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Artemis grinned after he hung up the phone. Soon Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon would be here!

"Why are you inviting Captain Short over for dinner, Master Fowl?" Butler asked.

"You shall soon find out, Butler. Meanwhile, please inform Juliet that we are expecting company for dinner," Artemis said, then left for his rooms.

"Alright, Master Fowl."

*1/2 Hour Later*

The doorbell rang.

"Come in Captain Short," Artemis said over the intercom. Holly shrugged and opened the door, "you know where the dinning room is."

"Duh, I was held captive here if you don't remember!" Holly said, sarcastically, 'I wonder why he has invited me to dinner?' Holly walked through the manor and eventually, after taking a few wrong turns and blushing every time. She knew that he was watching and laughing at her mistakes, she arrived at the dinning room door. Holly frowned. There is no way that mud-men doorknobs are that far up. She remembered that the last time she was at the Fowl Manor the doorknobs were level with her head. Shrugging, Holly reached up for the doorknob. She couldn't reach.

"What? Even mud-men doorknobs aren't that high!" Holly said. She jumped in an attempt to open the troublesome door. Her fingers grazed the gold but did not turn. Holly jumped again and still couldn't reach, "D'Arvit! Why can't I reach?"

*ten minutes later*

"D'Arvit! D'Arvit! D'ARVIT!!" Holly swore. Why couldn't she reach the doorknob? "I am not asking for help!" Looking around the room she saw a table. Grinning, Holly walked over to it and dragged it across the floor towards the door. She stood on the table Holly could reach the doorknob, "Yes!!" Holly turned the doorknob, twisted it and pushed the door in. It wouldn't budge, "D'Arvit!" The door had to be pulled to open which Holly couldn't do because the table was in the way, "How am I supposed to get in now?" The doorknob twisted beneath Holly's hand. She jumped, then realized that someone was trying to get out of the dinning room, "D'Arvit!" Holly moved the table back to what she thought was its original spot. The door opened and Artemis walked out.

"Having trouble Captain Short?" Artemis asked innocently.

"You did this?" Holly asked.

"What are you talking about," Artemis said, trying not to laugh.

"The fact that the doorknob is out of my reach!" Holly shrieked. Artemis doubled over in laughter. Holly glared at him and stormed out of the Manor.


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