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"Wipe Out"


It was a good beautiful day at the beach. The sun was up, the sky is clear, and it was just me and the water. I held on to the surfboard on my side as I close my eyes and felt the breeze swept pass by me. I then turned around and saw the guys waved, suprisingly having a good time. I didn't think they would want to tag along with me, since they'd probably want to do their own thing. Like with Shane who loves skateboarding and the rest of the guys with their motorcross obsession. We all have different hobbies, and I definitely respect that. The cool thing is, we do buy some time to check out and see how the other is doing, whether it's skateboarding, motorcross, or even surfing. We're always there for one another, and that makes the 5 of us so tight, and I wouldn't change my friends for the world.

As I was about to hit the water, I spotted Shane, Hunter and Dustin flirting with some girls wearing bikinis. I just rolled my eyes and laughed at the fact that they were making complete fools of themselves without even noticing it. I then, turned to the other side and saw Blake with Cyber Cam waving to me as I waved back. "Surf's up girl!" Blake shouts out as I laid face down on my board and began paddling, side by side with another blonde surfer chick.

~*~*~*~*~ Blake

Here I am, chilling at the beach, sitting with Cyber Cam on the sandy shore as we watched the other guys flirt with some chicks nearby. We laughed hysterically once Shane made a move on one of the girls, putting his arm around a brunette as she sadly backed away from him and left. Poor guy, I thought as I turned away and focused on the direction to where Tori was paddling on her surfboard from afar. Man did she look great from where I was sitting with her blue board shorts and a tankini top! Dude...that girl looks good all the time. Her amazing beauty, spunk, athleticism, potential, and her braveness really got me attracted to her. She's so unique and different from most girls, which makes her such an awesome chick!

I was off to my own world for awhile till Shane joined us. He sighs as he picked up a small rock from the sand and threw it in front of him. "You alright, man?" I asks, although I knew what he was all bummed out about.

"Man, is it just me or am I just bad luck with girls?" The red ranger asks with a frown.

"Hey, don't worry about it." I said, trying to cheer him up. "She's not your type anyways. You could do better than that!"

"But look at those guys." Shane says following a sigh as he looks at Hunter and Dustin's success in talking and flirting with the girls without scarying them away. He then turned around and faced me. "Chicks dig them, man!"

"Dude, don't worry about it. You'll have your chance. Trust me." I said reassuringly.

"Easy for you to say." He adds with a sudden smirk. "You have it going on too with the ladies." I stared at him in total confusion, like I didn't know what he was talking about. And I didn't. With girls, I can never start a conversation to impress them without freaking out. At times I wonder, maybe it's because I wasn't really attracted to them, and that I wasn't interested at all...or it was the fact that I grew up being scared of girls. I don't know. It's strange to hear Shane say that I have it going on too with the ladies. I wanted to just laugh at his face. That was so untrue. I don't find myself attractive, or at least I think so. "Oh come on!" Shane lets out a chuckle. "You know who I'm talking about." He winked. "Tori."

Tori. The name that brings music to my ears. Yeah, I'm attracted to Tori. Honestly, the first girl I have ever felt this way about. But I have no clue if she felt the same way about me or not. I get this feeling that when we're together, she would lead me to a sign or something, as if there's something she wanted to tell me. I haven't told anyone about it, although I do try to make it look obvious for them with all the flirting, but I didn't care. I always kept in mind that Tori probably knew by now that I have a thing for her. Shane already gets the picture. "What are you saying?" I asks when Shane was now off to his own world. I could tell I caught him off guard when he was all of a sudden staring off into space, not aware with what I just asked. I waved my hand in front of him, and took a glimpse to where or who he was looking at. "Dude..." I called out to him as Cyber Cam tried to get his attention as well. "Shane? Hello?" He began to look worried as he moved his head to the left, and then to the right as if he was looking for something or someone. A grimace look suddenly spread across his face as he stood up, and from then on, I knew something was up. "Yo, Shane!" I shook him by the shoulder while his glance remained stuck on the water. "Get out of it!"

"Where's Tori?" He mumbled, still looking around throughout the whole beach. I didn't quite get what he said, so I flashed a questionable expression on my face. "Tori!" Shane looks at me as my head jerked back.

I stared back at him weirdly. "Dude, what about her?"

"I don't see her out there, man!" He panicked.

"Chill...isn't she surfin', dude?" Cyber Cam wonders as I put my hand up on my forehead to block the sun rays from my eyes to see if I can spot Tori from where I was standing in the water. I too began to worry when I see no sign of her. That's weird, I thought. Moments ago she was just paddling on her surfboard towards the current. She could've not gone that far. I began to feel really stupid. I was just thinking about her, and then suddenly she disappears. Why was I so careless.

Seconds later, Shane viciously grabbed my shoulder like something important was up. "Look!" He yells out and gasps as he points at Tori's surfboard, floating on water to shore. "She's nowhere near it!" Oh no, I thought as thousands of negative images came wanderin' in my head. "Come on! Let's go!" Shane leads the way as me and Cyber Cam came running towards the water behind him. I hoped in my mind that nothing bad happened to Tori. Nothing.

~*~*~*~*~ Tori

I paddled and paddled as fast as I could till I reached the spot where 40- 50 feet waves were present, which are highly one of the most dangerous waves to surf. I didn't even bother to tell the guys that I was gonna be way back here to where all the action took place. Not like they even care. This has always been my spot, so I was very familiar with it. I sat on my board and waited for a good one while the others around me waited as well. I looked to my left at the same blonde surfer chick with her back completely towards me when I turned to her, and then a dark brown haired skinny guy to my right. Suddenly everyone's faces were focused on the next wave coming in, which was so perfect! I paddled till the tip of my board was facing shore, and immediately went for it. The blonde girl to my left began paddling, and before I even know it, we were going neck in neck on the same wave.

I felt the rush behind me, as I quickly went on my feet and balanced myself on the board. I turned my head to the left, and glance over at the blonde girl who looked so familiar, and alot like me. Other than having long blonde hair and blue eyes, she was a bit shorter. I couldn't exactly tell who it was since the waves were blocking my view, and separating us both. I looked straight ahead as a huge wave cast a shadow over me. Before it nearly hit me, I managed to escape from the barrel when suddenly the blonde girl attempted to glide in front of me as our boards colided onto each other. I heard her groaned as if she expected me to fall off when I was able to stay on. I caught her glaring at me so evilly cold that I just wanted to knock her down right there! "Get out of the way!" I yelled. She leaned forward and surfed on the shoulder of the wave as she made a 180 degree turn and felt her board hit me from the side. I plunged into the water, and began swimming up to the surface. Once I took a breath, a huge wave came over me and forced my head back under water. My body twirled and spun around as my back landed on a hard rock below. I cried in pain as I held onto my shoulder and desperately used my legs to swim myself back up. Luckily I was able to keep myself underwater for awhile without running out of breath...or else it would've been too late.

~*~*~*~*~ Blake

Me and Shane went running as the sands between our toes caused us to trip. We stood up, and quickly took off our shirts once we hit the water. Cam was told to stay on shore and see if he can spot Tori from there. Once me and Shane were on the deep end, we dived and began swimming as fast as we could. We parted, as I took the left side, and he took the right. Waves were strongly intense as they kept pushing me back. I fought back and just kept paddling, shouting Tori's name along the way. "Tori! Tori!" I held my breath as I plunged into the water. I suddenly had scary thoughts of Tori drowning or caught between the waves, but I just shook my head, knowing that she's alright, although my gut senses trouble.

Momentarily, I heard someone shouting my name. "Blake!" I turned around, and there was Shane paddling towards me. "Any luck?" He asks as he wipes out the dripping water on his face. I nodded my head in dismay as we both kept swimming forward. I had my hopes up, thinking that it was Tori yelling my name, but I was disappointed when it wasn't. I hope we're not too late, I thought when unexpectedly I heard someone taking a desperate gasp. "Shane! Blake!" We heard a voice yell out from the distance. "Help!"

"Tori!" Shane called out as he pulled me towards him. "Come on, man! She's over there." He points.

Once I saw Tori's head pop out on the surface, looking hurt, I began paddling my heart out. Once I got to her, I lifted her arm, and opened my eyes wide-eyed when there was a huge servere cut on her shoulder that began to bleed. "Oh my God." I panted. "Tori, you're hurt!"

"Just please..." She cried painfully. "Swim me to shore. My shoulder is jammed."

"You'll be okay." Shane said reassuringly as he took her other arm. "Come on. Let's go."

~*~*~*~*~ Hunter

The day at the beach went alright for awhile, till it backfired on me. It was going swell for me and Dustin with the fine chicks we were kicking it with till all of a sudden we heard yelling from Shane and my brother Blake. I thought at first they were just messin around, so I didn't even bother. But as Cyber Cam came running up to us, saying Tori is missing, I paused right there and couldn't think straight for a second. The words Tori is missing brought guilt into my blood, knowing that I was too careless and busy flirting with girls that I hardly even know, instead of looking after one of my good friends, who may be in serious trouble. Boy, was I such an idiot.

Once we heard the news, me and Dustin immediately went to the water, in search for Tori. Shane and Blake were already out there, looking and trying to save the blonde, as they fight their way through the large waves. Last time we both saw her was when she was holding up her surfboard, getting ready to hit some waves, so we assumed that she was somewhere out there. Man was I scared if anything happened to her. And then there she was with Shane and Blake as they paddled her to shore. I sighed in relief as me and Dustin went to help them. Thank God, I thought. "What happened?!" I asked in concern as the 4 of us laid Tori down on the sand.

"We need to take her to Ninja ops!" Blake stated worriedly. "She's hurt bad." I looked at the concern look that was plastered on my brother's face, and in that moment, I felt even more angrier at myself. Tori's shoulder was badly wounded, and there was blood everywhere. Blake held onto her hand for comfort as I stood there, in shock. She was breathing hard and coughing out water, looking helplessly pale. Shane wrapped a towel around her bloody shoulder while Dustin tossed me the keys to her van as he carried her out.