The young lad stopped and rested his hands on his knees. Sweat trickled
down his forehead from the long treck down the mountain. He had shoveled
his way through tunnels of snow for two days. Finnaly he had reached the
bottom, and was very tired.
'At least I've reached Spielburg.....I think.'
The teenager looked around. Trees. Trees. More trees. Most dissapointing.
He sighed and decided to sit down and catch his breath. He found a suitable
looking rock and chose it for his place of rest. He pulled out of his right
pocket a folded up piece of yellow paper. He unfolded it and stared at the
reason he was here. It read:
"Wanted: Hero for the town of Spielburg.
*Fight monsters
*See beautiful Spielburg
*No experience necessary"
The "No experience necessary was especially important for this lad. This
would be his first real adventure, and his first step at becoming a hero.
He folded up the paper and put it away. He stood again with his strength
returned. It was time to get to the town of Spielburg. He brushed back his
long blonde hair, but it fell back into place when he started walking
Sheriff Schultz Meistersson puffed on his pipe as he glanced out of
the gate toward the forest. This was the most boring time of day for him.
Otto was content to stand and play with his yo-yo, but Schultz refused to
ever accept the fact that he was getting older. Getting older fast. The
only thing he could do to occupy his time was try to chase all the thieves
running about at night. The monsters and brigands were just too much for
the old sheriff. There hadn't been a single adventurer to try to take up
the reward for the defeat of the brigands since the last one had been
literally crucified with his own equipment.
Schultz shook his head and refilled his pipe. As he looked up again,
something caught his eye. It was the form of a person, walking through the
forest towards the gate. His entire body was covered in the shadows of the
trees, but there was no mistaking the way the person carried his body, this
man was definitly a fighter. Schultz uncrossed his leg and stared. If it
was a brigand, it was very unusual for it to come to the gates of the town.
The brigands prefered to ambush caravans and travelers who were headed for
Spielburg. The spell cast by Erana kept anyone from fighting in the town
anyway. The person stepped out of the shadows of the trees and through the
gate of the town. Schultz visibly relaxed, and smiled. Finally, someone to
try to be our hero.
The lad, who literally wasn't much more than a lad, stood in the gate
and surveyed the town, the hints of a foolish grin on his face. He wore a
pair of blue tunic pants tucked into high brown boots that came to his
knees. A brown leather armour vest covered his chest. His arms were bare,
unusual to not where a long shirt or something under the armour. A
broadsword was attached to the black belt on his left hip, and a shield was
slung over his back. His long blonde hair flowed down to his shoulders in
every direction but the front, which stopped just over his eyes. His blue
eyes turned to Schultz.
"Welcome to Spielburg stranger!" He called out warmly. "I can assume
you are here to claim the title 'Hero of Spielburg'?"
The blonde lad smiled and responded. "Yeah. I just came down from the
mountain, and I heard about you're predicament in my local adventurer's
Schultz nodded. "You are correct. We are in a predicament. The local guild
here is just to your left. You can find out more about the town and it's
problems there. I wish you luck on you're quest."
The lad nodded. "Thank you. I'm sure I'll need it."
The teenager turned and headed toward the adventurer's guild. Suddenly
Schultz called to him.
"Wait a minute lad, what's your name!?"
The lad turned around and yelled back. "Geno Star! Don't forget it, because
soon everyone will know it!"
Geno smiled and turned back to the course he was on. Schultz smiled and
shook his head. A little bit of confidence was good for so young an
While Sheriff Schultz was having his conversation with Geno, neither
were aware of the pair of hands that appeared over the town wall. The hand
were quickly joined by a pair of arms, and then the torso of a young man
hefted itself over the wall. Then a whole body flipped over the wall
gracefully. The young man squated where he fell in the shadows. Quickly he
surveyed the entire area and walked out of the shadows. The first person to
notice the man was a young filly at a fruit stand.
"Hello." She said.
The man turned and faced her. "Good afternoon." He said with an attractive
accent hailing him from somewhere north.
The man was dressed in a pair of black tunic pants tucked into a pair
of black boots that reached just below his shin. A black leather jerkin
coverd his chest, and a white long sleeve shirt reached out of the jerkin
to his black gauntlets. He had dark brown hair that fell down over his neck
and sides of his face. A thin line of hair fell down right past his eyes,
just hiding the hazel color of them from being seen.
"I can't remember ever seeing you here before. Are you new here?" She
"I am Dante Vellmont." He said, then made an ellegant bow.
"It's nice to meet you Mr. Vellmont. What brings you to Spielburg?"
Dante looked around the town for a second before answering her. ".....Many
"Well, I hope you find everything you seek."
He smiled. "I hope for the very same thing."
He walked past her towards a set of houses, most of which were actually
shops, but they were all closed. He noticed a dark alley next to a bar. The
bar intrigued him, so that was where he decided to go first.
Grass and weeds crunched under his footsteps. Finally the trees gave way to
the sight of a path. He stepped out of the foliage and into the sunshine.
He threw the hood of his cloak back and looked up into the sun.
"Thank God, he has deliverd me from the torment of the wilderness."
He walked onto the path and contemplated where he was going. Spielburg, he
kept telling himself. This would be his chance to prove his worth, and to
make his father notice him. Also, it would irritate the hell out of his
foster father. This idea made him smile.
"What are you smiling about?"
The man whipped around. To his right was a young man leaning against
a tree. He was dressed in a pair of green tunic pants tucked into brown
boots and a brown jerkin. A green long sleeve shirt protruded from his
jerkin. He wore no gloves or gauntlets. A red cape flowed behind him and
was connected below his neck by a gold brooch. His brown hair was combed
down the back of his head, and it looked like he used grease in it. His
brown eyes surveyed the man in the path.
"You want something, friend?" The cloaked man asked.
The man in the red cape responded. "I'm looking for spielburg."
"That makes two of us."
"What are you going there for?"
"I wish to be the hero of Spielburg."
"Another thing we have in common."
The cloaked man sized up the red caped stranger. He didn't appear to be
"My name is Darion Kelling." The cloaked man said.
"Reuss. My friends call me Jester."
"Nice to meet you.....Jester. Well, I must be on my way." Darion turned and
started walking along the path.
Jester sized up Darion as he walked. He wore a pair of blue denim pants
tucked into high brown boots with silver laced into their stiching. A white
button up long sleeve shirt was the only thing he wore over his chest and
arms. His dark grey hooded cloak flowed from the brooch that connected it
below his neck. The brooch was in the shape of a silver sword with the
blade pointing down from his neck. He had on a pair of brown gauntlets with
silver plates on the fingers and knuckles. His head was covered with sandy-
blonde hair, with the back tied back into a ponytail that reached below his
neck, and the sides hung down past his ears, exposing the front of his face
and head. A pair of deep, jade green eyes surveyed the world with wisdom
and curiosity.
"Hey, Darion." Jester called.
Darion turned around.
"What do you say we team up? Spielburg is only a couple of miles from here,
it'd be great if we could go together, watching out for each other. These
woods are pretty dangerous....."
Darion crossed his arms.
"I'm not the teaming up type. I do things alone."
"Right, right. The lone wolf type. Live alone, eat alone, die alone. Sounds
pretty boring to me."
"You think you can hold you're own in a fight?"
"I haven't lost one yet, sire."
"You don't have a single weapon on you."
"Neither do you, oh Darion-The-Gray-Cloaked!"
Darion smiled and reached over his back and pulled out the most elegant
looking sword Jester had ever seen from where it was hidden on his back.
"Thats a.....nice sword....."
The sword was folded steel, extremely sharp. The crossguard was silver,
with silver diamonds on each side of the crossguard. It had a black chain
linked handle, with a silver ball pommel on the bottom. Darion took a few
careful swings, showing that not only did it slice the very air it touched,
it was extremely light as well.
"I'm sure I can handle anything these woods have with this."
Darion sheethed his sword. Jester smiled.
"Well then, I guess I'd better be careful around you then. Never know when
a damn sword will swing around and hit you're commrade."
"Don't worry Darion, I'll take care of ya. Don't be scared while you're
with me."
Jester patted Darion on the back and started walking with him.
"I'm sure this will be a splendid trip now that there are two of us."
Jester said.
"One can only hope." Darion added.