Beyond The Veil

By: Mage Kitty

Beta Readers: crimson-dragoness and devil-bass-pyro

Genre: Action/Adventure/Humour

Rating: R for violence and coarse language

Summary: HE LIVES!!! When he falls through the veil, he is transported to the Realms of the Dead. In order to return home, he must travel through four extremely different Realms. OoTP Spoiler!


A/N: I actually do have a plausible reason that Sirius does live. So this is not an AU fic. The theory will be revealed later. It does exist, I'm not stalling. Ask my Beta Readers ^^

Anyways, this is a tribute to Sirius Black, duh. I think crimson-dragoness is going to do a sequel/companion story thing for this one. I'll let you know when it gets up.

DISCLAIMER: Sirius belongs to JKR. So does Harry and Bellatrix. So does the Veil, I guess. The theory belongs to me, cause I don't know anyone else who thought of it. I got it out of my own head. I rarely ever read Sirius stories, so I could have never copied it from anyone. Mine. ALL MINE!!!




I laughed as my dear cousin's curse gracefully flew over my head, ruffling my long hair.

'Hmm. Maybe I should cut it. Nah. Gives me the 'just broke out of Azkaban' look. Wait a minute! I did! Oh, I'm so clever!' I praised myself while yelling, "Come on, you can do better than that!"

My voice echoed magnificently throughout the room, 'Ooo! That sounds so clever! Who's smart? Who's smart? I am! I am!' I laughed delightedly.

"Stupefy," Bellatrix said. I barely registered her word, too intent on my self praise. The red light struck me directly in the chest.

'What the fuck?' I thought, the laughter quickly fading. I began to fall backwards. It seemed to last an eternity.

My eyes locked with Harry. He was staring at me in mute horror, 'I'm okay, it's only a stun!' The words couldn't get past my lips.

I felt a loose, gauzy cloth ripple against my back.

'Oh Merlin no! No! Merlin!' I thought, panicking, 'Not there, anywhere but there! Help me!! Some one!! Anyone!!! Well, at least I will see James and Lily again. Harry.'

My last thought before I passed out was, 'HAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY!'


A/N: Well, that was short. It gets better later. And before you ask about Sirius' thoughts, well, he was trapped in that house for a year, he tends to be cocky, and he sounded /very/ cocky when he said, 'Come on, you can do better than that!' So I put in those thoughts. Also, I highly doubt Sirius would be hit that easily, so I made him distracted by his own thoughts. Well, I'm done rambling now. See yah!!

*Passes through the Veil*

Mage Kitty ^^