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'Like Blondes and Blondes'

~*~*~*~*~ Hours ago

"Darn! Those power ranger geek friends of hers just had to come to the rescue!" I said to myself once I saw the red wind and navy thunder ranger help her swim to shore. I hid behind a huge rock and suddenly disappeared from the scene to return to my father's ship. Once i got there, I entered his throne room, and there stood my cousins, driving their uncle crazy as usual. "Hey there, girlfriend!" Marah greeted happily once she saw me walked in. I stared at her weirdly and forced a smile. She was the perkiest one out of the 2, which annoys the crap out of me. Then there's the pinkhead, Kapri. She was alright. Just a bit...I don't know. Weird.

"Laura! My daughter!" My father smiles as he got up from his throne and gave me a huge hug. I smiled warmly as drops of water came dripping out of my wet hair. "Good job! You nearly killed that blue wind ranger! Excellent work!" He said proudly. "I guess that chip of yours came in pretty handy." I held onto the chip behind me as I grinned evilly. After years of boarding school in space with my cousins, I was able to use the blue chip to control the waters, and create massive waves. The chip was a small circular object with a dolphin symbol on the middle. I once stole it from a great ninja mentor of mine years ago, and never gave it back till I learned about its powers. Then I realized it belonged to the one who was given the blue wind morpher, which provides twice the power it has alone. But now that I have full possession over it...the rangers have no chance against me, and soon...Earth will be all ours.

~*~*~*~*~ Blake

Moments later...Shane, Dustin, and my brother left Ninja ops on their own as I decided to stay with Tori for a little longer. She insisted that I tag along with the others, but I couldn't resist. I didn't want to leave her alone after what happened. She scared the living crap out of me, and I wouldn't know what to do if anything bad happened to her. I became so drawn and close to Tori that it would kill me if I ever see her hurt. But then again, she's a power ranger...and there's always that risk. "Blake..." She called out to me as I went blank for a second. "Hello there..."

"Huh?" I looked up and shook my head. She smiles. "Sorry."

" shouldn't be here." Tori says, getting off from the table as she walks up to me. "Just go. I'll be fine."

"What? Are you trying to get rid of me?" I asks jokingly.

"No...! Fine. I'll go." Tori says, as she tries to make a run for it. I quickly got up from my chair, grabbed her arm and glared at her before she even made it out. "I don't think so. You're not going anywhere until your shoulder heals." I exclaim. She sighs. "Man! So what if my shoulder is jammed up? Big deal! I still have my other one!"

"Well, I'm not gonna let you risk yourself getting hurt again." I said with my arms crossed.

"Blake, I'm a trained ninja and a power ranger. I can take care of myself." She said with her hands on her hips. I sighed. "Look, I can't let you go anywhere. I would if I could, but I was given orders from Sensei. He said you need your rest. Now just lay back and wait for a few more hours."

Tori groans. "Ugh! This is so not fair!" She sat back down as I took a chair and sat right next to her. I smiled at her as she beamed right at me with her arms crossed. "What?!" She asked in annoyance. I looked down and smiled at her. "You know..." I trailed off for a second. "I never gotten the chance to tell you this before, but you sure do look good wet." Tori rolls her eyes and chuckles. "Oh shut up!" She smirks as she threw a wet towel at me.

~*~*~*~*~ Hunter

At the skatepark, me and Dustin decided to try some skateboarding with Shane just for the heck of it. The last time I was on the thing was when I went down from up the ramp and suddenly slipped off the board and fell on my ass. Boy, was that embarassing! I wanted to try again, and hopefully not re-live that moment.

Meanwhile, me and Shane watched from the side as Dustin went gliding on a skateboard and suprisingly stood on the board much longer than I did. He used his feet for more speed, and when he was going for the grind, he lost grib of the board, and end up slipping from the rail. Shane gasps and then burst out laughing as Dustin quickly picked himself off and smile to play it off. "I'm okay!" He yelled out as he went to get his skateboard. "Ha! Good job, man!" Shane blurts out. I smiled. "Dude, this isn't easy as it looks."

"Yeah..." Shane said so proudly. "It takes mad skills to get on that thing. But you know, since I can actually ride on that thing--"

"Okay now." I roll my eyes before he even rubs it on my face as Dustin came running towards us.

"You know..." Dustin trailed off as he unbuckles his helmet. "I could've gotten that." He said, as I saw Shane trying so hard not to laugh. Dustin looks over at him and glares. "You know...we'll get you back for this."

"Yeah, on a dirt bike!" I smiled.

"Pshh..." Shane chuckles. "It doesn't look that hard."

"We'll just see." I added as I put on the helmet that Dustin handed to me. "You can do it!" He said. "Show him!"

"This I gotta see." I heard Shane mention as he crosses his arms and smirks.

Once I had my pads on, I picked up the skateboard and went walking up the ramp. I tilted the board slightly off the ledge, as I put it down with my foot and began gliding down. I began kicking for more speed as I used Shane's technique in staying on the thing. I nearly lost my balance when suddenly a blonde girl with her back in front of me was in my way. Oh no, I thought as I jumped off the thing and slipped. "Watch out!" I yelled as she turned around in suprised. "Awwh!" She screams as I fell right on top of her.

"Ouch!" I heard Shane shout out as he and Dustin came running towards me. I immediately picked myself up, and lend a hand to her. "I am so sorry!" I quickly apologized as soon as I helped her rise on her feet. "What are you doing walking through a skatepark anyway? You know you could get hurt." I exclaim as she dusts dirt and leaves off her.

"Sorry." She says so innocently in regret. "I wasn't paying attention."

I pursed my lips. She looks kinda cute, I thought. And alot like Tori. Ewww, no. Just much younger and prettier. No offense to my ranger friend. I should go easy on her. "It's cool. But next time watch out." She nodded. "I'm Hunter." I said as I extended my hand out for a shake. She looked down at my hand and smiled. "Laur--" She pauses. "Tracy." I smiled as we shook hands. "Well it's nice to meet you, Tracy."

"Dude are you alright?!" Suddenly Dustin asks from behind as I turned around and chuckle.

"Yeah, man. Dont worry about it. It was an accident." I said. Dustin and Shane stares suspiciously at the blonde girl that I just met. "Dang dude, doesn't she look alot like Tori?" I heard Shane muttered silently in Dustin's ear. "Yeah, but alot hotter." Dustin whispers back. I rolled my eyes. "Guys, this is Tracy. Tracy, these are my friends Shane and Dustin." I introduced them.

"Hey." She smiles as they smiled back.

"Nice to meet you." Shane replies with a nod.

"Yup. Me too." Dustin adds.

There was a sudden awkward of silence. " Dustin!" Shane calls out to break it up. "Let's uhh work on the grind." He says, as the two left me and Tracy alone. I looked at her and smile. "So, want to get something to drink and maybe get acquainted a little better?" I asks. She raises her eyebrows to think and then nods with a grin. "Sure. I'd like that."

"Cool." And we walked off.

~*~*~*~*~ Tori

It's been hours, and I wanted so badly to go off on my own to Storm Chargers and maybe go shopping for a new surfboard. I was bored out of mind. Not that Blake was boring me, but he fell asleep while I sat there doing nothing as the medicine kicks in and heals my shoulder, which in fact, was working. When Sensei finally gave me the OK, I immediately rushed out of ninja ops and headed to the skatepark to find the others. Then I realized I totally forgot about Blake. I shrugged my shoulders, thinking that he'll be asleep for awhile, and wouldn't notice that I was gone, till of course, he wakes up.

Once I arrived at the skatepark, I see no sign of the other guys. Hmm...I thought. They are probably at Storm Chargers. On my way over there, I was stopped by Dill. He was an OK kinda guy, and very attractive looking. We could've had something, but then I didn't make it work cuz I didn't want it to. "Hey!" He began running towards me as I turned around. I sighed deeply and forced a smile. "Dill. What's up?" I asks. "Well, uhh I saw what happened at the beach today, and I wanted to know if you're okay." He replies.

"Thanks, but I'm fine." I said in annoyance. He nods. "So, want to get something to drink?" Dill asks. "Nah." I answered. "I'm looking for Dustin, Hunter, and Shane. Have you seen them?"

"Yeah! They went off to Storm Chargers I think."

"Okay. Thanks. Catch ya later!" I waved off in a rush.

~*~*~*~*~ Hunter

After walking around the park for awhile with Tracy, we passed by Storm Chargers and introduced her to my boss Kelly. Then, I took her to a cafe just across the street as the other guys went to work. So far, I find Tracy very attractive. Not only is she good looking, but athletic as well. Very outgoing and smart. She and Tori had similar qualites. Those two are so much alike, that it makes me think they are related somehow.

Well, as we took a seat outside the cafe and ordered, I began to start another conversation.

"So, how long have you been surfing?" I asked, as soon as the waiter came back with our drinks. She brushed her blonde hair away from her face and smiled as she picked up the glass of lemonade. "Since I was like 7." She replies.

"That's cool!" I exclaim. "You know, I should introduce you to my friend Tori one day. She loves surfing and is so awesome at it!"

Tracy coughed on her drink. "Excuse me." She clears out her throat as I looked at her weirdly and handed her a napkin. "You alright?" I asks as she uses her hand to soothe out her neck. She smiles. "Yeah. I'm fine. I just choked on the lemonade." I nodded. "So..." She starts off. "Who's this Tori?"

"Oh. Just a good friend of mine." I smiled.

" like her?" She smirks.

"Of course I do."

"I mean like her like her. As in more than a friend?" Tracy corrects herself as I looked up at her in suprised. "You kidding?! Tori?! Hah! No wayy!" I shuddered.

Tracy chuckles. "Why not?"

"I just don't see her that way." I replied. "Tori is more like a friend. Not a girlfriend. And plus, my brother has a huge crush on her, so why bother?"

" if your brother wasn't into her, then would you see her as more than a friend?" She asks. I can't believe she's asking me all these questions, I thought. It was so random. I mean, Tori?! Yeah she's fine, but no way! Tori would always make fun of me for whatever reason, and I tend to make fun of her too about my brother of course. We're just friends! "Sorry." Tracy suddenly began to apologize. "I was just kidding."

I smiled. "It's cool. So what about you?" I asks. "Got an eye for anyone or maybe a boyfriend?"

"Nah." Tracy nods her head in dismay. "Just maybe you." She winked.

I looked away in pleased embarassment and grinned. "Oh."

~*~*~*~*~ Blake

After I woke up from a few hours of good sleep, I find Tori no where in sight at Ninja ops. I asked Cam and Sensei in the other room, and they told me that she was probably at Storm Chargers with the others. I groaned, as I headed out. I can't believe she would walk out on me like this, I thought. Tori could've at least waken me up or something! Unless, she wants to get rid of me that badly, which is sad.

Once I arrived at Storm Chargers, Shane and Dustin were hard at work, transferring and opening up boxes near the counter. I looked around for Tori, but she wasn't there. "Great you're here!" I heard Kelly saying from behind as she handed me 3 boxes stacked on top of one another. "Open up these boxes and separate the parts." She ordered.

"But But--"

"No buts! Now get to work!" She snaps at me, as I jerked back and turned around. Geez..., I thought as I walked up towards Shane and Dustin. "Hey, man have you guys seen Tori?" I asks, as I began opening up the boxes with the guys.

"Oh yeah, um...she's around this area somewhere." Dustin replies. "Shopping I think. Or with Hunter, meeting some Tracy chick."

I raised my eyebrows. "Tracy? Who's she?"

"A girl that your brother was hitting on today at the skatepark." Shane stated jokingly.

"Oh." I chuckled. "She hot?" I asks all of a sudden.

"Oh yeah!" Dustin answers quickly. "Very hot!"

"You should meet her." Shane adds. "Maybe you'll totally forget about Tori."

I glared at him. "Your kidding right?"

"Hah! I'm just messin!" He laughs. "But she is hot."

"So where are all the other boxes?" I asks, as soon as I finished loading up the three.

"Dang! Done already?!" Shane blurts out.

"They're all outside." Dustin responds as I began flattening out the boxes and tossing them in the recycling bin. I was going so quickly that I wanted to go outside, and maybe spot Tori from there. I just needed to make sure that she was okay.

Once I was outside, I saw Hunter with what seems to look like Tori sitting at a table, in front of the cafe across the street. I turned around to see if any of the guys or Kelly were watching before I began walking there, and when they were unaware, I began crossing the street. As soon as I reached the sidewalk, Hunter looks up at me and smiles. "Here's my brother now!" He says as the blonde girl turns around. I stopped and smiled. Okay it's not Tori, I thought as I stood between the two. "Hey, bro sit down." Hunter insisted as I just nod my head. "Nah man, it's cool. I thought at first you were my friend Tori." I said to the blonde.

"Oh." She chuckles. "Well I'm getting that alot from your brother. I'm Tracy." She says.

"Blake." I introduce myself as I shook her hand. "Nice to meet you. So have you seen Tori?" I turned to my brother.

"Oh., man." He replies. "I was about to ask you the same thing."

"Great." I scratched my head with a sigh. "Alright, well I'm going back to work. Catch you guys later."

"Later." Tracy smiles as she waved at me.

~*~*~*~*~ Lother's Ship

"Excellent work my child." Lother says, looking at his navigator. "Let the crimson thunder ranger fall into your hands."

"What's happening, uncle?!" Marah squeals as she enters his throne room. "I want to see!"

"Yeah me too!" Kapri says excitedly from behind.

Lother nods his head and sighs. "Don't you two have anything better to do?!" He asks in annoyance. Marah and Kapri looked at each other for a second and then faced him. "No!" They answered at the same time. "We just want to see how our cousin is doing."

"Well she is doing fine!" He answers. "Now leave!"

"Can we see?" Marah begged.

"Yeah...pretty please..." Kapri asks with her puppy dog eyes.

"Ughh!" Lother groans as he shook his head. "Fine! But just for a second!" He says as he hands Marah the navigator first. She looks through it and gasps. "Awww!!! How cute?!"

"What?! Let me see!" Kapri grabs the navigator from her and looks. "Eww! You call that cute?!"

Marah grabs it back. "I wasn't finished!"

"Well now you are!" The pinkhead hissed.

"Give it back!"


"Don't make me hurt you!"

"Oh yeah?!"

"Aiyah! Silence!" Lother demanded as he snatches the navigator back. "Now both of you...OUT!" He yells. "I am tired of all this racket! It's giving me a headache!"

"But Uncle--"

"NO! I don't want to hear anymore! Now get out!" He says angrily as the two hurried along.

~*~*~*~*~ Hunter

As soon as Blake left the table, I watched Tracy smiling continuously at his direction and sighed once he went back inside Storm Chargers, and can no longer be seen from where we were sitting. I smiled as she finally looked up at me. "What?" She asks with a smile as she took a sip of her lemonade. I then noticed her cheeks now matched the color of her lips. "Uh huh..." I smirk. "Don't be acting as if I don't know what you're thinking."

"What are you talking about?" She chuckles as she flashed me a serious subtle look that was so blatantly fake.

"I see the way you looked at my brother." I stated with a wink. "And you're totally blushing right now."

"Are you serious?! I am not!" Tracy gasps exaggerately as she placed her hands on her cheeks.

"See see!" I pointed out.

"Oh come on. Stop." She pleaded seriously.

I smiled. "I'm sorry. I'm just messin' with ya."

I looked over across the street, and unexpectedly, spotted Tori, walking towards Storm Chargers, carrying a new surfboard to her side. I took a quick sip of my drink, and nudge Tracy shoulders. "Hey! There's Tori right now!" I pointed out as Tracy looked over and gasps. "Oh no." She mumbled as I stared at her weirdly. "What's wrong?" I asked. Tracy went blank for a second as I raised my hand in front of her. "Hello..." I chuckled. "Yo, you there?" She shook her head and looked up. "Huh?"

"Tori. Don't you want to meet her?" I asks.

Tracy stared at me for a moment and then looked over at her watch. "Oh gee! Look at the time. I got to go." She quickly rises up from the chair.

"Wait. Don't go. This will take just a minute." I said as I began shouting out to Tori.

"Hunter, look this is not a good time." Tracy stated in a rush. Once Tori saw me waving at her across the street, she placed the surfboard against the wall next to the entrance door to Storm Chargers, and began walking towards our direction. "Hey!" Tori greeted me with a smile as soon as she reached the sidewalk. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh nothing. Just having some drinks with a new friend." I replied cheerfully. "I want you to meet her."

"Okay." She nods as she looks around the table. "So...uhh where is this friend?" Tori asks.

"Oh. Right here." I stepped aside and turned around. "What the...? Tracy? Hello?" I called out once she was no longer standing behind me. "Shoot, where'd she go?"

"Hmm...maybe she is blown away with my presense." Tori stated jokingly.

"I am serious! She was just standing right here a second ago!" I retorted. "But then again I guess she had to go because she was in a hurry to leave."

"It's okay, Hunter. Maybe some other time." She replies.

"Yeah." I nodded. "I guess so."


*Whew* That was close. If that Tori witch sees me, she'd immediately recogized me as the blonde surfer chick that kicked her off the board. She definitely deserved it, and I don't feel sorry about what I did...not even one bit! But it's not over yet! Once that crimson thunder ranger falls into my spell...I'll be able to use him to destroy them all!!! But this is the only beginning. I'll make you proud, Dad. I swear I will. Just sit back and watch how the dynamic relationship between 2 rangers will crumble...and friendships will soon be over. And before you know would be the end of power rangers for good...and Earth will soon be yours forever!!!

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