first year, she had been their favourite victim of name- callings, and other horrible things.

They had different girlfriends almost every week. She was actually one of the only girls in their entire year, which hadn't been with one of them. Perhaps because she was their 'favourite' mudblood, or because she wouldn't ever allow herself to fall for such pricks.

Even though all the Weasley's had attended Gryffindor, Ron Weasley hadn't. He was the first to be a Slytherin. And with Potter, nobody could believe it when the sorting hat had announced that he was a Slytherin. For Gods sake, he was The-Boy-Who-Lived, the one who took away Voldemort's power, and made the lord hide until he would be able to return. The two boys had seemed so nice on the train.

Then there was Draco Malfoy. He came from a dark family who all had attended in Slytherin. He had white, almost silver hair, which was slicked back. He had those blue-silver eyes. He always wore that annoying smirk, which gave Hermione the creeps.

All three boys had pretty strong hands, arms, muscles etc. She still had some bruises on her left wrist where Potter had grab her the other day, when she accidentally had walked straight into him.

Suddenly she saw the three boys whispering, and then they looked at her. It couldn't have been somebody else they looked at, because they had threatened some of the other students. Now, nobody wanted to sit with her. Everybody was afraid that if they talked to her they would be the Golden Trios next victims. So she always sat alone. She always spent all her free time alone. She never talked with anyone, except from the teachers when they asked her about something.

'The Know-It-All' they had called her. 'The Teachers Pet'! Just because she always knew the answers to almost every question. Come on. What should she use her free time on, if she didn't study? It was them that had made it that way. Them that had made sure she didn't have any friends.

They smirked at her. She was sure that they had just come up with something horrible.

She finished her meal, and stood. She walked quickly. She really hoped she would make it in time, before they could get her. 'Okay. Only down this corridor. I'm almost there,' she thought and walked a bit faster.

She could hear footsteps behind her. She didn't have to stop and look to know whom it was. It was them. They had found her once again. 'Jesus! Why is it always me?' she thought and actually considered to ask the Golden Trio sometime.

She was five feet from the painting with the Fat Lady, when somebody grabbed her wrist and pushed her into the wall. She closed her eyes and bit down her lips, so she wouldn't scream. She wouldn't give them the pleasure of knowing that they had hurt her.

"Even though you can't see me, I can still see you," said a voice. It had to be... She opened her eyes. Yes, it was Malfoy. She looked around. He was alone! Wait, why was he alone? 'They are always together, but he is alone,' she thought and looked quizzical at him.

"What do you want this time Malfoy?" she asked, and hoped that he would just disappear. "Uh, feisty eh? I must admit it. You have disappointed me. Giving up so soon? It's only our third week at Hogwarts, and you have already surrendered," he said and smirked at her. Then after a bit he added, more to himself: "Hm... What do I want?"

She wanted nothing more than to just flee from this spot, to have somebody coming and stop him. 'I was so close to escape them, only five more feet,' she thought. She could always try to get inside her robe and find her wand. To run was pretty much not an option. He had placed his hands on the wall, to cave her in. There was a wall, an arm, a body, and then again an arm.

She had had five years of torment, and she had really hoped that they would forget about her this year. Come on! It was their sixth year, and it was still her that had to suffer.

Was that... Yes, somebody is coming this way. She silently prayed that it was a teacher. Malfoy must have seen her hope in her eyes, because he bend down and whispered harshly. "No need to pray, it's not a teacher that is coming this way." And he was right. She could see Weasley and Potter walking down the corridor.

"Oh, so you caught her huh?" Asked Potter and grinned. Draco looked at them and smirked. "Yeah, but we have misjudge her. She has become much faster. She was only five feet or so away from the Gryffindor common room," he said and looked at her.

'Why did I leave before everyone else? Stupid Hermione, you should have know it wouldn't have stopped them,' she thought. 'Where is there a teacher, when...' She didn't have time to think anymore, when she suddenly felt a hand stroking her left chin. Her mouth and lips became all dry and she had to lick them. Malfoy caressed her lower lip, with his thumb. Then he gently rubbed her collarbone. He continued to caress her left side of her body, all the way down to her hips. He went in under her robe, and rubbed at her lower back.

It was so hard to suppress a moan. She closed her eyes, totally forgetting about Weasley and Potter. He suddenly bit and licked her earlobe, and she couldn't hold back the moan. He continued down her neck, small kisses.

Then, as sudden as he had kissed her, he had stopped again. She opened her eyes, and saw Malfoy smirking at her. Right behind him stood Weasley and Potter. They grinned at her.

He showed her his left hand, and what she saw was nothing else than her own wand. 'Goddamit,' was all she could think of.

"Give me back my wand Malfoy," she said. He just mouthed a NO to her. Then he bend down and whispered in her ear. "If you really want the wand back, then you will meet me by the lake tomorrow evening after dinner. You don't need the wand sooner. It's Saturday tomorrow. So, will you come?" He asked huskily.

She couldn't take it anymore. So instead of just nodding, she practical yelled. "WHAT ELSE COULD I DO? FOR HEAVEN SAKE, YOU HAVE MY WAND. OF COURSE I'M COMING YOU STUDPID GIT!" Okay, so the last part wasn't such a great thing to say. Because he gave Potter her wand and took her wrist.

He pinned her wrist up over her head with his right hand, and took her chin with his left hand. "Nobody talks to me like that, you ugly Mudblood," he said through his gritted teeth. Then he kissed her roughly and bit down on her lower lip. She could actually taste the blood. She whimpered in pain. He didn't let go, he kept biting and licking her lower lip, and she moaned out in pain.

Tears came in her eyes, and she tried to push him away, with no luck. He was way to strong for her. He kept kissing her, and suddenly she felt like she couldn't breath. She saw him, then only black, then him again, and black again. This went on until she passed out. The last thing she heard before see surrendered to the darkness was, "Tomorrow after dinner, no sooner."

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