September 8, 2009


By Illusionary Ghost (aka Yashira)

"So how many escaped the inferno? Please miss, take it easy and take it slow."

"I'm not exactly sure. I have no idea where Kagome and Kikyou are." Yashira was smiling innocently enough, or as much as you could look innocent when you're handcuffed and have the brunt of your face pressed against the hot metal of a police cruiser. "It all happened so fast."

"You realize we're going to have to book you. Unauthorized use of firearms, slave labour and abuse of an endangered species-" The handsome police officer was tapping his black book thoughtfully. As if he meant to write something on the blank sheet, but couldn't quite focus as his eyes drew along the curve of her bare leg.

Deadly serious, Yashira's smile faltered. "What endangered species?"

"The monkey."

"Oh, you mean the little beast that took out the entire audience... figures. He terrorizes the people and I get the short end of the shit- I mean stick." She let out a sigh and wished for the third time that she could at least straightened up and have a better look at the officer. For some reason the man sounded familiar.

"Two brothers are hospitalized, miss. You realized your actions put both of them in the hospital, this is going to get marked down as domestic family violence."

She really wanted to laugh at that. Of the three of them, she was the least violent. At least she hadn't tried to stab her sibling in the chest ... not like Sesshoumaru. And as for Inuyasha, he carried a deadly weapon, and yet oddly enough there was no mention of that. She wouldn't have been surprised if the officer was going to pull the "it was not found at the scene and without proof, yadayada."

There was the sharp crackle of walkie-talkie and the officer quickly spoke into it.

And what had happened to that damn wand. One moment it was there at her side, a comfortable and reassuring tool, and the next minute it had disappeared. It hadn't even granted her wish of wanting to be home. And now there was no wishing herself out of this predicament either. Damn, damn and dammmmn.

"Okay miss. There's been some new developments, I've been told to let you go with a warning." He reached gently for her back and eased her up. Oddly enough, his fingers left a strange feeling along her skin – was she flushing. I know these hands...should have known them once.

"A warning? After being accused of all that?" Was this her lucky day or was she about to get a surprise kidney punch? "I guess I'm okay with that. Can you get these cuffs... off." Blue eyes blinked in surprise as she looked up into emerald green eyes that sparkled in the afternoon glow. She didn't really see much of the black and white cop outfit, and really how could she when she was gaping at him. "Yaj? What are you-"

And he was grinning at her, his gaze traveling approvingly over her entire form as if he saw the clothing as an afterthought. (And knowing him, she was pretty sure, he was.) "I'm here to take you home."

Author's Note:

Thank you for taking the time to read these stories.