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"Flatlined? What do you mean flatlined?" Dom asked jumping out of his seat.

Tony let out a sigh of relief as all of his dad's attention drifted away from him. But immideatly he felt sorry for what was going on. His heart went out not to his mother, to the young boy who was in there. Growing up with Dom as his father, Tony had to learn at an early age how to pretend to be strong when everyone else was crumbling. It wasn't that Dom had gotten into any accident, but his dad taught him that crying was for babies and girls, and if he really cared he'd find a way to fix things instead of lingering in the past. He thoughts wondered to the boy. He wondered if Brian was like Dom, strict in a 'the world sucks, don't expect it to bow to your every command,' kind of way. If Letty was kind and understanding like Mia.

"I'll talk to you later," Dom said going back to where Letty was now holding Scott as both cried into each other's shirts.

Tony's PoV

I sighed walking out of the hospital itself. I really didn't feel sticking around after the tears to hear dad tell the others about my little problem. In a way I also didn't want to stick around because I was really pissed off that...ok I don't know what I'm pissed off about. But I do know I'm jealous about Scott. Mia didn't even know the boy and already she was comforting him, as Letty, or mom, took comfort in dad's arms. And it sucked to watch realizing that they already look like a perfect family. Scott was probably one of those kids who stayed in school and did sports and was home by dinner. I know dad wishes I was like that, instead of some juvinelle delinquet running around town with my head cut off. I bet he wished that I was smart, that just once I can come home with a report card that said, 'excellent to have in class,' instead of, 'would like to see in class more often.'

It wasn't my fault I already knew what my future consists of. I mean I already knew I was going to get the garage once dad retires, so there's really no point in trying for things I know I'm never going to do anyways. I can't be a cop because well I'd need to be arresting myself. I can't be a firefighter because I'm not suicidal. I can't be a doctor because I can't ever live thinking I could have done something to save him, or her. I can't go to the army because I can barely do ten pushups much less let someone scream in my face and spit on it. I should be happy I guess. I mean lots of people have to worry about what they're going to do for a living, and well I already have what I'm going to do. I already work at what I'm going to do for a living. I'm already doing what I have to do.

"Hey kid where you...holy shit, you a Toretto kid?" A hispanic guy asked rolling down his window as he peeked out.

Two seconds ago this guy was about to scream at me about not looking out for where I was going. I was taken by surprise but I knew I wouldn't let anyone see that. As casual as I could I responded.

"Depends, who are you," I said staring straight into the guy's eyes.

"Damn straigh homes! You are a Toretto! I heard rumors Dom's back in town but damn!" The guy said excitidly.

"Uh yeah, ok I'm gonna get going. Nice meeting you," I said turning back to the sidewalk. Maybe I walked too far away from the hospital.

"Where you going?" He asked confused.

"Uh hospital."

"Hop in I'll give you a ride. I'm Hector, if I'm not mistaken your Dom's kid right? Uh Tony I think it is," He said racking his head a little.

It was weird to know that someone knew me before I knew them. I mean it happens all the time back in Miami, but it's different you know. I don't know these streets, and it probably doesn't know me, but everyone else does. Everywhere I turn someone has a story about dad, or something happened here. Everyone knew dad, and it sucks because everyone knew me too. I guess I can never make myself a different name. I'm never going to be anyone else other than Toretto's kid, or maybe the stupid gangster wannabe.

Staring out the window I hadn't realized how far I'd gone until I looked at the time. I left around 12 and it was already 3. I didn't even know where I was. I just needed to get away. To just keep walking. I wonder if they miss me. I wonder if they even know me anymore, I mean the me before I told dad about everything. I know everyone was going to look at me different. I always got into trouble at home but it was for stupid stuff like messing up on a costumer's car, or not coming home, or even fighting. But never something illegal, and never something that could land all of us in jail.

"Ok we're here. You tell Dom Hector tell's him to visit. Tell the others my offer goes to them too," Hector said bumping my fist. (A/n: kinda like a handshake)

Walking into the Emergancy Room part of the hospital I walked passed the nurses station and walked right into the nursing area. Looking around I noticed that there was a lot of families here, but none of mine.

'great they probably forgot I even exist,' I thought walking back to where the nurses station was.

"Yes how may I help you?" The lady asked in a voice strained with kindness.

"Uhh, there was a guy here, with a son, and mother. Um the guy got involved in a car accident and there was a whole bunch of people here. Do you have any idea where they are?" I asked, not use to the semi nice words.

"Sir, are you with the family?" She asked frowning at my appearance.

"Yeah," I said staring right back at her making her look away.

I guess she was thinking the same thing everyone else was thinking. Hoodlum, it's ok I guess. I know I'm not. Sometimes my family knows I'm not. It's just tiring having everyone judge me by the way I dress. They don't even know me, then again, my own father doesn't even know me.

"Intensive Care Unit right now. Only immideate family allowed," She said looking at the computer record.

"How about the family that was here? Do you know where they are?" I asked rolling my eyes at the useless information, the only waiting room we all fitted in was the E.R. waiting room.

"I would imagine I.C.U," She said would sarcasm mixed in with fake kindness.

I walked away knowing that she would only aggrivate me more. The families waiting looked like they were on the edge of insanity as they all cried their eyes out. The telivision was playing "Barney and Friends," the volume on mute. On one side of the room there was a concession stand. There was a doorway that led to another much more private waiting room, my guess is that's where the doctor delivers the news so the family could be given some time alone. I shuddered at the thought of my whole family being squeezed into that room as the doctor delivered the news.

I walked out of the Emergancy room and to the front of the hospital taking the elevator to the fifth floor where I.C.U. was located. I peeked through each room hoping to find at least one person from my family in one of the rooms.

"Dom, what are we going to do? He disappeared three hours ago?" Aunt Mia asked my dad concerned.

"Vince, Leon and Jesse are out there scoping the streets for him. Listen Mi I got to tell you something it's real important," Dad began.

I heard the voices just outside the closed room. I leaned so I can hear more but before I could do anything a nurse came walking down the hallways giving me a glare. Not wanting to piss her off, because she looked like the next godzilla, I walked into the room purposly making as much noise as possible so they would stop talking about me.

"V is that you?" Dad called, he still couldn't see me because Brian's bathroom was in the way of his vision.

"No dad, it's me," I said walking in fully so they could see.

Aunt Mia walked over and gave me a big hug. I thought I was in the clear, but then she slapped me clear across the back of my head. Annoyingly I reached for my head rubbing it comfortingly.

"Ow, what was that for?" I asked glaring daggers at her.

"Don't give me that look! You could have been killed out there!" Leave it to Aunt Mia to act as if I'm 6 not 16. "You don't even know this place. You didn't have a car. You left the cell in your dad's car. No one knew where you went! I was worried sick about you!" She said looking away so I wouldn't see her tears.

I hugged her once more reassuring her that nothing happened to me and I just needed to get out. All the while I was thinking of what dad was going to do to me. He wasn't going to hit me over the head, I know that because he hadn't tried corparal punishment since I was eight, but I know he was going to do something worse. Something that makes me wish he had rather ran me over with his car instead of whatever he was going to do.

"Since you're here why don't you tell your Aunt Mia what I know you know I was going to tell her," Dad said pointing to the door so we wouldn't disturb the sleeping Brian.

I looked over at Brian real quickly, just wanting to know why he was so bad off. I realized that he looked worse than I could ever imagine. His righ arm had a cast on it so it wouldn't bend at all, his eye swollen so when it was open it would be shut. His nose looked broken and his lip looked busted. Not only did he get into a car accident he looked like he got jumped too. I wanted to ask Aunt Mia if he was going to get better. I didn't want to sound attached though. I didn't know him, and therefore I shouldn't care about him right? But part of me already cared for him.

It wasn't that I don't care for people I don't know, I just learned that it's easier not to get hurt if you don't care. I mean a part of me cares for everyone and I feel bad and all when shit happens to good people, but I don't know about me caring to the point that I'm hurting because of it. But with Brian it was a different story. He was so close to my family, even if I didn't know him that I had to care what happened to him. Another part of me respected him for taking the beating he did yesterday like a man, and for facing my dad and just shrugging him off. Not many people could do that with dad.

"What's going on?" Aunt Mia asked when me and dad exchanged glances on the way out.

"I've umm," I bit my lower lip trying to think of the exact words I wanted to say.

I knew that a slap on the back of my head was the least of my worries after I tell her what I was going to tell her. I think she'd open out kill me and then faint if I just said, 'I owe a drug pusher money because my shit's been stolen and my friends might die because of it. But don't worry because dad is going to pay for it.'

Just as I open my mouth to speak, Vince, Leon, and Jesse show up as well as Letty (aka Mom) and her son. I felt like I was in an episode of full house.

"Daddd," I whined hoping he would have mercy on my birthday. I mean Letty and Scott already knew, but still it's embaressing to be admitting this thing in the hospital.

"Nope, go ahead," Dad said putting his hands up as if he had nothing to do with it.

Turning away from my dad afraid he'd see me flicking him off I waited until they gathered. I squirmed, but Dad made me stay still. And they all had confused looks on their faces as I continued stuttering over my words. I felt it get hotter as Jesse told me to spit. Looking down I kept stuttering hoping Dad would get annoyed and tell them himself. No such look as he just leaned on the wall watching me like everyone else.

"Um...well...uh...it's just that...uh...I've always needed to help my friends because they're my friends and all..." Sad, I know. "But um...sometimes helping friends....get's you into trouble. But I didn't mean to, I swear. I mean not in this trouble. Not that there is trouble. Well there is trouble but not to big a trouble." I felt like I was on display at a Musuem.

'come one come all to see the sixteen year old who died after his family viciously exiled him out.' My head played at the thought.

"What are you trying to say?" Vince asked me getting a little annoyed.

"It's just umm well it's like...you know it's not easy being a teenager. And you make a lot of mistakes. Not that I make a lot," I started again.

"SPIT!" Mia, Jess, Leon, and Vinny all said at the same time.

"I'm uhh...I'm in trouble," I said looking at their reactions.

"Hell yeah you're in trouble. I've been looking all around the freaking city for you," Leo started.

"No, not that trouble bigger trouble," I said shaking my head.

"Fighting in school? You bet, you promised no more fighting," Jesse said.

"Bigger," I sighed shaking my head. "Listen, just don't blow because this is a semi public place," I said silently thanking god for making my dad do it where I would have witnesses in case they hit me. "But I've been involved in a little pushing." I said not daring to look at their faces.

"We know. Uh we knew," Vince said after a while clearing his throat.

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