"Chronicles of the Killer Angels"

By Nes Mikel


Standard Disclaimers apply. You know what I'm talking about. Note that this fanfic is based on the manga, not on the anime, so some parts might be different from what you know from the story of the Shaman King or somewhat differently translated. I have never seen the anime, but I do own 25 volumes of Hiroyuki Takei Sensei's manga. Own, as in, purchase, by the way. Don't sue me. Please.

"He who overcomes will be dressed in white, and I will not take his name from the book of life; and I will give witness to his name before my Father, and before his Angels." - Revelations 3:5

Chapter III; "Shaman Life"

Amidamaru and I continued to stare at Yoh's unresponsive body, lying there peacefully atop a hospital bed. With Ren finally defeated, it didn't take long until Yoh lost consciousness from the lack of blood. It turned out that his injury was more serious that I originally had thought. A hailstorm of confusing events followed – like explaining the situation to the police and the doctors in the hospital without stretching the truth that much – but in the end we managed to get him to the hospital rather safely.

"He isn't waking up…" I said. "It's already been three days. Was his injury that bad?"

"…no. The fusion process was too straining for Yoh-dono to continue for a long time." Amidamaru bitterly admitted. His eyes flashed in anger. "How disgraceful of me! If I had little more strength this wouldn't have happened!"

"Calm down, Amidamaru, you look scary like that." I laughed briefly but then soon sighed. "It's not your fault. It's all because of that Ren…"

I took a look at Yoh again, the white sheets on top of his rising and falling gently as Yoh continued to sleep undisturbed. "Who was Ren?" I asked to myself. "Why did he go after Yoh-kun? And what was the Shaman King?" I continued to stare at Yoh. "Wake up, Yoh-kun… and please, give me the answers…"

But Yoh kept on sleeping, his answers still locked within the confines of his lost consciousness. Sighing once more, I brought out the dictionary I always carry around and started to flip through it.

The dictionary I always carry around – the manjien – was a dictionary granted to me by Father. It was one of the few things Father ever gave to me, and it was the only one that I ever cherished. The manjien gave me knowledge, an attribute that I was rather proud to have. The dictionary always helped me through tough times and has perhaps even saved my life in a few incidences I really don't wish to recall. It was a book full of sad and happy memories. But this time, the knowledge the dictionary had was useless. It didn't give me the answers I was looking for. Only Yoh held the key to those very answers.

I was about to close the book when suddenly Yoh screamed in his sleep. "AAAAH! DON'T HIT ME, GRANDPA!"

Amidamaru and I were both knocked from our seats by the sudden outburst from Yoh. I hastily got up and stared at the now-consciousness Yoh. I tried to open my mouth to speak. "Y-Yoh…"

"Yoh-dono has awakened~!" Amidamaru shouted, the first to express his joy. He was even crying!

"Ah, I see." Yoh said to himself, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings. "So that 'King of Shamans' Ren was talking about was the 'Shaman King'."

"What!?" both Amidamaru and I shouted in confusion.

"Besides, didn't I start to train myself because I wanted to become the Shaman King?" Yoh continued to talk to himself. "Then all of a sudden training became my objective…" he sighed.

"Just wait a second~!" I tried to stop Yoh before things got confusing.

Amidamaru rubbed his tears off his face. "W-well, I'm not sure what's really going on, but I am glad that you are well! I haven't felt alive since you have lost your consciousness, Yoh-dono!"

You smiled briefly as he put on his headphones, but that wasn't exactly the response I was expecting from him. I wanted answers. "Wait, Yoh-kun! What's this Shaman King you're talking about? What is it!?"

"Shut up, you're loud." A cold voice echoed through the room. This got Yoh's attention finally, and we all turned towards the door where the voice came from. It was a girl. She wore a loose black dress that ended halfway down her knees. Her golden-brown hair was tied around with a long, red bandanna that fell down through the back of her head, giving her the illusion that she had long hair. She also wore a necklace around her neck made of rather large round beads. She carried a long stick with on top of her shoulders with a sack attached to the end. Her whole appearance gave her a rather ominous atmosphere.

"I heard you were injured and hospitalized so I came, but what's with this racket?" the girl continued to speak at us.

"What are you, butting in here all of a sudden?" I stood up and walked towards the girl. I shook my finger at her. "Are you sure you got your room right?"

"Manta, watch out!" Yoh suddenly shouted a warning. I turned my head around to ask what was wrong, but it was too late. The girl gave me a slap so hard I was sure it would leave a permanent scar on my face. Add the sheer destructive force of her slap and the fact that I was small, it threw me across the room and my tiny body slammed against the wall. Fortunately I was lucky enough to not lose consciousness.

"Just who do you think you're talking to, shrimp?" She added a special emphasis to the word 'shrimp' as she continued to talk in her cold voice. "I am the itako Shaman, Anna. I am Yoh Asakura's fiancée."

"WHAT~!?" I shouted, the burning pain on my left cheek simply fading away when I heard those words. I pointed my finger at her. "You're is Yoh-kun's… fiancée?"

"That's right." she replied as she faced a open-mouthed Yoh. "But let's just put the questions aside for now, shall we? I've come here to train you, Yoh, under my 'special training course'… all in order to make me the First Lady of the Shaman World."

F-First Lady!? A itako!? Training!? A… a… fiancée? "What the heck are you talking about!?" I shouted, keeping my finger pointed at her. "The things you say simply doesn't make sense!"

"Anna…" Yoh suddenly spoke out. "How did you find me here?"

"You know each other!?" I questioned.

"Of course we know each other." the girl replied. "I am the woman raised by Yoh's grandmother, Kino Asakura. I am Anna Kyoyama, 13 years old, an itako." She then took off her bead necklace and started to rub them together. Suddenly, numerous ghosts appeared behind the girl. I recognized some of the ghosts… ah! They were the ghosts of the Funbarigaoka Graveyard!

"My specialty is the kuchiyose, the summoning of ghosts. No matter where the ghosts are, or even if they had gone to the other world, I can summon them and talk to them. So if I summon the ghosts of the Funbarigaoka Graveyard I know everything about Yoh. It's been a while, hasn't it? Was it when Kino-sama went home last year's new years the last time we met?"

I noticed Yoh was sweating a lot at this point, probably confused as I was. "W-wait, a second… you're saying that you two are Shamans and childhood friends…!?" I asked.

"That's right." she walked over to the nearest bed and sat on it. "But Tokyo is so tiring even if you're simply walking… hey you." the girl named Anna glared at me. "Buy me a drink."

"What!? Why me-" I didn't get a chance to finish as she slapped me across the room again.

"Geez, you're a loud shrimp aren't you?" I heard her cold voice reach my ears over the pain. "Besides, what are you to Yoh?"

I slowly managed to get up. "M-me? I'm just a friend of Yoh's and trying to become a Shaman…"

"Oh, is that so?" she questioned me. "Then you shouldn't try to rebel against my will."

"What?" I asked.

"Because the will of the future wife of the Shaman King is absolute." She then took out two pieces of paper and threw them in the air. All of a sudden, two huge ghosts easily four times the size of me materialized out of thin air. I almost fainted when I witnessed their appearances. They looked like demons from ancient Japanese literature! One of them was holding a shield and one was holding an axe! They looked ominous! "Or Zenki and Kouki here will be the ones to slap you next time." Anna added threateningly.

I was out of the door in a flash.


I was crying in front of the vending machine as I stubbornly put some coins in and purchased a melon-flavored drink. "W-What was she?" I said to myself, shaking in fear. "Why do I have to do things as if I were her slave? And to top it off she's Yoh-kun's fiancée and the future wife of the Shaman King!? What was going on?" I rubbed my tears off my face with the tip of my sleeve.

"Hmm… this is a problem." A voice behind me said. I turned around.

"YOH-KUN!" I hugged him as if he were my savior.

"Ssshhh! Quiet down, Manta!" Yoh put up a finger in front of his lips. "I told her I was going to the bathroom."

"O-Okay…" I managed to hold back a sob.

"I'll talk as we go back, okay?"

I nodded. After gathering up the drink from the floor, we cautiously started heading back to Yoh's assigned hospital room. "Manta," Yoh began. "I told you before that I'm from a long line of Shamans, right?"

I nodded.

"So my parents… get this… decided to engage me to someone so the Shaman bloodline of our family will not die out."

"Ah." was all the response I gave.

"See, the Shaman population in the world is at a decline, so they're pretty serious about this."

I nodded once more, finally realizing the harsh reality Yoh was facing. "Geez…" was all I could say.

Yoh clutched his head as if he were in pain. "I always knew this day would come, but why did they have to choose Anna at grandma's place? What have I gotten myself into?"

I gulped. "Is it that bad?"

Yoh nodded. "Every time I've met her, she made me cry."

I shuddered in fear.

"But now that it's decided, she really determined to make me the Shaman King." Yoh explained. "The mochirei of the Shaman King, the ultimate spirit that knows all – the King of Spirits – grants its master the world they desire."

"…I see. So that's what she meant by 'First Lady'…" I replied. "But geez, that really surprised me. I didn't know that the Shaman King was such a grand figure… wait a sec." I pondered over the statement for a while. "Does that mean that Buddha from 2500 years ago and Christ from 2000 years ago, the two people who changed the world as saviors, find that ultimate spirit… and achieved the rank of the Shaman King?"

"Arrgggh, dammit!" Yoh exclaimed, ignoring what I just said. "What is this 'special training course' she's talking about?"

I was tempted to scold him, but I simply shrugged in response. "Well, maybe that's why. You're usually so laid back at everything, but you start to panic simply because she showed up… maybe that's why your family decided her to become your fiancée."

"What?" Yoh shot a confusing look at me.

"Think about it." I explained. "If you're so laid back all the time, not only can you not become the Shaman King, you can't even be a decent Shaman. So she's your 'motivator', get it?"

"That's not funny!" Yoh rebutted. "I have my own ways of training…"

"Wait a sec." I cut Yoh off. "Where's Amidamaru?"

It was only when we reached Yoh's hospital room when finally learned of Amidamaru's fate. He was tied in place by Anna's itako beads and guarded by Anna's mochirei Zenki and Kouki. Amidamaru had already given up trying to run away, and burst in tears when Yoh and I walked into the room.

"You're late." was all Anna said. "I tied up the ghost of your samurai so you won't run away."

"Yoh-dono!" Amidamaru cried his second tears of joy for today. "Who is this she-devil?"

"Anna, what did you have to do that for!" Yoh shouted at Anna, slightly angry. "You didn't have to do this! I won't run away!"

"Pft, don't try to act so high and mighty when you're weak." Anna replied coolly.

"Me, weak? I don't know what plans you have for me in store, but I have my own ways of doing things! So just leave me alone!"

Anna glared at Yoh and came directly up to him, her face inches away from Yoh. "You… want to die?"

"What? What are you talking abou-"

"If that Ren tries to attack you again," Anna cut Yoh off mid-sentence. "There is no way you can conveniently be at hundred percent fusion capacity like last time."

"Wha-" Yoh's mouth was hanging wide open. "How did you know about him and me…?"

"I already told you I know everything about you, don't make me say it again. I'm telling you that you can't win as you stand right now. Besides," Anna suddenly turned her back against the rest of us, staring out of the window and beyond. "If you're going against the Shamans from all around the world, you becoming the Shaman King is just a faraway dream."

"The world…?" Amidamaru questioned.

"Wait a second!" I butted in. "What do you mean 'from all around the world'? Does this have anything with reasons as to why Ren came to Japan?"

Yoh suddenly looked as if the truth stared him right in the face. "Can it be…?"

"That's right. Just when everyone had forgotten the existence of a Great Spirit and the world started to fall into chaos… the time has finally come" Anna turned around and faced Yoh once more. "All the Shamans gather in one place to fight over the King of Spirits and become the savior of the world: Shaman Fight in Tokyo."

I simply stood there, dumbfounded. "S-Shaman Fight? In Tokyo?" I started to laugh. "Ha, hahaha! What's that? Is it some kind of tournament? Besides, why in Tokyo when there's plenty of other…"

Both Zenki and Kouki suddenly materialized in front of me. It was clear from the looks on their demonic faces that they were threatening to bash me with their shield and axe if I dared insult their master. I decided to smarten up and shut my mouth.

"This is serious." Anna explained. "The Shaman Fight takes place in the most chaotic city in that era, because every time a savior is born from that city. That is why there are already plenty of Shamans from around the world already in Tokyo, dreaming of becoming the Shaman king along with their prized mochrei."

"I see… so that man Ren was one of the many Shamans that were already here." Amidamaru said in an understanding tone. "It is hard to believe… but if that were true it would make sense as to why Ren assaulted Yoh-dono… so that was a Shaman Fight…"

Anna nodded. "That's right. And Yoh." Yoh straightened when he heard his name. "In order for you to survive this fight you have to get off of your lazy butt and start training for real. Summer vacation is going to start soon, so it's a perfect opportunity for you. After all, I'm the woman who's going to become the First Lady of the Shaman World. If you're going to become my husband you better become the Shaman King. And after that, you'll make me lead a life of comfort."

"Y-Yes Anna…" Yoh surrendered.

I suddenly realized that this Anna's only objective was to live a life of comfort! She was a horrible wife! She was going to make Yoh do all that work just because she wants to lead a comfortable life?

"Now know this, Yoh. I also plan to join the Shaman Fight." Anna announced.

"What!?" Yoh and I both exclaimed.

"Why do you look so surprised? I have to watch over your fights, but I don't intend to sit in the sidelines like some poor helpless girl. And think of this as a warning."

"W-Warning?" Yoh took a step back, afraid of his own fiancée.

"Yes. If you dare lose, I'll become the Shaman King myself, and I'll make you my personal slave and make your life a miserable living hell. Understand?"

"Y-Yes Anna." Yoh bowed his head in shame.

"And you." she pointed her finger at me.

"Eep!" I jumped a few feet up in the air, startled out of my wits.

"You said you were a Shaman. Where's your mochirei?" she questioned me.

"I… I'm still a training to become a Shaman." I managed to reply despite the fear. "I don't have a mochirei yet…"

"Then I'll train you as well." she announced her intentions suddenly. "You can be Yoh's training partner, and I'll personally see to it that you'll be trained sufficiently enough to become a Shaman. Besides, you'll be useful in weeding out the competition."

"Weeding out the competition!?" I shouted in disbelief. "Just wait a moment! I didn't say I'm going to join the Shaman Fight! Why do I have to…"

Before I knew what happened, I had Zenki and Kouki surrounding me. Anna stood up and walked right up, readying her hand to slap me again. "Okay! I'll join!" I shouted out in fear, fearing of what might happen to me if I dare refused her offer.

"Much better." Anna smiled.

Oh geez, just what have I gotten myself into!?


I used to be an atheist, and didn't believe in god, much less believed in the existence of hell. But now, I was sure that hell existed in this world.

And that hell existed in Anna's 'special training course'.

She made Yoh and I run around the track so many times, even a pro-athlete will beg for mercy. But we didn't have a choice, especially so because Zenki and Kouki were chasing us with their shields and axes, having received orders from Anna to beat us up if we dared to slow down and stop. Although Yoh and I thought that Zenki and Kouki were simply ghosts and couldn't physically harm us, one training session ended in me bashed into the tree with Zenki's shield and Yoh hit across the field like a baseball with Kouki's axe just because we rested for six seconds. Although it puzzled us as to how they were able to do that, we just assumed it was because we were getting stronger as Shamans. At least, I hoped that was the case. Whatever the reason, we sure didn't slack off anymore afterwards.

But the hell didn't end there. She made us do shopping, the laundry, cooking, and made us her personal butlers. Her physical torments didn't end there – she made us do push-ups, sit-ups, weights, tree-climbing. There even was the 'electric chair', Anna's very own training strategy where we sit on chairs except there are no chairs to sit on, yet we have to keep up the sitting posture of hours and hours. And to top it off we had to do this for at least eighteen hours a day straight and she only gave us six hours of sleep per day, it didn't take long for our spirits to break.

Of course, Anna didn't care. Whenever we complained, she simply didn't even give us time to sleep. Truly, it was hell. It was a miracle that Mother believed my made-up story that I was simply going to the gym to train for physical endurance. Thank god for ignorant mothers.

So when summer vacation ended Yoh and I both rejoiced. School was heaven compared to the torments we went through during the entire summer vacation. But, now that we went to hell and back, there was one thing that disappointed me.

I still wasn't a Shaman.

"Pathetic." I remembered Anna saying to me. "Even with all the training I gave you, you still can't fuse your soul with ghosts. Even the most normal person by now would've awakened their Shaman powers if they get through my training course. But you, you're a hopeless case."

What a major put down.

But it was Yoh who cheered me up. "Don't worry about it, Manta! You'll become a Shaman someday! If you got through Anna's training course alive you'll definitely become a Shaman! Your Shaman powers just need to be jolted awake!"

"But I've got through Anna's training course and it still hasn't been jolted awake!" I shouted at Yoh. "How else can it be awakened if Anna's training course doesn't!?"

To my question, Yoh had simply shrugged.

Whatever the results, the fact was that we got through the training alive. I woke up early that morning and headed straight for school, massaging my muscles as I went. They were still sore from all the training Anna forced upon us. It even left me with lots of small scars all around my body.

I entered the classroom, and spotted Yoh resting lazily over the desk.

"Hey." I greeted Yoh.

"Hey." he replied. Both of us were still tired.

I sat down next to him. "You don't look too good."

Yoh managed a small laugh. "You don't either."

Both of us laughed at the exchange, the pain of the training temporarily forgotten.

"Hey Yoh, I wanted to ask you something." I asked once the laugher died down.


"What was the training for?"

Yoh looked at me as if I were crazy, but then soon flashed a smile. "Ah, so Anna trained you without even telling you what it was for? How typical of her." he chuckled. "It was in order for us to gain stamina."


"You see, when I for instance fuse my soul with Amidamaru, my body's the actual thing that's fighting. So, in order to really trace the ghost's movements a hundred percent, you actually need to have decent muscles and stamina. That way, we can actually fight longer with our spirits fused and can withstand some damage."

"So, it's for real then? The Shaman Fight in Tokyo?"

Yoh nodded. "Yup. I'm sorry to have you involved in this, Manta."

"It's alright." I sighed. "I just need to become a Shaman before the Shaman Fight starts or else Anna's gonna kill me."

Yoh chuckled. "Yeah, well, at the very least, we're free from that hell once and for all."

"You think it's over? Both of you, the 'electric chair' for the rest of the day."

Yoh nodded. "Yup, the hell like that."

I laughed. "Yeah, she really is a demon…"

Suddenly, we both realized that the voice didn't belong to both of us. We turned around only to see our object of fear standing right behind us in a school uniform.

"Ahem." the Teacher in front of the classroom gathered our attention. "I know this is all of a sudden, but another transfer student has arrived. She came all the way from Aomori's Shimokita. Please give a warm welcome to Anna Kyomama."

"I'm pleased to meet you all." Anna smiled sweetly in front of the class.

Heaven for us didn't exist anymore.


"Fufufufu… I'm surprised that you made it this far. But this will be your grave. So die regretting that you even dared to resist against us, Pyron!"

"Don't be ridiculous…!" the actor on the movie screen clenched his fists in anger. "Feel my anger!"

What followed afterwards was one of the best-choreographed kung fu action scenes ever. Lee Pyron, the hero of the movie, used his kung fu and nunchaku to defeat a hundred men armed to the teeth with various sharp, pointy objects. The scene reached its climax when Pyron jumped up into the air a deliver a vicious kick to the boss of the gang.

"Ah~! So cool!" Yoh shouted. I tried to warn Yoh not to speak in the Movie Theater but it was too late. Anna gave her a vicious kick to Yoh's face and the Movie Theater was quiet once more.

Today, Anna gave us a surprising treat – she got some movie tickets to watch a movie of Lee Pyron – the legendary action and movie star. After I dragged Yoh's knocked out body out of the Movie Theater, we all sat on a table not too far away from the concession stands.

"Lee Pyron was great!" I said, rather enthusiastic. "In order to pursue his own justice, he stands up to the great evil armed only with his kung fu! That strength, that impact! No wonder he's a legend"

"Ah, so he's called Lee Pyron?" Yoh asked, finally awake.

"What, Yoh-kun, you don't know? He was truly a legend in his own time, dominating the screens with his super action and his original acting style."


"But that's not all!" I continued. "The greatest thing is that his strength is actually not fiction?"

"What, he isn't strong because it's a movie?" Yoh was clearly interested now.

"The kung fu style he created, the Daodandou, is the strongest martial arts style in the world! It's a mix of boxing, muetai, and karate and its style specializes in grand one-hit kill techniques. His techniques are said to be as strong as missiles! But…" I then lowered my voice and added a hint of sadness. "Lee Pyron died a mysterious death before he ever got to master his Daodandou style when he was at a young age of thirty. There were many theories as to why he died, but to this day it is still unknown. And to top it off, his deceased body disappeared during the funeral!"

"Geez, Manta, how come you know so much about martial arts?" You asked me as he scratched his head.

"It's obvious." Anna replied before me. "He's weak, so he worships the strong. The feeling only gets the stronger if the person who worships is weaker."

Another put down. I shrunk back to the corner, depressed.

"No, no, Anna-dono!" I heard Amidamaru try to help me. "All men worship the strong. Even I would like to have a match with that Lee Pyron."

"Swords are no match for kung fu like that, idiot."

Amidamaru soon joined me in being depressed.

"But it's strange." Anna said to herself as we walked out of the theater as Yoh tried to cheer us up. "Why was an invitation sent to us to watch an old movie like 'Pyron – Anger of the Fist'?"

"Huh? Didn't the tickets say it was for the Pyron's revival campaign?" I asked.

"It's too suspicious." Anna concluded. "Besides, there's no return address. We only came because it was free, but…"

"It's probably because Manta's a big fan of Pyron!" Yoh theorized. Anna and I were about to give Yoh another scolding for being so ignorant of things when a mysterious voice called to us.

"Fufufu… it seems like you enjoyed my Lee Pyron's movie, didn't you? How was he? He was strong, wasn't he? Yoh Asakura and Manta Oyamada-kun?"

We all turned to face the source of the voice. "Who are you?" Yoh demanded.

The voice belonged to a woman, probably a few years older than Anna. She wore a long, black Chinese dress with a long opening that stretched from the bottom of her dress to her hip. Her green hair was tied back with a few hair clips, and she had a panda logo written on the chest and a dragon wrapping up her lower parts of the dress. She had her arms crossed in front of her. "I am a doushi, Jun Tao. I came to you to ask you a favor, Yoh Asakura-kun."

"A doushi?" Yoh asked, obviously confused. "A favor?"

She nodded. "Will you hand over the spirit of your Samurai for my lovely brother, Ren?"

All of us were suddenly on alert now. "Ren!?"

Jun sighed. "Please, not so loud. I don't like to cause trouble. That's why I wanted you to see the movie… besides, if you know about his strength, then we don't have to fight meaningless battles, wouldn't we?" she then parted the opening on her dress slightly to reveal her legs and several pieces of paper wrapped around it.

"His strength…?" Anna asked. Suddenly, her face because rigid. "That's… a jufu! Could a doushi be… stand back, Yoh!" Anna shouted, a rare reaction for someone like her. "She's a Shaman! And she has a dangerous monster with her!"

"M-Monster!?" Yoh did as he was told and took a step back.

"Hmm… seems like you figured it out." said Jun, impressed. "A doushi is one of the many Shamans that exists in the grand history of our China! Their technique is to manipulate their ghosts using their jufu – a paper infused with our Shaman magic! Come out now, my warrior, Lee Pyron!"

An explosion sounded, and all of us were thrown backwards. It didn't take long for the smoke to clear. And there, standing in the midst of the rubble, was the hero that I've worshipped for so long… the real Lee Pyron!

"…no way!" Yoh shouted in disbelief

"W-Wait a second!" I shouted, equally at disbelief. "That's not a ghost, that's a real body! Didn't he die!?"

"That's a dead body, all right." said Anna. "Except it's a kyonshi – a dead puppet manipulated by that woman's jufu."

"Oh, you know a lot, don't you?" Jun commented. "That's right… Lee Pyron is my mochirei. Doushi like us manipulate our ghosts by putting their souls in their own bodies. Since the body the fuse with is their very own, they can constantly be at hundred percent fusion capacity. This means that this kyonshi here is the very same Lee Pyron when he was alive. He is the ultimate dead weapon our Tao family has ever acquired."

"Shut up." Yoh slowly stood up. "Weapon? Acquire? You treat ghosts as tools too?"

"That's besides the point." Jun replied, annoyed. "I've shown you what I'm capable of. So be smart and give up your samurai ghost now."

"Shut up." Yoh replied, anger clearly visible in his voice. Amidamaru came up besides him, prepared to fuse with Yoh at a moment's notice. Yoh grabbed a nearby metal pipe and pointed it at the female doushi. "I don't intend to give Amidamaru up to anyone, especially to the likes of you people!"

Jun narrowed her eyes. "I see… so it seems that we have to fight. Very well! I'll resort to force! Attach the juzu of fighting!" Jun threw one of her many juzu's to Pyron and attached it on his forehead. "Pyron! Teach that boy a lesson!"

"Like I'll let you!" Yoh dashed towards the dead Lee Pyron. "SPIRIT FUSION! AMIDAMARU!"

"Great!" Anna commented. "Only 1.5 seconds until the fusion process was completed! The training has paid off!"

"Pathetic!" Jun declared. "Pyron is the strongest kung fu master ever to walk on this Earth! He can already see through petty techniques of a mere samurai!" Suddenly, Pyron made his move. Taking the nunchaku – two small wooden sticks that was attached in the middle with a chain – which was attached to his back. He handled the nunchaku masterfully and before everyone's eyes Yoh's metal pipe was taken away from his hand.

Yoh/Amidamaru looked at their empty hands. "The sword…!"

"Samurais are nothing without a sword… my Pyron is invincible! Know this in exchange for your death!" Pyron charged at Yoh/Amidamaru, giving them a solid punch in their chest that knocked the breath out of them. It was only because Pyron grabbed Yoh's shirt he didn't go flying into the air.

"Yoh-kun!" I shouted out of worry. Yoh seemed to be struggling to get out of Pyron's grasp, but unsuccessful.

"Hmph, you see?" Jun told Yoh who was now hanging upside-down. "You cannot win against me. You probably already know this, but I'll tell you this once more. In order to get a mochirei from another Shaman, there are two ways: either the Shaman gives it up willingly or attack the Shaman until them become immobile and then forcibly take it away from them. So that means, in the end, I'll have to kill you. Now, if you understand, give up your samurai, or else…"

"Shut up." Yoh hissed through his teeth, still struggling. "I won't give up Amidamaru."

Jun sighed. "I see… so you want to die. Then I have no choice." Jun bit her thumb, a thin trail of blood trekking down her fingers. Before I even noticed just how wrong her actions were, she took out a empty jufu and started to write ancient Chinese runic words on the jufu, infusing it with her Shaman powers! "Pyron!" she threw the jufu at her mochirei and aimed it at his head. "Attack him until he dies!"

When the jufu on Pyron's head was replaced, I could've sworn his eyes had flashed. But the Pyron I knew was no more. Pyron's body threw Yoh high up into the air and followed him into the air with his incredible jump. "Once that jufu is attached to a kyonshi it will not stop attacking until that enemy dies!" Jun boasted.

Pyron, as if on cue, started his chain of attacks.

"Daodandou – Fojankyaku!" Pyron, true to his kung fu style, gave Yoh one of the most vicious kicks in the Daodandou style of techniques, its power that was said to equal a rocket! The kick threw Yoh even higher up into the air.

"Ah, but he withstood it!" I observed. It was true. Yoh managed to cross his arms in front of him to soften the damaging blow.

But the female Chinese Shaman didn't look bothered at all. "Ha, you think it's over!?"

Unfortunately, it was true. Pyron's attacks didn't end there.


Pryon somehow soured above Yoh, and delivered another powerful kick that sent Yoh this time flying straight down. If it weren't for the garbage that acted as a cushion when he crashed into the ground, Yoh would've been splattered on the pavement floor like a suicide victim. Yoh desperately struggled to get up and avoid the next blow, but he was too slow.

"Fuuchunbonjyagii – Hongyakyaku!"

Pyron came down on the ground, spinning his entire body. Using the added acceleration, Pryon gave yet another vicious kick straight into Yoh's face.

"T-This guy… he's really strong…" Yoh managed to say before he finally lost consciousness.

"Yoh-kun!" I ran to Yoh. I shook him, trying to wake him up. "Are you all right? Hey, come on! Wake up! Wake up!"

"It's useless." Jun stood behind me. I froze. "There isn't a single person who got up after Pyron's attacks. Good thing he lost consciousness before I killed him. I just need to steal his ghost in the meantime and my job's done." She glared at me, killer intent in her eyes. "So move. Do you want to die as well?"

"N-No!" I stood my ground, although my legs were shaking in fear. "It's just not fair! No way can Yoh-kun win against that Lee Pyron without a weapon! And you take advantage of that! B-Besides…" I gulped. "I thought Lee Pyron was a protector of justice! He was my hero!" I was sobbing by now. "So why…?"

"That's because Lee Pyron is manipulated by that woman." Anna suddenly spoke up behind my back.


"You saw it too, right? That jufu attached to his forehead. Using the power of that jufu, doushi can manipulate dead bodies at will. I heard it from Kino-sensei once. That's called the chousi-soushijutsu, and it is a technique developed by ancient Chinese Shamans in order to manipulate dead bodies. There are lots of different types of jufu, and can program specific commands to the dead bodies they are manipulating." Anna glared at Jun, the subject of the discussion. "So the bad one isn't Lee Pyron, but it's that woman!"

"No…" I stared at Jun and Lee Pyron, wide-eyed. "Then Pyron isn't doing this at his own will… but is simply being used by her…?"

"So what? For us Shamans, ghosts are 'tools' in order to draw their attributes from, nothing more." Jun said the exact same thing as Ren. "All members of the Tao family are given their own mochirei for us to dominate when they are young in order to become great Shamans."

My eyes grew wider. "Then… then Pyron was…!"

"Yes. Pyron was killed by my parents in order to be given to me as the best birthday present." Jun said it coolly as my worst fears were confirmed.

"No… that's just too… cruel!" I sunk down to my knees. "The Pyron I idolized… killed for a reason like that… that… that's just too cruel!"

"Hmph. There's nothing to be sad about." Jun said it were eyes closed. "Pyron is my doll. Dolls do not have emotions."

"Don't be ridiculous. There's no ghosts that doesn't have emotions!" A voice from below declared. I turned around.

"Yoh-kun! You woke up!"

"Heh, I can take quite a bit of punishment thanks to someone's training this summer." Yoh laughed. Anna simply snickered behind us.

"No way!" said a surprised Jun Tao. "There's no way a person can stand up again after receiving Pyron's attacks!"

"Oh, it hurt all right." Yoh rubbed his cheek where he received the last blow. "I almost threw up. But against Amidamaru and me, attacks with doubt in them doesn't work."


"That's right." Yoh replied to Jun's question as he picked up the metal pipe he dropped. "Even through he might be manipulated physically with your jufu, you can't manipulate his heart. Isn't that right, Lee Pyron?"

Everyone turned his or her attention to the manipulated dead body. And behind the jufu that was attached to his forehead, Lee Pyron was shedding tears!

"No way!" Jun was now shouting. "There is no way a kyonshi can ever have emotions… so why? Can it… no, that can't be!" Jun turned towards Pyron. "What are you doing, Pyron!? He's not dead yet! Hurry up and finish him off! Now!"

Pyron seemed to attempt to refuse the order, but the power of the jufu was simply too strong for him to control. Shouting his battle cry, he charged at Yoh and I with his nunchaku. I was tempted to run away and scream like a girl, but I held my ground and bit my lip. I can't run away here! Pyron needed to be saved!

"Heh, just you wait, Lee Pyron…" Yoh muttered besides me as Yoh purposely let the nunchaku wrap around his wrist. "I'll take that jufu off of your forehead, and free your soul."

"Free my Lee Pyron's soul, you say?" Jun laughed. "How stupid! Don't you realize that that's impossible by now?"

But Yoh continued to stand his ground. "We'll see soon enough." he said. "I've sealed the movements of the nunchaku. Now he can't take away my sword. Now all I need is to take that jufu off of his forehead and then he'll be free of your control!" Yoh then fused his soul with Amidamaru in a flash and attempted to swipe at Pyron's forehead.

"Like I said, that's impossible!" Jun insisted. "My mochirei is the legendary kung fu master, Lee Pyron! And kung fu's advantages lie in close combat! And if you enter his territory, he is the master!" And as if to prove the point, Pyron reacted suddenly and gave Yoh/Amidamaru a knee jab that stopped their attack.

"Ha! You see, it is impossible!" Jun said it happily. "So just give it up now and give me your samurai spirit!" Another hit from the nunchaku sent Yoh flying into the pile of garbage again.

"Yoh-kun!" I stood there, helpless. "Argh, if I was a Shaman myself I could help him!" Then I suddenly remembered that there was another Shaman present here besides Yoh. "Anna-san! Can't you use your itako powers to save Yoh!? You're the only one that can…"

"I don't have any intentions of saving him." she replied simply.

I was stunned temporarily. "What?"

Anna crossed her arms in front of her. "This is simply a test – one of he many tests in order for Yoh to become the Shaman King. If he loses against an opponent like that there's no way he can become one. I don't have any plans of marrying a weakling that doesn't have any hope for the future."

I was lost for words. "But… but…"

She sighed. "But then again, I'm still here because I believe that Yoh can actually do it."


"Ugh… such speed!" Amidamaru appeared behind Yoh, looking tired. "I am sorry, Yoh-dono! If I possessed an actual sword then I can manage but not with a simple metal pipe…"

I turned to Amidamaru. "An actual sword? Then you could…?"

To be continued…


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