Title: Wide As The Ocean Is

By: TriplePirouette

Category: GSR UST/RST Fluff, probably

Spoilers: uh, just general CSI knowledge.

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Summary: "Gil, we deal with bugs and death... most of us are workaholics. Have you ever tried to take a vacation? You get a day, tops, before they're paging you back to the office. This way, short of sending a helicopter, we can all get some R and R!"

Author's notes: Inspired by my recent vacation to Bermuda...Cruises are so much fun- and after I finished my last CSI novel in three days and still had 4 days away from fanfic, I needed to occupy my time somehow. Thus, Griss and Sara on a cruise! See the ship I modeled this cruise on here:

Thanks to Marlou for Beta!! She rocks!

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Chapter one: Getting Away

For once, Gil Grissom was happy to be getting away from work; to be taking a vacation. He sat in his office, pen in one hand, his head in the other, reading reports, signing papers, and giving his attention to all the paperwork that was due to the sheriff's office before he'd be back.

Closing a folder, he pulled himself away from his administrative duties for a minute to sit back and take a long pull of coffee. He let his eyes roam around his office. It wasn't often he was away from here for any period of time, and it seemed almost unnatural to be leaving. His eyes fell to the box by the door, packed with books. Ok, so it wasn't exactly a vacation he mused as he took his glasses off.

Technically it was an entomological convention being held on a cruise ship. He was going, and the Vegas PD was picking up the bill since it was work related. The whole cruise to Bermuda was just a bonus.

He had asked Dr Robert Vincent, the entomologist in charge of the convention, why it was being held in such a way. Bob had just laughed and replied, "Gil, we deal with bugs and death... most of us are workaholics. Have you ever tried to take a vacation? You get a day, tops, before they're paging your ass back to the office. This way, short of sending a helicopter, we can all get some R and R!" Gil had laughed, then confirmed his place on the voyage. After all, it wasn't every day he got a chance to completely get away from work. Sure, it wasn't something he'd normally do, but he couldn't deny the need to get away.

Two months ago he had taken some time off to get his stapendectomy. Though the surgery was successful, he seemed to be regaining his hearing at a snails pace. Frustrated with this, it left his demeanor little better than when he'd left. Between that and his mystery absence he could see the strain it caused on his relationships with his fellow CSI's. Catherine was angry with him because he wouldn't tell anyone. Brass was so confused he had convinced himself as well as Nick, Warrick and Greg that he had a new girlfriend. And then there was Sara. He could see the pain in her eyes every time he looked at her. Their relationship, platonic or otherwise, was falling apart.

Before he could muse any further down that route his Big Mouth Billy Bass started singing, signaling he had a visitor. He turned his head to the doorway.

"See you changed the batteries," Sara said, a grimace on her face. She walked into the room, willing the offending fish to stop singing.

"Actually Greg did. Apparently he decided to take it upon himself when I asked him to feed my tarantula." Grissom tried to smile at her as she stood across from him, resting her hands on the chair in front of her, seemingly undecided about wether or not to sit.

"Why Greg?" She looked at her hands, picking at her nails, waiting for an answer.

She didn't have to ask the rest of the question, "...and not me?"

"I see a lot of myself in him, Sara. Besides, I told him if he could keep my spider healthy 'till I got back, I'd start taking him out in the field." She eyed him suspiciously. "I did it to Catherine, too, when she started as a tech. Consider it a right of passage. If you wanna be a CSI instead of a lab tech, you gotta take care of my spider." He shot her a smile. She gave him a weak one back.

"You know, you're already a CSI Sara, but you could take care of my spider any time you want." He hoped that it sounded less stupid to her than when he'd just said it. It came out quickly, anything to get her to talk to him than look so pitiful standing there.

That received a small laugh, followed by a bigger smile and her moving to sit in the chair. She still didn't look in his eyes, though. "It's not about--"

"I know that," he cut her off. She looked at him a bit surprised. "Just tell me what it IS about."

"That means you told him." She looked up at him, her brown eyes as big and soulful as he'd ever seen them. "And you didn't tell me."

He dropped his eyes from hers. It was too painful to see the hurt there. He took a deep breath and spoke. "I couldn't tell you. I didn't know how. It wasn't right. But it was just easier to not say anything. But I know it wasn't right. I'm sorry." He looked back to her. She was letting her eyes roam around the room, anything to avoid his sapphire gaze.

"How long's the convention?" She seemed satisfied leaving the conversation and moving on to a new one, and he was still wary where she was concerned, so he followed her lead. He must have been quiet for too long, because she looked at him expectantly and asked again, "You know, the one you're leaving for tomorrow? That you told us about during assignments today?"

"A week." He replied, snapping back to her, letting his eyes center on hers. "I'll be getting back here Sunday night, back at work on Monday."

She considered something for a moment, then shook her head as if she were shaking the thought away. She smiled and looked into his eyes again. "My flight leaves in a few hours... think they'll miss us?"

"I know they will. Catherine just about had a heart attack when she found out we were on vacation the same week." He tiled his head slightly to give her a half grin, with a twinkle in his eyes. It was almost like old times. Almost. He could still feel a bit of a cloud hanging over them, but it wasn't going to be resolved now. That was for another time.

"I thought you were going to a convention, you know, work related? Isn't that why Mobley picked up the bill?" She eyed him with a suspicious smile, hoping to catch him in a lie.

"Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe..." Just as he said that, Greg ran down the hall outside his office, followed by a very irate Catherine, screaming obscenities at him. Grissom and Sara both stared at the ajar door, then slowly looked at each other. "Besides, getting away from THAT, in any form, is a vacation."

Sara shook her head and stood. He could almost feel the nervousness slip into the room again. She was being hesitant, hiding her face with her hair. "Well," She slipped the rogue hairs behind her ear and looked him in the eyes again. "Enjoy the bugs, Griss."

"Enjoy your vacation Sara."

And with that, she left his office.

Looking down at his watch, he realized he now had a lot less time than he had planned on. Grissom slipped his glasses back on and turned to the files still demanding his attention before he escaped Las Vegas.