A Rose Amongst The Thorns


This story was sparked years ago by the New Adventures of Batman and Robin comic books based on the animated series. Posion Ivy has long been my favorite villian and Robin (Dick Grayson) has always been my favorite hero. One story of the comic books featured Posion Ivy luring Robin to her side to fight with her and Harley against Batman. I loved the story (I'll dig up the book for the title and number if any one would like to know) and it was the inspiration that birthed the following, yet unrelated, tale. Yes, it is a bit off-beat with a bizarre pairing but stranger things have happened in fan fiction. ^_^ _______________________________________________________________________

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A black bullet streaked through the streets of Gotham City at midnight. Robin hunkered down in the passanger seat with a scowl marring his handsome face. Beside him, Batman stared at the road ahead, his gaze steeled onto the fast approaching building and his jaw set at a determined angle.

The Batmobile screeched to a halt outside the Gotham Botanical Gardens, skidding sideways into the parking lot.

"Stay here," Batman growled at the teenager who had jumped out to follow him.

A derisive snort escaped Robin. He said nothing and, ignoring the older man's order, followed the black cape inside the building.

The main complex of the Botanical Gardens was eerily silent. The dim auxilarly lights created leering shadows along the walls and floors of the hallways. The stillness disturbed the Dark Knight. Instintively, he knew the thief was still in the building.

"Hey, Batman," Robin called, his voice faint as it drifted in from another room. "C'mere. There's something you ought to see."

He swore under his breath, annoyed that Dick seemed incapable of following the simplest of directions. The boy had always been headstrong and willful, but lately he had been nearly impossible to reign in.

He found Robin standing in the atrium in front of a gargantuan display of exotic flowers. Batman's sharp eyes took in every detail of the room, careful not to miss anything that might lend itself as a clue.

Finally, he turned on the youth. Robin met his hard gaze with an expectant one; but the coldness in his mentor's eyes soured his desire to be cooperative.

"What is?" Batman ground out.

Robin tossed back a chilling look of his own, then turned and pointed to a corner of the horticultural display.

"There. The Ocean's Depths is gone."

Batman saw that he was right. The Ocean's Depths was an incredibly rare violet, the only naturally ocurring green flower known to man. It had been brought to Gotham from the heart of the Amazon a week ago.

Batman had no doubt as to who was behind the theft.

Suddenly, there was noise from the corridor behind the room. Instantly, Batman zeroed in on the disturbance and took off. Robin was about to follow him when a flash of red caught his eye. He flew out of the room after whatever it was that he had seen, without paying heed to the whereabouts of his partner, from whom he got the distinct impression that he did not want anyone tagging along behind him.

Once he was in the hall, Robin stopped, crouched low to the ground, and listened. He could hear the "tap-tap-tap" of footsteps skittering down passageway. In his mind, he went over the layout of the Gardens and quickly deduced which exit the culprit was headed for. Like a panther, he lept up and sprint off down a parallel hall to beat them to their escape route.

The door loomed ahead of him and he quickened his speed. Somewhere behind him came a thunderous crash- a sound of a heavy body being slammed against a wall followed by the shattering of glass. Robin pressed on towards his goal; Batman, no doubt, had run into a bit of a roadblock and was busy cleaning it up.

Without warning, Robin was forced to check up. He saw it in front of him, but he was moving to quickly to stop in time. He skidded as he attempted to brake his gait and plowed into the figure in front of him.

Momentarily stunned, the Boy Wonder sat up and shook his head before standing wobbly to his feet. All around him was a mess of soil and dark green leaves. Slowly, his gaze lifted from the ground up into a pair of vivid green eyes that stared at him in shock. His mind was too clouded from the collision to be able to properly put facts together.

She was breathing heavy, both from running and from slamming into the young crimefighter. In one arm, she tightly clung to the clay pot that contained the stolen Ocean's Depth. Her free hand rested on the lip of the container, as though she was unsure of what else to do with it. Locks of disheveled hair the color of blazing fire fell into her face.

They stared at each other for what seemed an eternity but was really only seconds.

*Holy Aphrodite* was the first thought that registered any meaning in Robin's mind.

The exit door flew open with a svelte figure was silohuetted in the moonlight.

"Whaddya doin', Red?!" demanded a shrill voice. "Kiss 'im already and let's get outta here!"

*Kiss him?* Robin turned his attention to the door. The figured moved forward and Robin could better see the voice's owner.

If that was Harely Quinn in the doorway then....

Cold realization flooded Robin's sense and galvanized him into action, but it was too late.

His gaze turned back to her and she could see the recognition in his eyes. Her lips pressed themselved tightly together by their own volition. She stepped towards him until they were inches apart. He didn't so much as blink. With a fluid, practised move, she lifted the pot up and brought it swiftly down on his head.