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By Yashira

(Edited May 4, 2003 and August 13, 2003 (This just means, I wrote it at an earlier date, but I never dated the original work at the time. _ )

Musashi Theatre Presents: IY CRACKED FAIRY TALES

CUE LIGHTS! ROLL CAMERAS! ACTION! A Monkey wearing a tong walks in and strikes a gong.

"Yashira, isn't that a bit much, for these cheap ass productions?" A familiar and sinister male voice asked with a hint of aloof detachment, "And why a monkey? Both Kouga and Inuyasha make better figures to laugh at."

"If you don't watch your mouth, you might find yourself cast in a female role or worse." Yashira, director, narrator and sometimes wise-ass, was dressed in a director's heavy black frock that was supposedly rumored to be useful and to help create inspiration. The only thing it did create, was more sweat.


A loud distant crash, like the sound of two cars testing their velocity by ramming head on into a brick wall, erupted back stage to be followed by deep guttural cursing. "Why you little bastard!"

"I'm telling Kagome on youuuu!!!" Shippo's shrilled voice seemed coloured with amusement as he ran quickly ahead of Inuyasha. Somehow, he barely managed to avoid the light bulbs being tossed at him by the irate hanyou.

"Not if I catch you first!"

"You're the clumsy one knocking over the box of lights… and no one said you had to throw them at little me, either!" One particular explosive slap of glass skimmed the kitsune's ear, sending shards of rippling glass fragments along the ground, forcing Shippo to make a sudden turn in his projectory. "Aii!"

"I got you now, you son of-!"

When you're the director, and you're wearing what could possibly be the equivalent of a bearskin coat in 101-degree heat, any little thing, however small, is not something you want to bring to her attention. Yashira turned to the side and uttered one simple word, "KAGOME~~~"

"Osuwari." Simple and easy was the word as it left Kagome's lips and it took less than 2 seconds to have Inuyasha flat down on the ground.

"WHAT the fuck!" Inuyasha glared from his hole in the floorboards, golden eyes frowning at both girls, as Shippo raced over and climbed safely into Kagome's arms. "He started it!"

With an innocent smile on her lips, perhaps tasting a bit with embarrassment, Kagome said simply, "She wants to start the play."

"(Words which I can not repeat, but which were really nasty sounding anyway, have been censored for the public's health.)" Still glaring something ugly, Inuyasha managed to spit out what sounded like a "fine" but was more likely of the other four-letter variety.


Magically, Yashira waved her wand and the scene changed. Later she would wonder why she was given a wand, but that sort of thought belongs to long and ancient thinking. Besides, the author can't remember what she was originally thinking at the time she wrote this, so she figured any pansy-assed Disney-ripped off wand waving would be good enough in its place.