*~*~*~*~* Beyond The Veil *~*~*~*~*

            By:  Mage Kitty

*~*~*~*~* Chapter Two:  Beast Awakens *~*~*~*~*

            As I follow the yellow brick road, a song pops into my head.  Follow, follow, follow, follow.  Follow the yellow brick road!  We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz! It is vaguely familiar, but I can't place it…  I think it is some sort of Muggle thing.

            Maybe I should write all this down.  I don't want to forget all of this; I really don't think very many living people go to the Realms of The Dead.  Now, it is nearly impossible to write while walking (A/N:  Experience), so I need a Quick Quotes Quill.  One that isn't murdered like Skeeter's.  I dig around in my pockets, looking for any quill, so I can charm it.  All I find is a Hippogriff feather.  Oh well, I can use that for a quill.  Calmly, I take out my wand, thank Merlin I still have it.

            "Matri," I muttered, using the little swish movement I was taught all those years ago.  Now all I need is parchment.  Hmm…  What could I use?

            Still walking down the yellow brick road, I glance around, looking for something I could transfigure into parchment.  To my amazement, there is a whole pile of parchment laying just a little way off the path.  Grinning, I lift my foot to step off the road.  Unbidden, Cerberus' words popped into my mind,

            Stay on the path.  Don't leave the path for anything!

            Taking in a deep breath, I slowly lower my foot back on the yellow bricks.  Part of me told me that I just escaped something horrible.  Well, maybe I shouldn't transfigure anything that came from this Realm…  Who knows, maybe stuff from this Realm can't be taken to another Realm…

            I sigh and continue wandering down the path, trying to find anything on my person that could be used for parchment, or at least transfigure into parchment. For all that I'm an Animagus; transfiguring objects other than myself have been a slight problem.  They usually don't turn out quite the way they are supposed to.  Not anything major.  The object would just turn out to be a little to big, just like my canine counterpart.  Actually, that is probably why I'm an overly large dog.  Parchment, parchment, parchment…  Don't have any.  Or anything else, other than clothes, that I could transfigure into parchment.  Suddenly, that parchment floating along besides me, just a bit off the path, looks very inviting…

            "Sirius!  Is that you?" a voice calls out from the left of me, opposite of the parchment.

            "Terry, is that you?" I whip around and stare at my ex-girlfriend.  She must have died, or I'm hallucinating her.

            "Of course, Sirrie!  It's me!" Terry says cheerfully.

            "What are you doing here?" I ask, stupidly.

            "Oh, I died."

            "So you are not a hallucination."

            "You would hallucinate about me?  How sweet," Terry says.

            "Uh, yeah," I say.

            "Come over here and give me a kiss, Sirius," Terry beckons enticingly.

            "Sorry…  I can't," I say helplessly, "Maybe you could come over here."

            "Oh, come here, Sirius," Terry smiles.

            "I can't."

            "Oh why not?  You're dead; there's no harm," Terry smiles beautifully.

            "Uh, that's the problem.  I'm not dead," I say.

            "You came here to bring me back to life?" Terry gushed, "How wonderful!"

            "Er, no…  I'm trying to get out of here," I say.  Terry's face flashes to one of pure malice, then oddly switches to a very seductive one.

            "Come here, Sirius.  I know a quick way to get out of here," Terry steps close, just out of my reach, "I know what you want, Sirius.  What you have been deprived of for countless years.  Come here and I'll give it to you," Terry's cloak falls to the ground.  I swallow.  Sex with a dead ex-girlfriend who has never gotten over me?  The idea is sort of… kinky…  I'm attracted, I know it.  How many men have a chance at this?  Hell, I haven't even gotten laid for nearly fifteen years now.  I feel my blood rushing to one part of my body.  I'm going, going, gone.  The dark beast howls inside of me.  Slowly, aggravatingly slowly, Terry strips off all of her clothes.  She stands, o the torment, just out of my reach, seductive, enticing, naked.  I want her, so very bad.  But she is just out of my reach.

            "Come on Sirius.  You know you want to," she taunts, reading me perfectly.  The dark shadow howls again.  I am lost, gone in a pool of desire.  I need to take her, ravish her on the brilliantly green grass.  I need me in her, hear her howls of desire.  I'm shaking with the need, the want.  The darkness howls louder, warning me.  I ignore him.  I begin to step towards the naked beauty.  The darkness did something he never did before.  He took over me, not me becoming him.  Snarling, he bounded away, carrying me on four strong legs down the yellow path.  The man beats frantically against the beast's control.  We are one, we are neither.  The dog glances back.  Terry isn't a naked beauty in his eyes.  He sees her for what she really is.  A dead, rotting wraith.  Something to pity, not fear, not want.  The man shudders and the dog releases his hold.  I am me again.  I take a shuddering breath as the Terry-Demon screams horribly and begins to pelt me with bolts of a sickly purple colour.  I turn tail, metaphorically, and run.  The green landscape, so different from the black nothingness of the void I was in while I talked to Cerberus, slides past as I run at an almost inhuman speed.


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