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Summary: Another kawaii

If the hand fits

The dark shade of blackness covered Satan city. The moon was out and full, and lit along with the shimmering stars. A girl of age seven sat in her bead with her mother along side. She started whining on how she couldn't sleep, so her mother told her something.

"What will make you go to sleep Videl?" Amber asked.

The young girl with raven black hair and violet blue eyes thought for a moment, "How did you know dad was the one for you?"

Amber was astonished, but laughed a bit, "Will that make you sleep?"

Videl nodded, "Uh huh!"

"Well, when your father and I were in high school, we went to a carnival. I wanted to go on the merry go round, so your father grabbed my hand and ran us over there. It was then I noticed our hands fitted perfectly, which meant our personalities fitted and our soul bonded."

Videl's eyes lightened up, "Really!? That is so cool!"

Amber giggled and tucked her excited daughter in bed, "That's enough, now go to bed."

"Alright mama."

Present time

Videl had awakened from her morning sleep. Her mother finally got her to wake up and walked away. Today was Valentines Day, and Videl sighed. Nothing good came form this day.

She got up and changed for her day at school. She said good-bye to her parents and met up with her friends Melanie and Erasa. The worst part was, her friends talked about what her friends boyfriends were doing for them.

Videl sighed and walked into the high school with pink and red hearts for decoration. Melanie and Erasa met up with Eric and Sharpner who gave them roses and candy. Videl looked sad and went to her locker.

She opened it up and put her books away and saw everyone celebrating. Eric and Sharpner walked up with Melanie and Erasa by there sides smiling. Both guys held out a red rose in front of Videl.

"Happy Valentines Day to one of our best friends," they said in unison.

Videl grinned and hugged her guy friends and took the roses. "Come on Del, we'll be late for class!" Melanie said.

"I'll meet you there," she said.

Her friends walked away, and Videl finally noticed Gohan jogging up to her. She smiled, "Hey Gohan!"

"Oh hey Videl! Er, happy Valentines Day!"

"Hehe, thanks, same to you," she said back.

Just then the bell rang and both were shocked.

"Yikes were going to be late!" Gohan yelled and grabbed Videl's hand. He then started running, and Videl noticed something…

The hand fitted perfectly…