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Rika clutched the medallion in her hands and stared out the window, looking at the sea. 'God this is so annoying!! I keep thinking about him! If I'd known love would be this frustrating I would have tried to avoid it!' she sighed 'But on second thought it fells kind of good too, but like always there's got to be some problem, one he doesn't feel the same thing towards me, two he's probably on the another side of the world with some prissy little slut attached to him.'

Ryo was sitting at the front of the ship staring at the sky. It had been a week since he dropped Rika off at England and he still couldn't think of anything else but her. 'Great going Akiyama, the only girl that has captured your love is gone and it's all your fault! She's probably in some fancy party with good looking men all around her. She'll never fall in love with a pirate especially me. I should forget about her but I can't.' he thought with sadden look on his handsome face.

"Rika? Honey?" said her mother as she opened the door slightly open. "You've been so depressed since you were returned from that terrible pirate ship! All day staring at the ocean and day dreaming with such a sad look on your face that it just breaks my heart!"

'Yeah, like she'd know what it feels like to have your heart crushed.' Rika thought bitterly.

"Nothing is the matter mother I'm fine." Rika tried to smile she really did! But it looked so fake that even her some times air headed mother figured it wasn't real.

"I'm sure." Rumiko (is that her name?) said sarcastically. "You know. I think Mr. Akiyama would be a little disappointed from your behavior, from what I heard he likes strong women." She said with a sly smile on her face.

Rika looked at her shocked! 'How did she kno..." and before Rika even finished that thought she already knew who blabbed. Emily.

"I can't believe she snitched! I am never speaking to her again! Infract I'm going to hire a new maid!"

"Don't be upset with her dear I practically choked it out of her, but that's not important what's important is what you fell towards Ryo, and if your willing to admit it."

"Well I can assure you mother that I have no feeling to that bloody pirate, nor will I ever have feelings towards someone of his level!" Rika said angrily. Not wanting to fight with her daughter again Rumiko stood up and walked to the door.

 Before leaving the room completely she looked out the window and gasped, but not showing it to Rika. "Fine if you won't admit it to me then how about you admit it to Ryo?" she said with a wide smile. Rika looked at her mother confused but all Rumiko did was point out the window. She turned and what she saw left her breathless.

A large ship was approaching, one with a pirate flag, oh yes Rika recognized this ship all right after all she spent 1 and half months on it.

'I decided I'm going after her, I'm going after Rika and I'm going to tell her exactly how I feel.' Ryo said. He turned around to face the upcoming dock.

Rika ran out of her mansion. She was wearing a black dress similar to the one Ryo had given her only a higher cleavage. Ryo swigged from the ship on shore ran to her as well. Rika stopped when she saw Ryo approaching her.

Rika smirked when he stopped in front of her smiling. "I knew you'd come back, they always do."

Ryo laughed and said "Of course they do. They probably couldn't keep away from you much longer."

"So why are you here?" Rika said in a flirtatious way, she didn't mean it sound like that.

"Couldn't keep away, I realized that if I could have gotten the largest treasure in the entire world and I couldn't get the prettiest and most stubborn girl in the entire world there was maybe something wrong with me! Don't you think?" He said with a wide grin and stepped closer to her.

"Now wait a minute do thi..." Rika stopped when Ryo's lips crushed her own. Instantly she pulled back and stared at him and said "how dare you! Not only do you kiss me without asking my approval you kiss me! Now if someone's going to kiss anyone it's going to be me!" and before Ryo could let a word escape his mouth Rika covered it with hers. But with more passion and love than before.

They where so caught up in the kiss that they didn't notice there lack of oxygen. They both pulled away staring at each other. "So we agree on one thing, that you're completely in love with me." He said the last words with a bit of cockiness in his voice.

"Oh no no no! If anyone's here is in love with someone its you in love with me!" Rika said. And before Rika could protest anymore Ryo moved closer so that they're for heads touched and said "I love you my wildcat."

Rika looked at him and smiled "I love you too my scary wannabe pirate."

Ryo hugged her and lifted her in the air trailing butterfly kisses on her face. "Now the only problem is your parents and how they would fell about there daughter in love with a pirate."

"My mother and grandmother are already on my side and my father, well I don't care all I care about is being with you," she paused and dragged him in the direction of the ship "which means I want to spend my life like you." Ryo smiled. She was willing to give up her other life to be with him so hey who is he to object to the ladies desire. "Okay pumpkin if that's what you want."

She held on to him as a rope was swung over to them so they can board the ship. They started sailing away and already getting further and further away.

"Oh and Ryo no more nick names."

"Whatever you say my queen." She smiled and kissed him passionately as sailed doff to the horizon.

The End

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