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Chapter 16


After hours had passed Fiona finally woke up. She found herself inside a room. Everything around her made her dizzy making it hard to concentrate. She was confused. She didn't know what happened. She heard voices but she couldn't understand them although she could tell that those voices seemed worried and … sad.

Van sat next to Fiona's bed. He didn't know who he was going to tell her. Heck! He couldn't admit it yet. Everything had happened so fast. All he heard was the doctors saying some things, Moonbay crying and Irvine shouting at someone. He then noticed that she had finally opened her eyes. Van quickly noticed her confusion.

"Fiona, can you hear me?" Asked Van since Fiona hadn't said a thing. Still she didn't answer. It was as if she was lost in her own world. That made him even more worried than before. The doctors stepped in to check her.

"Mrs. Flyheight can you hear me?" One of the doctors asked. Still Fiona didn't answer.

"I suggest that you all leave so we can check her properly." The other doctor said. He tried to get them out of the room but Moonbay reacted in a way that freak the poor guy out.

"She's like my sister! How can you tell me to leave?" Moonbay yelled to the doctor. But to everyone's surprised Irvine grabbed Moonbay and pulled her out of the room, followed by a very quiet Thomas. Only Van was left in there but the doctors didn't say anything to him.

One of the doctors took out a small lamp. He brought it close to one of Fiona's eyes. The light hit the eye but the eye didn't react. The other doctor tried something else but it didn't work. The doctor sigh. They both looked at each other with unhappy expressions.

"What is wrong with her?" Van asked. He was seeing that everything that the doctors did to Fiona turn out negative.

"Well Mr. Flyheight just as we thought. Your wife is in a state of shock. Since everything that she had experience was too much for her she has locked herself in a world created by herself. The problem is, she wont come out of there until she accepts the truth." The doctor said.

Van didn't know what to do or say. Everything was to much for him as well. Why would all this kind of stuff happen to him! There were a million more people on this planet but as always it had to be him. He, who had lost his mother when he was only a baby. His father when he was only a child. Tormented by evil psychopaths who wanted to take over the world everyday and now his wife that was trapped in her own world refusing to come out of there and then his … daughter. God! Why him! It seemed as if the whole world was against him.

The doctors felt pity for Van. Seeing such a great man with theses problems broke their hearts. Softly they excuse themselves and left, leaving Van with Fiona.

Van stared at Fiona's sleeping body because even though her eyes were open she was still asleep. He had no idea of what he was going to do now. Van was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't hear the door being opened.

Van felt a hand on his shoulders. Slowly he faced the owner of the hand. It was Irvine. He had a look on his face that told Van that things weren't good.

"Van we need to talk." Irvine said. He was giving Van a sympathetic look.

"I can't right now, I have to stay with Fiona." Van said as he directed his attention to Fiona.

"Van I spoke to the doctor. She's not waking up anytime soon." Said Irvine hoping Van would understand, but Van's reaction was the contrary.

"That is not true!" Van got up from his chair so he could be standing in front of Irvine.

"Van calm down. Look we really need to talk." Irvine said, but Van's reaction wasn't helping.

"I'm not going to leave her so it doesn't matter what you say to me." Van said. He knew Irvine was just trying to help him, but he wouldn't leave Fiona.

"Van come with me." Said Irvine as he tried to grab his arm, but Van moved out of the way.

"I'm not going anywhere. Fiona needs me!" Van said. Right now for him it was very hard to control his emotions and Irvine wasn't helping.

"She isn't the only person that needs you. Padme is dying!" Irvine yelled. He had lost his patience.

Van stared at Irvine with pure shock. All the color f his face left. His whole body trembled. /No, I can't lose her too. I can't/ Thought Van.

All of the sudden Van fell to the floor and began to cry. He couldn't hold it any longer. All those feelings that he had locked up were finally free. It's true that Van is a strong man, but he still is only human.

"Come Van." Irvine said as he helped Van to get off the floor. This time Van didn't reject him. Both of them left the room. Unknown to them, Fiona had reacted to what Irvine had said.

Van and Irvine arrived at the hospital room in were Padme was kept. The baby was in a crib with tubes all around her. Her skin was completely pale. Van was shocked from what he saw. He couldn't force himself to go in because he knew that if he went in he had to accept the truth.

Irvine watched Van's reaction. He couldn't blame him. He too would be like this if anything happened to his daughter. It was really hard to believe that everything that his friend worked so hard to build had fallen in just one moment. Nothing would be the same now.

The sound of the monitor that checked on the baby's heart was all the sound that was heard in there. A nurse walked by and saw the men. She approached them and said, "Are you relatives?"

Van didn't answer. He just kept staring at his daughter. Irvine saw how Van was so he answered. "I'm her uncle and this is her father."

"Oh." The nurse turned to face Van and said, "Sir, would you like to go in?" but Van didn't answer. Instead he just stepped back and left. He couldn't stand being there. How could anyone.

Irvine just sigh and apologized to the nurse. The nurse understood. This wasn't the first time she saw this. Irvine stared once more at Padme and then left looking for Van.

Moonbay walked in Fiona's room and saw the bed empty. This shocked her a lot. She checked the bathroom that was united with room, but it too was empty. She ran out of the room searching for someone that could give her answer to this.

Moonbay saw one of the doctors that was in there earlier and ran to him. The doctor saw her and got scared. She had frightened him before and she looked really upset now.

"Where is she?" Moonbay asked. The only thing that happened was to confuse the doctor. He had no idea what she was talking about. Since the doctor didn't answer, Moonbay grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. "I said, where is she!"

The doctor who was scared right now didn't know what to say. Finally he regain his voice and said stuttering, "I-I do-o-on't know wha-at you ar-re tak-kli-ing abo-ou-t."

Moonbay was becoming more angrier by the second. "Where is my friend? The one that you just checked a few minutes ago. Her name is Fiona Flyheight!" Moonbay yelled at the poor guy.

That doctor was now confused by what she said. "Yo-our friend is i-in her ro-o-om, ma'am." The doctor managed to say.

"No she is not! And stop stuttering!" She yelled even angrier than before.

The doctor searched for any other person around the hall that could help him, but to his luck it was empty. He gulp and said, "I really don't know. She is supposed to be in her room do to her condition."

Moonbay was about to yell at the guy even more when a voice stopped her. "Moonbay."

The brunette turned to see who it was and immediately let go on the doctor. The doctor didn't waste anytime in running from there. Like hell he was going to get caught twice like that again.

Moonbay's eyes widen as she saw Fiona. Isn't she supposed to be in a coma or something like that? "Fiona, what are you doing here?" She asked concerned.

Fiona didn't answer here question instead she said, "I want to see Padme." Fiona leaned her fragile form against the wall since she was still a bit weak. Moonbay went to help her.

"I don't think you should see her now." Moonbay said. She knew that Fiona would be torn if she saw her daughter like that.

"I need to see her and Samira." Fiona said softly. She hanged onto Moonbay because she felt like she was going to fall. Moonbay tried to hide that pain in her once she heard that name of Samira. She couldn't possibly tell Fiona what happened. That would kill her.

"You need to rest Fiona. Once you have your strength back you'll get to see he-them." Moonbay said hoping that her friend would listen to her. Today wasn't her day because Fiona refused to do as she says.

"If you wont take me to them I'll find them myself." Fiona said as she softly pushed Moonbay away and starting walking to the direction the doctor ran of to. She didn't get very far because she fell. Moonbay ran to her and helped her up.

"Fiona you are still weak. You will never make it. Let me take you back to you room so you can rest." Moonbay said.

"No. I need to know that they are ok. I need to see them." Fiona softly said as she struggled to walk. Moonbay sigh.

"Fiona how about this. We'll go back to your room so that you can change into your normal clothes and then I'll take you them." Moonbay said hoping that this time she will listen. Fiona only nodded. Moonbay only smiled, she managed to buy them sometime.

Van went inside of the room in the base. He didn't care who it was. He just needed to be alone. What was he talking about? He is alone.

Van brought his hands to his face as he sat on the bed. He needed to think. He had to figure out what to do. Why did this happen? What did he do to deserve it? He heard the door open, but didn't look to see who it was.

"Daddy." A soft voice said. Van lifted his head and saw his son. The boy looked sad and he couldn't blame him. Poor child, his life had taken a sudden turn that would hurt him deeply.

"What is it Dan?" Van asked a bit too harsh. The boy was taken back by the way his father had spoken to him. Maybe he had come at a bad time, but he needed to know.

"I want to know where mommy is." Dan said even softer than he had before. Dan felt slight fear when he saw how his father's eyes held anger at the mention of his mother.

"Not now. Go play or something, but leave me alone." Van said coldly. He wasn't trying to hurt his son, but right now he had too many emotions to handle at once.

"But dadd-"

"NOW!" Van yelled as he got up from his bed. Dan took a few steps back. Now he really was feeling fear. He decided not to say anything else and left the room running.

Van knew he had gotten too far, but if he went after his son he would only complicate things. He sat once again on the bed and tried to think. He needed to solve this once before he hurt anyone else.

Moonbay helped Fiona dress. Moonbay had told her to wait for her with the excuse that she was going to her a jacket since it was a bit cold in there. Once Moonbay left Fiona got up from the bed and checked that Moonbay was no were in sight.

Fiona got out of the room and headed to rooms that the children are usually kept if they're sick. She knew that something wasn't right. Moonbay was acting to weird and refuse to tell her anything about her daughters. She just hope that they were alright.

Once Fiona arrived to that certain section of the base she began to look in each room for any signs of her daughters. A nurse saw her and approached her.

"Excuse me, are you looking for someone?" The nurse asked.

Fiona nodded and said; "I'm looking for Padme and Samira Flyheight" She was glad that the nurse had found her. It would make things easier.

"Come this way." The nurse said. They arrived to a room that was six doors away from were Fiona was when the nurse found her. The nurse opened the door and Fiona walked in.

The blonde stopped dead in her tracks. Fiona's hand instantly came up to her mouth as her eyes widen with shock. "This can't be." Fiona softly said. She took a step back. This couldn't be happening. Not her.

The nurse saw Fiona's reaction and asked, "Are you a relative?"

"I'm her mother." Fiona said softly. She couldn't look away. Her eyes were stuck on Padme's little form. The nurse put a comforting hand on Fiona's shoulder.

"Where is Samira." Fiona asked still looking at her youngest daughter.

The nurse hated to be the one to tell her this but she had no right to hide it from her. "I'm really sorry ma'am, but your daughter didn't survive the fire." The nurse said trying to be as gentle as she could.

A gasp was heard from Fiona. "No, that can't be true." Fiona said as she turned to face the nurse. She grabbed her by the shoulder and began to shake her. "You're lying! Why are you lying to me?" Fiona yelled as crystal tears fell for her tired crimson eyes.

"Ma'am please calm down." The nurse said panicking. She tried to take Fiona's hands of her shoulders but she couldn't.

"Where is my daughter?" Fiona both asked and yelled. She couldn't accept what the nurse had said. Moonbay came in and pulled Fiona away from the nurse.

When Moonbay had gone back to the room she had found it empty once more. She could only guess where Fiona was and she was right.

"Let go of me!" Fiona yelled as more tears feel. Moonbay had a tight grip on her, but still Fiona was managing to pull away. Irvine came in as well and helped Moonbay since he saw her loosing her grip.

"Fiona calm down." Irvine said but it was no use. You would think that since she had woken up from her slumber that she would be weak and with no energies, well this was just the contrary. Fiona managed to push both of them away and ran out of the room.

Irvine help Moonbay get up from the floor. "Does she know?" Moonbay asked.

"Seeing her reaction I guess she does." Irvine said. He felt really bad for Fiona and Van. He knew that both of them were taking this really hard. Moonbay was about to go after her when Irvine stopped her. "Let her be alone for a while. She needs to think this through." Irvine said.

"Are you nuts? Didn't you see how she was just a moment ago? Something could happen to her during this state that she is in." Moonbay said trying to reason with her husband.

"Moonbay, Fiona is taking this really hard just like Van. They both need time to let it sink in. It is best if we leave her alone. We will only complicate things even more for her." Irvine said.


"No buts. Please understand Moonbay." Irvine said hoping that his wife would see his point of view. Moonbay just sigh and nodded.

Fiona ran into one of the base's rooms. She didn't bother to look where she was going. Her whole life shattered in one moment. She felt useless, angry, and sad.

Fiona noticed that someone else was in the room. She looked up to see who it was. It was Van. His face held no emotion, but his eyes, his eyes held so many things.

She didn't know what to do. Finally she decided to go to him. Slowly she made her way to him. One of her hands tried to reach his shoulder, but he moved away. Fiona pulled her hand back and stared into Van's eyes.

There she saw something that completely hurt her. Anger was very clear in his eyes. Fiona took a step back. She didn't know why, but she felt scared. But the question is, scared of what?

Van on the other hand tried to contain himself from doing something he would regret later, but his anger was too much to control. "It's you fault." He said softly, but Fiona was able to hear him.

Fiona was taken back with that. "What?" She asked in the same tone as his.

But Van ignored her and continued. "Because of you Samira is dead." That did it. Fiona couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"How can you say that?" Fiona controlled herself from crying once more.

"All of this happened because of you!" Van snapped and finally revealed his fury.

"I didn't do anything!" Fiona yelled.

"Yes you did! Your lover or what ever he was did this because of you!" He yelled back, Fiona didn't say anything. She couldn't believe what he was saying. Van went on expressing his anger. "Our daughter is gone and it's your entire fault! You're nothing but a wh-" He wasn't able to finish. A huge sound was heard and a red mark lay on his right cheek. He slowly turned to see her and saw her eyes red with tears falling from them.

"How can you say that? I never wanted this to happen! I love Samira just as you do and it hurts me a lot losing her, but that doesn't give you the right to insult me!" Van stayed quiet.

"You have no idea what I've been through while you were gone. I had to keep my family together through this madness. I had to take care of three children who couldn't understand why their father was gone and why there was someone following us. So don't you dare judge me because I've done more than you. Because while I was protecting my children you were busy living a relax life with some girl." There she had finally said it.

"Don't start acting like you a saint because we both know your not. I don't but that story that you were loyal to me while I was gone. Oh and when it comes to Annie, well I'm glad I'd spent those months with her instead of you. She will always be much better than you will ever be!" He said letting his anger control him.

Fiona wanted to slap him again, but she controlled herself. She wasn't going to waste anymore of her time in this. Fiona turned around and tried to leave the room, but Van grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Where the hell do you think you're going? We're not done!" He yelled.

Fiona released her arm from his hold and turned to face him. "Yes we are. I will no spend another second in this. Consider this marriage over!" With that she left the room.


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Broken Mirros

It's eleven years since Samira's death. Van and Fiona are separated and with new lives. Now the evil that separated them is back for revenge and with help. Old loves will reawaken, frienships will be tested and new loves will come.