Antonio/Tony Toretto Hair: Dark brown, spiked Eyes: Brown Car: None Height: 5'7

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"Again Mr. Terreto? What is that? The fifth time this month?" Mr. Jeraldson asked Antonio Teretto.
"Don't flatter yourself Jeraldson. Only four," Tony said rolling my eyes. Tony thought that guy has a problem with counting.
"Five, four too many. Who cares? I'm going to call your father. This behavior is out of control! Fighting, talking back, tardiness, hokey! Do I need to go on?" Mr. Jeralson had said taking out Tony's files."
"No, it's alright. I have lunch next period," Tony said giving an aspirated sigh.
"That's the kind of attitude I mean Tony," Mr. Jeraldson tried lecturing Tony. "Your grades are nothing short extraordinary. You know you could get promoted with all your perfect S.A.T.'s and grades, etc. The question is why you don't want any of this? Why do you choose to get in trouble?"
"I appreciate the lecture Jeraldson, but I get enough of those at home. Can't you just call my dad so I can get out of this dump?"
Tony knew he would be in really deep shit once he got home. Life at home wasn't any better than life in school. But at home people paid a little more attention to him. Miami wasn't home, and Tony knew it. But somehow, he knew he couldn't ask where home really was.
"Very well. I don't know what I'm going to do with you," Mr. Jeraldson muttered as he picked up the phone and started dialing the number he already memorized. "Mr. Teretto?"
"No Vince. Who's this?" Vince asked.
Tony secretly celebrated in his mind. Vince didn't say anything about fighting. Vince was a real buddy to Tony.
"This is Mr. Jeraldson, Tony's high school principle. Is Mr. Teretto there?"
"Yeah hold on," Vince said. In the back ground you can hear Vince shouting for Dominic. Moments later you could hear a deep voice answer the phone.
As they talked Tony's mind started to wander off. As he stared outside his eyes settled on a 2003 Black SubaruWRX with a GReddy EVO Exhaust, Blitz Turbo Timer, Velside body kit and stage 3 turbo. He had always had a craving for cars. His dad was a street racer, but Tony almost never was allowed to go to the tracks with him. At 15, turning 16 tomorrow, he had always wished his dad would teach him how to street race. Cars was always a getaway for Tony. Bikes when he couldn't drive without a learner's permit. But whenever he's pissed, all he did was ride away at full speed. Going to his secret place watching the sunset. He wished life was all fun and games, but his wasn't. Now it was just going to get more complicated.
"Alright. Alright, thank you. Bye," Mr. Jeraldson hanged the phone up.
"So, what's my dad say?" Tony said trying to sound uninterested.
"Why don't you ask him? He's coming to pick you up. You have two weeks suspension. Off school suspension may I add. You can wait in the hallway," Mr. Jeraldson said sounding very pleased.
"Aw, it's going to be a vacation for me, but torture on you. You know you'll miss me too much Mr. Jeraldson," Tony said standing from his chair and slamming the door closed.
Great he thought. His dad always went down on him for fighting. Always said never to use his mother's name. Never say the name 'Letty' around him, although he never really knew why besides the fact she ditched them 14 years ago. Everything that he did that reminded his father of Letty, got him in trouble. Sometimes just talking gets him in trouble.
"Let's go," Dom's thunderous voice snapped Tony back to reality.
People looked as they passed through the hallways. They snickered as they saw Tony walking about a foot behind his dad. Others pointed at Dom's bulging muscles as they made his shirt look tiny. While others look in adoration for the street racer. He was the illegal street racing king in Miami and before that in Los Angeles. Of course many people only knew of Miami, only few were told about the Dom Teretto who use to be king of L.A. People who did know Dom knew they shouldn't mention L.A. in front of Dom or Tony.
Dom simply stormed into the car with Tony at his heels. The first thing Tony did was put on his seatbelt afraid of his father driving when he was mad. Heck he was afraid of his father driving when he wasn't mad. Yes he had a craving for speed, but only if he was driving. Otherwise he need for speed was kept in his head.
"Dad where are we going?" Tony asked nervously as Dom sped right past the right turn he was soppose to make to go to their house.
"Shut up Tony. I don't want another word from you," Dom said calmly.
Tony looked at his father for a second. He saw the sadness and pain Dom was trying to hide. He saw how much this one hurt. And Tony couldn't help but feel responsible. He knew his dad loved Letty with all his heart. And in his opinion Dom was a fool, trusting someone with his heart. Only to get it ripped in shreds thrown back at his face. This was something Tony knew his father's muscles couldn't push or pull away. Tony knew it wasn't something meant to be sweapt under the rug. It wasn't meant to be forgotten, but then again, Dom took Tony in. Wouldn't that be enough? Tony looked thinking about it. How could his mom leave Dom alone? How could she leave her family? Thoughts ran through Tony's head. He had shoved them under the carpet when he was younger. He had hidden away his biggest worries, his insecurities, everything about his past, and shoved it under a carpet. Now sixteen years later here he was on the road with his father into the unknown with resurfacing problems. And Tony thought it had to do with only one person. His mom.

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